16 Great Storage Ideas For Narrow Entryway

Narrow entrances can be a real struggle when it comes to design aesthetics… and storage!

You can make the most of small entrances by being creative with storage. Consider these 15 great storage ideas for narrow entryways to downsize your living space.

Stairs With Pullout Side Shelves

slide-out cabinets and drawers under-stairs in narrow entryway INSTAGRAM @daveandjennymarrs

This neutral interior with the rustic wooden touch contains a pleasant surprise within the entryway’s stairs: built-in pullout storage!

The design is a great way to keep clutter out of sight while still being accessible. 

It allows you to maximize the space available in your small home. Another great thing is that this feature can be used anywhere in your home where there are stairs.

I love how the shelves have different heights to follow along the stairs. It makes use of the space in a unique and practical way.

Overhead Hanging Rack

entryway with sink and cabinets INSTAGRAM @farrowandball

This quirky entryway with a yellow accent wall and geometric brick floor utilizes an unconventional storage method that’s ideal for saving space.

The overhead rods eliminate the need to take up more floor space with regular, bulky coat racks. You can hang anything you wish–from clothes to pots and pans. 

You can also use all the other storage spaces on each side of the entryway for the things you want to keep in a more secure place.

If you want to spice things up, I suggest adding hanging decorations like plants or ornaments on the rods.

Small Wall Rack

angled shoe storage on wall near the entrance INSTAGRAM @studio_hand

This modern room has a contemporary way of saving space. A sleek wooden storage unit installed on the wall offers a great way to keep your shoes and other small items right by the door.

You won’t have to worry about having your things overflow or spilling out from these types of shelves.

It is designed to keep small and compact items.

I appreciate how you can also have items or decors out on display on the side compartment and top layer.

You could add a decorative plate or container to place your keys in and have them ready on the go.

Basket Compartments Between Door And Stairs

under-stairs wooden storage boxes on wall with clothe hanging rack under and storage bench on narrow entryway

This lovely two-toned home cleverly makes use of an area that is not often occupied. What would otherwise be a small, narrow corner between the stairs and the entrance is now a useful space.

By having top and bottom compartments and a place to hang your things in between, you’ll have all the room you need to store shoes, bags, coats, and a ton of other items in this tiny area. 

For those who aren’t into neutral aesthetics, I would recommend using containers of a different color or texture to have them pop out more and create contrast.

Minimalist Wooden Storage

narrow entryway cabinet on wall and clothe hanging rack and storage bench

This urban entryway greets those who enter with a zen storage made up of light wood. This sleek bench with shoe storage is an excellent way to work around a narrow entranceway.

I love how you can hang your bags in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and it won’t appear crowded because of the spacious design.

Also, you can store larger items up top and keep your shoes easily accessible on the bottom.

I’ve found that you can revamp this feature to maximize it even more. Since there is enough space for people to sit on the storage, you could add a cushion and pillows to make it more comfortable and welcoming.

A couple of more plants can also add to the zen vibe.

Minimalist Side Cabinets with Built-In Cupboards

wardrobe on narrow entryway maximising space

This design concept makes use of all wall space in the narrow entryway.

On the left, is a natural wood cabinet with enough space on the top surface for storing items like keys, wallets, or decor. On the right, there are built-in cupboards.

I love how the design gives you the option to store your items either in the closed storage or in an exposed compartment. 

The built-in cupboard system is effective in the use of sliding doors rather than traditional “open out” doors – very little floor space is used.

DIY Storage Cabinets For Shoewear etc.

Entrance cabinets for shoewear

These storage cabinets are super easy to make. They will hold a lot of storage and also function well as seating in the small entrance area.

We have a LOT more ideas for shoe storage here in small homes.

Compact Bench With Storage Space Below a nwrrow entry way with a built-in bench and storage baskets underneath

The bright and white room doubles as a cozy space with comfy seating and fluffy pillows by the window.

The design lets you relax and keep your things safely under your seat in charming woven containers as well. 

The entryway lets in a lot of light, so I think you can enjoy a good book here. I also suggest adding a blanket to make things extra cozy and a room diffuser for ultimate relaxation.

Space-Efficient Vertical Storage

storage cabinet and shelves on corner near the entrance door INSTAGRAM @oakhomeinteriors

The tiny entryway makes up for its limited room with space-efficient vertical storage. The textured carpet, wooden stool, and bright green ornament all work well together to create a balanced and calming interior.

A compact cabinet shelf on the narrow end and hooks installed on the wall make for an incredible way to minimize taking up too much room in a small space.

For me, the entryway can use a bit more personality and color. So, I recommend hanging colorful art pieces on the bare wall and adding a few more accents along with the wreath on the door.

Nook Under Stairs And Floating Wooden Shelves

under-stairs bench with storage boxes in narrow entryway INSTAGRAM @rpentandjoinery

The tiny apartment keeps a spacious entryway by not taking up floor space but by getting creative with the other areas available.

The nook under the stairs also acts as a charming storage space with compartments for woven containers underneath.

Meanwhile, floating wooden shelves on the wall add more room for storing and decorating.

I love how this apartment has a hidden surprise where you can sit down and relax. You could even enjoy a good book in this nook. 

Sleek Space-Saving Drawers

pull-down cabinetsin a narrow entryway INSTAGRAM @gaudy_southard

The small entryway of this apartment works with its narrowness by using storage that flows with it, not against it.

Since the storage is white it blends well into the white wall, making the space visually larger.

It also effectively keeps your items without taking up too much room and still matches the aesthetic of the interior.

I recommend adding vertical storage on the walls or above the drawer, such as floating shelves or hooks, if you want to keep more things in this area.

Full Wall Storage

entrance hall with bench and cabinets INSTAGRAM @mwconstruction

This classic aesthetic with marble-designed tiles has full wall storage which maintains a clutter-free entryway.

I love that even your pets can roam around this space without bumping into things. 

The wide expanse of storage also allows you to keep tons of shoes, clothes, and other items you might have.

It’s quite smart how the odd corner in this entrance has been made into a storage area which can be used for decor or seating while putting on your shoes.

Wooden Hanging Space And Compartment Storage

nwrrow entryway bench with double layered storage underneath

The white and light wood combo makes this entryway a fresh sight. The crisp and clean area also saves up on space with this efficient top-and-bottom storage idea.

This storage space highlights its natural elements with woven storage baskets with a simple plant accent.

I like that you can place your coats and scarves on the hooks and even store more items above on the shelving.

I  suggest you add decorations that go along with the nature theme to keep the design cohesive.

Vintage Furniture With Storage

entrance hall cabinet with a woven bamboo door INSTAGRAM @scandinavian.interior

This interior mixes in a retro vibe with decorative pieces. The rustic touch adds warmth to the crisp white theme.

If adding built-in storage or incorporating bulky compartments is too much for your narrow entryway, placing multifunctional furniture like this is a great alternative to spice up your space.

You can opt for a cabinet, drawer, or even a footstool that can act as storage and it won’t take up much space.

I recommend finding pieces that match the theme of your home. You can’t go wrong with something vintage or classic either.

Storage On Each Side of Entryway

storage bench and cabinet on narrow entryway

This all-white home uses both sides of the narrow entryway as storage space. A white drawer unit on the left with a feature mirror and on the right, a shoe-bench with wall storage for coats and other items.

Matching the color of the drawers to the wall and having light wood on the other side make the room appear larger than it actually is. 

Additionally, the design of the drawer compartments keeps the simple theme – reducing “visual clutter”.

Not only that but from my experience, a structure like this can aid in storing items effectively and helps anyone avoid a mess in their entryway.

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