22 Best Shoe & Footwear Storage Ideas (Small Entrances)

Let’s explore a curated selection of space-saving shoe storage ideas, so you can say goodbye to shoe-related chaos and hello to a more organized and inviting small entrance!

Space-Optimized Under-the-Stairs Shoe Storage with Boxes

under-stairs shoe storage

This clever shoe storage solution makes use of the space under the stairs. The wooden boxes are stacked on top of each other and are arranged in a way that creates a visually appealing display.

I love how the boxes are different sizes and can accommodate different types of shoes.

I suggest you combine this with a colorful rug to add a pop of color to the space. Also, I’ve found that adding a bit of greenery to the room can make it more inviting and fresh!

Tiny Entryway with Shoe Storage in Corner Unit

tiny entrance shoes cupboard in corner

This entryway features a corner unit with multiple shelves that can also fit different types of shoes.

One thing I love about this is how the shelving unit blends in with the wall and doesn’t take up much space. You may also want to add a cushion to create a comfortable bench to sit and put on your shoes.

This could also use this spot to sunbathe, read a book, and drink coffee in the morning.

Minimalist Entrance with Under-Bench Shoe Storage

shoe storage with bench seat up

The bench is made of light wood and has a dark brown leather cushion on top. It also has two rows of shoe shelves underneath, where different types of shoes are neatly arranged.

Notice how it’s placed next to a window that lets in natural light and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Also, the bench matches the wooden floor, creating a harmonious and elegant look!

To create additional storage space, you could put up floating shelves, to keep with the minimalist look. And again, a small plant or a vase of flowers would add some freshness and color to the entrance!

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Narrow Entryway with Wall-Mounted Shoe Shelves

space optimizing vertical shoe storage in small hallway.

Here is a modern and cozy entryway that features a smart and space-saving shoe storage solution.

The wall-mounted shoe shelves can definitely fit different types of shoes. There is also a small bench with a cushion and a round rug that creates a comfortable seating area.

I love how there is also a rack with hooks and baskets that can store coats, hats, scarves, and other items!

You can choose to hang wall art to add some color and personality to your entryway. In my experience, a well-designed entryway can make a great first impression on your guests!

Space-Saving Corner Cupboard with Sliding Door

tiny entrance shoes cupboard in the corner with glass door

This features a narrow cupboard in the corner with multiple shelves for storing shoes. Its sliding door saves on floor space and also hides the clutter.

I love how this storage solution makes use of vertical space. In my experience, a corner cabinet can make a small entrance look more spacious and organized.

But, be careful not to place too many items on top of the cupboard, though, as it might look really messy!

Space-Optimized Shoe Rack with Angled Shelves

Minimalist wooden shelves on hinge to reveal hidden shoe storage.INSTAGRAM @LIFESTYLEBYDIYA

Now, this features a shoe rack with angled shelves. Its charcoal color with gold trim adds a touch of elegance and contrast to the gray wall.

The angled shelves make it easy to see all your shoes and it has a top surface that can be used for placing keys, wallets, or other small items!

I love how this utilizes the narrow space next to the door without blocking the entrance. I suggest you combine this shoe rack with a matching coat rack or a mirror to complete the look.

Modern Entrance with Stacked Wooden Boxes

tiny entrance with modern minimalist shoe shoe storage using wooden boxes

This bright entrance hallway features stacked wooden boxes that can store up to 3 pairs of shoes each.

I love how it’s uniquely arranged in a pyramid-like shape! I like how the boxes create a rustic, yet modern, look for the shoe storage.

I recommend you add some cushions or on top of the boxes, so guests can sit down while putting on their shoes. I would opt for a larger plant beside this, though, instead of a small one on top.

Graphic wall art can also help elevate the look!

Tiny Living Room with a Cushioned Bench for Shoe Storage

minimalist shoes storage couch in short hallway

Here’s a wooden bench with a cushion on top that serves as a comfortable seat for guests and a storage for shoes. This design concept is perfect for studio apartments or small homes where the front door opens directly into the living room.

I love how it blends in with the rest of the room, creating a harmonious and clutter-free look! In my experience, a cushioned bench can also be an extra bed for guests.

One way to make your shoe storage more functional is to add a throw over the bench. This can hide the shoes from sight and protect them from dust.

You can choose a throw that matches the color and style of your cushion, or you can opt for a contrasting or patterned cover to add some flair to your room.

Space-Optimized Floor-to-Ceiling Shoe Storage in a Narrow Hallway

floor to ceiling shoe storage in narrow entrance.

I love how the shoe storage utilizes the vertical space and keeps the shoes out of sight, making the hallway look tidy and spacious!

I also think this is a good idea for impressing guests, as they won’t see the shoes when they enter and will appreciate the clean and elegant entrance.

I personally wouldn’t recommend placing any other furniture or bulky decor items in this hallway, as it might make it look cluttered and cramped.

Space-Optimized Entryway with Bench and Shelves

small entrance featuring bench with open space beneath for shoe storage

This small and cozy entryway combines style and function.

The bench has a gray cushion for comfort and an open shelf underneath for shoes. Above it are shelves that offer extra storage space for various items, not to mention that it also has hooks for hanging bags or coats.

I love how the simple bench and shelves create a neat and organized look! The light wood accents match well with the white walls and floor, creating a bright and airy feel.

I suggest you add a rug or mat to the floor. I’ve found that adding a bit of color to a small space can make it more homey.

Tiny Entrance with A Wooden Shoe Rack

tiny entrance minimalist shoes storage in open wooden bench

I love how the shoe rack seamlessly blends into the color of the wall and the floor tiles, creating a harmonious look.

I would recommend adding a full-length mirror beside the rack, so you can check your outfit before you leave the house. Alternatively, you can hang wall art above the rack to add some personality and charm to your entrance.

For extra comfort, you can also add a cushion on the bench and sit on it while putting on your shoes. I suggest you move the potted plant to the other side of the window to balance the space and create a fresh atmosphere.

Minimalist Space-Saving Cubbies and Bench

tiny entrance shoe storage with minimalist cubbies for shoe storage

This minimalist space-saving cubbies and bench concept is a great idea for a small entrance. It provides a convenient place to store your shoes and spot sit down while putting them on or taking them off.

The larger vertical cubby is perfect for storing swimming or snow gear depending on the season.

I’d also recommend adding some more hooks on the wall to hang small items like keys, hats, scarves, and bags.  I think this is a smart and versatile way to use a small space!

Hanging Shoe Organizer Beside Door

space saving shoe organizer on the entrance door.

This hanging shoe organizer with fabric pockets can fit various types of shoes, from flats to heels. I love how the organizer makes use of the vertical space and leaves the floor clear.

However, I would advise you to avoid storing wet shoes in the fabric pockets, as they might damage the material or cause mold.

I suggest you add a small rug or mat to make the entrance more welcoming and comfortable. And again, placing a plant beside the organizer can add a touch of nature and freshness to the room.

Space-Optimized Shoe Storage with Pull-Out Shelves

shoe storage using narrow pull-out shelves hidden in a cupboardINSTAGRAM @SHAPELONDON

This shoe storage with pull-out shelves inside a cupboard is a good idea to hide the shoes in sight.

I love how it maximizes the vertical space and it matches the wall and floor. I think hooks on the door can be a nice addition to provide extra storage space for items like scarves, bags, or umbrellas.

Space-Saving Shoe Storage with Floating Shelves

creative shoe storage on floating shelves in tiny entryway

These floating shelves make use of the vertical space and free up the floor for easy cleaning.

One way to enhance your entrance is to add some wall art that matches your style and personality. You can choose from paintings, posters, photos, or even DIY projects.

If you have a lot of shoes and want to keep them more organized, you can also use shoe boxes for each pair of shoes to protect them from dust and damage.

You can opt for the transparent ones to easily see what’s inside or solid shoe boxes for a more uniform look.

Shoe Organizer Using Simple Rods

simple rods to hang shoes using wall space.INSTAGRAM @SINGULIERMTL

Here, the rods are attached to the wall and can easily hold several pairs of footwear. You can also hang other small items on the rods, such as scarves, hats, or bags!

I love how you can just grab your favorite pair and go! In my experience, this is a great way to store your heels without damaging them or taking up too much floor space.

I suggest you combine this with a matching coat rack and a small bench to complete the look. I personally think this is really an innovative way to store heels!

Rotating Shoe Rack

rotating vertical shoe rack.INSTAGRAM @ULTIMATE_MOREKI

This features a space-optimized shoe rack with rotating shelves. The circular shelves can hold multiple pairs of shoes and can be swiveled to access them easily.

I love how this shoe rack utilizes the corner space and adds functionality to the room!

I suggest placing a floor lamp beside it to provide some additional lighting and ambiance. You can choose a lamp that matches the style of your shoe rack or go for a contrasting one to create some interest to the space.

Under-Stairs Shoe Storage with Multiple Pull0ut Box Drawers

under-stairs shoe storage using drawers.INSTAGRAM @LIZAPRIDEAUXHOME

This modern entryway features a clever shoe storage solution under the stairs. The storage consists of multiple pullout box drawers.

I love how the shelves are hidden under the stairs and can be pulled out when needed!

You can consider adding a bit of color to the shelves to make them pop and add a bit of personality to the space. Also, you could include some smaller drawer boxes to store your wallet, glasses keys, or chargers.

Corner Shelves On the Sides of Window

vertical shoe storage shelves in the cornerINSTAGRAM @GLAMFURNITURE_SPACES

I love how the corner shelves make use of the otherwise wasted space and create a neat and organized look.

You could add a wooden bench in the center of the wall, where you can sit and put on your shoes.

If you want to spice up your entrance, you can also opt for a colored curtain. A curtain in a bright or contrasting hue can create a focal point in the space!

Minimalist Entryway with Bench and Cubbies Underneath

tiny entrance shoe rack with benchINSTAGRAM @MEANDMYLITTLEGREYHOUSE

This cozy entryway with a bench and cubbies underneath is a great way to store your shoes and coats in a small space.

The bench is made of wood and has a cushion on top for extra comfort. The cubbies are built into the bench and can fit several pairs of shoes.

I think it’s a good idea that the hooks are placed fairly high on the wall so that big coats don’t clutter up the seating space.

I love how this entryway is simple and practical, yet cozy and inviting. The cushion, the lamp, and the flowers add some warmth and color to the room!

Shoe Stand with Holders on a Rack

space saving shoes organizer.INSTAGRAM @IKEAKENYA

This unique shoe storage solution features a shoe stand with shoe holders. I love how the stand can accommodate up to six or eight pairs of shoes when used with these shoe holders!

In my experience, this is a simple and affordable shoe storage option. It is also perfect if you are not looking for a permanent solution. 

This shoe rack and be placed on the floor of your entrance or it can be hidden away inside an entryway closet.

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