Book Storage For Kids’ Rooms: 12 Great Solutions

As a parent, I know how tricky it can be to find room for books while keeping things neat. With limited space and changing interests, finding smart storage ideas is key.

Let’s explore easy, clever ways to store books that work for your kids’ room and foster their love for reading and learning!

Wooden Tree Bookshelf for Kids’ Room

Tree design book shelves on wall

First up is a unique bookshelf that in the shape of a tree.  The bookshelf is made of light wood and has curved branches that hold colorful books.

I love how the bookshelf adds a touch of whimsy and creativity to the room. In my experience, kids enjoy reading more when they have a fun and inviting book storage solution.

Hanging up string lights is a great way to enhance the beauty and charm of this bookshelf. It can definitely create a magical and cozy atmosphere in the kids’ room. String lights can also serve as a night light for kids who are afraid of the dark!

Tiny Giraffe Bookshelf in a Kid’s Room

Giraffe design book storage INSTAGRAM @Kitandco_

Up next is another creative bookshelf! This time, it is shaped like a giraffe. Just how cool is that, right?

It is made of wood and has a realistic shape and design. It stands tall, showcasing multiple tiers of shelving cleverly integrated into its frame. Its neutral shade also complements the green-and-white color scheme of the room!

Additionally, the compact size of the bookshelf makes it a perfect fit for smaller spaces, such as nurseries, playrooms, or cozy corners within a child’s bedroom

A small study table near the shelf can be a great addition to this room. It can provide a dedicated space for the kid to do homework, read books, or work on creative projects.

Bed-Foot Book Storage Idea for Small Kids’ Rooms

Kids bed with built-in bookshelf

This is a cozy and modern kids’ room with a space-saving bed and book storage idea. The bookshelf is attached to the foot of the bed, making use of the otherwise wasted space. Such a lever idea!

It’s nice to see that the bookshelf is integrated with the bed, saving space and making it easy for the kids to access their books, especially before bedtime.

You may also opt to add a floor lamp near the bed. A floor lamp can provide extra lighting for reading, playing, or studying. It can also create a cozy and warm ambiance in the room!

Colorful Stacked Crates as Book Storage

Colorful bkxes for storing books

Here’s a simple and creative book storage solution for kids’ rooms. It showcases three colorful crates stacked on top of each other.

I love how this idea is very easy to DIY and doesn’t take up much space. This is a fun and inexpensive project that you can do with your kids or by yourself!

Another way to enhance this book storage idea is to add a matching crate as a chair. You can add a cushion or a blanket on top of the crate to make it more comfortable. This way, you can create a cozy reading corner for your kids!

Kid-Friendly Reading Nook with Book Display Shelves

Reading nook with floating shelves INSTAGRAM @Grohplayrooms

This is a unique reading nook built into a circular alcove in the wall, creating a cozy and private space for kids. The alcove is painted a light blue color with a yellow border, giving it a cheerful and bright look.

Kids can just easily grab the books through the display shelves, making reading more inviting for them.

I suggest you combine this reading nook with some wall art or stickers that match the theme of the books, such as animals, fairy tales, or superheroes, to personalize the area better and add an extra layer of enchantment.

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Portable A-Frame Chair with Book Storage Underneath

Book storage chair with wheels INSTAGRAM @Semiexact

Up next is an A-Frame chair with wheels. The chair is made of wood and painted pastel green.

The chair has two layers: the top one functions as an armchair, while the bottom one is a shelf that you can fill with books and magazines. You can also use the top layer to store more books!

I love how the chair is easy to move around and can fit in any corner of the room.

If you decide to place this in a corner of your kid’s room, it would be good to add some colorful cushions and a cozy rug to create a tiny reading nook for your kids.

Space-Saving Horizontal Bookcase Under the Bunk Bed

Loft bed with neading nook underneath INSTAGRAM @Mamapapabubba

This is a cozy and modern kids’ room with a bunk bed and a small horizontal bookcase. The bookcase is tucked under the lower bunk, making use of the otherwise wasted space.

It has shelves and bins to store books, toys, and pillows. The bookcase matches the white frame of the bunk bed, creating a harmonious look.

You may also add some extra bedding, such as pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags, for when your kids have guests coming over. This way, you can easily transform the lower bunk into a cozy and comfortable sleeping and playing area for visitors!

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Wall-Mounted Bookshelves for Kids’ Rooms

Kids room with bookshelves on wall INSTAGRAM @Katymitten

Now, here’s a kids’ room with a wall-mounted book storage solution. The book storage consists of four wooden shelves that hold a variety of children’s books.

I love how the shelves make use of the vertical space and create a fun and dynamic look. Also, wall-mounted bookshelves are great for kids’ rooms because they save floor space and keep the books within easy reach!

I personally wouldn’t recommend placing too many books on the shelves, as it might make the room look cluttered and overwhelming. Choose your kid’s favorites to put on display.

Rotating Kids’ Bookshelf with Toy Storage

Books ans toy storage tower INSTAGRAM @Elephantstepslb

Next on our list is a rotating bookshelf and toy storage unit. The bookshelf is blue and white and has three shelves with a roof-like structure on top. It can display various books and toys on both sides and can be easily rotated to access them. So unique!

One way to personalize this bookshelf is to add some stickers of your kids’ favorite characters or themes. This can make the bookshelf more attractive and reflect your kids’ personality!

You can also replace the plant on the right side of the bookshelf with a small lamp that can provide some extra lighting and create a cozy atmosphere.

Angled Bookshelf for Small Kids’ Rooms

Open cabinet with stand for books with surface surage INSTAGRAM @Montessori.spaces

This is a Scandinavian-style kids’ room with a small, angled bookshelf that displays books in an organized manner. Designed explicitly for kids’ rooms, this bookshelf’s child-friendly height ensures that books are within easy reach of little hands.

Its unique design serves as a decorative focal point while simultaneously organizing books, infusing the space with charm and character.

The bookshelf stands as both a practical and decorative asset, transforming a small space into an organized, engaging, and delightful reading corner for young bookworms.

Modern Bookshelves with Unique Geometric Designs

Custom made multilayer bookshelf INSTAGRAM

This is a modern bookshelf with a unique geometric design that adds style and functionality to any kids’ room. The bookshelf is made of light-colored wood and has multiple stacked shelves arranged in a zigzag pattern.

The shelves are filled with books of various sizes and colors, as well as some small plants and decorative items. I love how the bookshelf creates a cozy and creative reading corner for the kids.

I would recommend adding a soft rug and a comfortable chair to make the space more inviting.

Custom Armchair with Book Storage Underneath

Arm chair with book storage underneath INSTAGRAM @Minimalgoods_

Last is a very unique armchair with space underneath for book storage.

The books are neatly arranged on the lower shelf of the armchair, creating a convenient and space-saving solution.

To make the reading nook more comfortable and inviting, I suggest you add some cushions and a lamp beside the armchair. This way, you can create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy reading even in the dark.

However, one drawback of this book storage unit is that the books might tend to fall off if the armchair is moved or bumped. Don’t forget to add some bookends to prevent this from happening! You can also choose to stack books on top of each other.

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