Dusty Rose Bathrooms: 23 Ideas for Small Spaces

Using color in small bathrooms can be intimidating. We tend to go for white to try to make the space seem as big as possible.

But if you’re looking to add color to a small bathroom and aren’t too sure how, come along with me as we look at 23 beautiful dusty rose bathroom ideas.

Terrazzo-Inspired Small Pink Bathroom

pink bathroom with over the toilet shelves

First up, we have this fun play on modernity with a country style – light pink paneled walls with terrazzo-inspired pink and deep teal wallpaper.

Above the simple bason is a chic round mirror with a small spotlight above. This is a really neat idea, it reflects light around the room which makes the colorful space appear bigger.

I love the shelving nook above the toilet. This is perfect for adding small décor pieces and for storing bathroom essentials like toilet paper and room diffusers.

Dusty Rose Monochromatic Small Bathroom

dusty rose bathroom and cabinet

Here is a marshmallow pink monochrome small bathroom with the toilet and basin unit side-by-side. Above the basin is a gold-framed round mirror with twin wall-mounted globes for added light.

I think going for a pale monochrome color scheme is a fantastic way of adding color without going too bold – if big colors aren’t your thing.

Installing floating shelves over the toilet would give you added storage space and might be a better spot to place your vase. However, adding shelving would detract from the chic simplicity of this small bathroom.

 Pale Pink Small Bathroom with Pops of Greenery

bathroom with built-in wall shelf

A narrow bathroom can be tricky to design and decorate. This bathroom cleverly hides away the toilet cistern into a faux wall and uses the wall ledge as space for décor and room diffusers.

I love that the mirror replicates the same shape and size of the window. This is a clever way of adding a sense of space and light.

The pops of green from the indoor plants make this small pink bathroom feel fresh and modern.

Narrow Bathroom with Multiple Floor-to-Ceiling Storage Solutions

Narrow dusty rose bathroom with compact storage

If you aren’t wanting a bathroom that feels too pink, here is a more dulled-down dusty rose.

This small bathroom has ample storage space – with a recessed shelving unit and floor-to-ceiling bathroom vanity and double sink.

I love the accents of brushed gold on the taps and drawer handles. This makes a fairly simple bathroom appear elegant and expensive.

Small Bathroom with Dusty Rose Vertical Subway Tiles

vertical rectangular tiles bathroom

This bathroom features vertical dusty rose subway tiles on the walls and a more neutral pink square tile in the shower.

Next to the toilet is a simple vanity is the bathroom sink and what I think is the highlight of this bathroom – this unique oval vanity, perfect for hiding away bathroom items behind the mirror-doors.

Modern Bathroom with Dusty Rose Feature Wall

dusty rose and Grey bathroom

This bathroom design cleverly hides away all plumbing pipes behind the faux walls. On the left is a floating basin unit and a sleek vanity. And to the right is the toilet.

The bath takes up the full length of the back wall and is beautifully framed by the pale pink tiled feature wall, the indoor plants, window and exposed light bulbs.

I just love the pop of quirkiness with the small table attached to the bath.

Upcycled Pale Pink Bathroom with Mid-Century Inspiration

white tiles and pink paint bathroom

Now here’s a clever way of upcycling furniture with this mid-century set of drawers that have the basin secured on-top.

This small bathroom is a good example of “using what you have” and upgrading its aesthetic.

The floor tiles are a bit outdated yet they look intentional when combined with the drawers, gold tap and mirror-frame and the pale pink walls

Geometric Dusty Rose Bathroom with Arced Window

square tiles bathroom and wall

The designer of this bathroom has used the angled eaves of this ceiling to their advantage. You can see that a geometric aesthetic has been used in multiple places around the small bathroom.

The bath along the back wall is fully surrounded by dusty pink mosaic tiles and the funky Picasso-inspired rug and angular side table complement these spaces beautifully.

The hard edges around this bathroom are softened by the oval sink and arced window above the bath.

Pink Bathroom with Black Accents

tiny dusty rose bathroom

This bathroom features a tiny sink, bath and round mirror with floor-to-ceiling tiles. The expanse of pale dusty pink tiles is broken by a border of black and grey geometric tiles.

This bathroom lacks storage space. Instead of a mirror, I would have installed a vanity to store creams, facecloths and other bathroom essentials.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the black and grey tiles. I would rather have opted for a more neutral color or even a deeper dusty rose.

Art-Deco Inspired Small Bathroom

dusty rose bathroom with white patterns

This small bathroom maximizes its space with a walk-in shower and glass panel.

The design of this bathroom takes you back to the 1920s with the art-deco inspired tiles, marbled basin counter and brushed gold taps and shower heads.

I think the accents of black on the shower floor are a clever idea to add some depth to this small space.

The deep drawers beneath the basin are perfect for storing just about anything you might need in your bathroom.

Small Bathroom with Dusty Pink Arch

bathtub on an arched wall recess

This charming bathroom is light and modern with a touch of earthiness. I love how the bath is placed under this large arch – it almost has a Grecian feel.

On the right-hand side is a trough basin on an exposed shelf stand. Again, we see the accents of gold on the taps and mirror frame.

The storage is hidden away in these woven baskets-come-tables. For everyday use, I suggest adding some additional baskets under the sink for more storage space.

Modern Dusty Rose Bathroom with Black and White Flooring

pink square tiles bathroom

Here is a small bathroom with floor-to-ceiling ice-cream pink tiles. Accents of black are seen in the basin drawer unit, the tiles and the plumbing pipes and taps.

The indoor plants liven up this bathroom and make it feel like an oasis in your home.

I am in love with everything about this bathroom!

dusty-rose-bathroom-with-black-cabinetINSTAGRAM @paintandpaperlibrary

If you aren’t so keen on an obviously dusty pink bathroom, here’s some inspiration for you. This bathroom leans more toward a dusty pinky-brown.

The cream-colored wall and bath tiles brightened up the space as this wall color choice can make a room feel quite dark.

Eclectic Bathroom in Hues of Dusty Rose and Red

Narrow red bathroomINSTAGRAM @zia_tile

This bathroom has an eclectic feel with the combination of colors, design elements and textures.

The recessed shower niche is a stylish way of storing your shower essentials.

I think this bathroom layout is a clever way of utilizing the narrow space. The shower has the same red and white flooring as the rest of the bathroom floor, and the shower takes up the full width of the room.

Modern Bathroom with Dusty Pink Subway Tiles and Maroon Clawfoot Bathtub

bathtub with curtainsINSTAGRAM @constancegennari

The hero of this bathroom is the iconic clawfoot bathtub which is enclosed with modern ceiling rail for the shower curtain.

The maroon of the bathtub and dusty pink of the subway tiles are picked up in the terrazzo-style tiles.

I love indoor plants in bathrooms. It brings in a sense of fresh cleanliness to the space.

Retro Bathroom with Teal Walls and Dusty Rose Wall Tiles

dusty rose and blue-green bathroomINSTAGRAM @fairytaletudor

I love the teal walls – its vibrant and makes a statement. This deep color is contrasted with the more subtle tones of the square dusty rose wall tiles.

This is a smart way to modernize a bathroom. Rather than feeling dated, the colors used give it a cool retro style with a sense of nostalgia for the past.

Attic Bathroom with Gold Accents

tiny bathroom with ceiling windowINSTAGRAM @laurastephensid

This bathroom features wooden floors and dusty pink-mauve wall tiles.

The light coming through the skylight make the gold taps, shower head and mirror sparkle.

This small bathroom lacks storage space so I’d recommend using acrylic or wire baskets for shower essentials on the large ledge at the end of the shower.

White and Dusty Pink Bathroom with Hexagonal Floor Tiles

dusty rose hexagon floor tilesINSTAGRAM @apartmenttherapy

I love the how this bathroom perfectly integrates different textures. From the pink and white hexagonal tiles and herringbone wall tile to the v-groove bath and towels hanging on the ladder.

This small bathroom makes use of every inch of available space for storage.

I particularly like the floating unit that the basin rests on – it makes the floor space appear larger as you can see where the floor meets the wall.

Muted Dusty Rose Bathroom with Checkerboard Floor Tiles

minimalist dusty rose bathroomINSTAGRAM @dominomag

Here we see muted dusty red and pink checkerboard bathroom flooring, paired with pale pink wall tiles and wall paint. To the side of the shower is a gorgeous vanity made of natural wood complemented with an elegant circular mirror.

This bathroom is what I’d describe a feng shui. The simple and clean lines of this small bathroom give a harmonious and well-balanced.

It gives such a sense of calm.

Dusty Pink Bathroom with Terrazzo Tiles

herringbone tiles bathroomINSTAGRAM @designerwork92

Wow, I love this design. It is somehow bold and muted at the same time.

The Terrazzo tiles with large white negative space give the illusion that this bathroom is bigger than it is.

In the shower, pink subway tiles in the herringbone style are the focal point of this bathroom.

The black accents tie together the different styles and textures beautifully.

dusty rose bathroom with tension rod shelvesINSTAGRAM @livingetcofficial

Here is another bathroom that uses pink wall tiles and terrazzo floor tiles. Except these terrazzo tiles are far more multi-colored.

I like how this bathroom combines straight and curved edges – the rectangular wall tiles are softened by the round mirror, sink, and toilet.

Dusty Rose Guest Bathroom with Wainscot Panels

Narrow bathroom with dusty rose paintINSTAGRAM @makeitrustoleum

This guest bathroom is modern and charming! The pink walls are broken up with the wainscoting panels. And the pale pink is juxtaposed against the black and white floor tiles.

I love the quirky touch of design and color in the two pictures on the wall.

A clever idea to give the illusion of more wall space is to paint your heating panels the same color as the walls, just like in this small bathroom.

Dusty Pink and White Bathroom with Arched Tiles

round top tiles bathroomINSTAGRAM @atilestudio

Now here’s a style I don’t come across often. The oval mirror carries through the aesthetic of the glossy dusty pink and white arched tiles seamlessly.

We see a small shower, basin unit, and toilet all placed close together on one wall!

However, this tiny bathroom feels spacious rather than cramped because the shower is walk-in with a glass screen and the basin is placed on floating shelves.

Did you enjoy this article? Please also read my post on small feng shui bedroom designs.

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