32 Gorgeous Wallpaper Ideas for Girl Nurseries

Designing a nursery for baby girls is no easy feat. The options are endless, and the design and function choices can be overwhelming.

This is why we have gathered a whopping 32 wallpaper ideas to help you make one of the most important choices when building your nursery.

Delicate Forest Nurseries

changing table with drawers

First, we have a delicate nursery with wallpaper filled with soft hues of pink and green. Alongside the picturesque scenery, there’s a crib crafted with numerous storage compartments.

With this setup, all the essentials for your baby girl are conveniently located near the crib. This arrangement streamlines you daily routines, whether it’s day or night.

For an added touch of whimsy, incorporate additional adorable animals into the decor, such as rabbits and squirrels, to provide the creatures with more companions.

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horse and deer wallpaper

In another forest-themed nursery, we can see a design that is best suited for simple wooden cribs and smaller spaces.

Here, you’ll also find the welcoming visages of some friendly animals, and the verdant tones of the wallpaper appear slightly more vibrant.

The good news is that forests are full of amazing flowers, trees, and wildlife. You are sure to find a forest-focused wallpaper that will fit your baby girl’s nursery the best.

bed with drawers and wall shelves

This elegant space has a charming forest wall and an antique bronze crib.

Additionally, a daybed with pullout storage graces the corner of this room and serves as a space for mommies and nannies to lie in while checking on the baby.

This design is great for those who need a ton of storage in the nursery and for those whose setup requires them to stay here for long periods.

Aquatic Pink Designs

nursery room with ocean wallpaper

Let your baby feel like a little mermaid with a pretty pink aquatic-themed accent wall. With a dolphin and a few fish, the design is even more inviting and enticing.

The design beautifully combines bright pink and blue while maintaining a feminine aura. 

It’s such a fun theme so you should play around and be more creative with the decor! I suggest getting shell-style ornaments and starfish-shaped pillows to enhance the overall look.

Colorful Flower-Themed Nursery

rainbow and flowers wallpaper

This nursery has a simple layout with a colorful design. Keeping it basic with just a white crib, you make up for it with vibrant colors and big flowers.

Your bubbly baby is sure to be quite stimulated with this design. Surround her with colors, flowers, and a couple of stuffed animals.

The soft white carpet contributes to spreading the color across the room, while the splashes of color within it complement the overall aesthetic.

Pastel Butterfly Wall

butterflies on wall

Go the extra mile and use a 3D design like this nursery with a pastel pink wall with fluttering butterflies distributed around the space.

The style hack exudes such a posh vibe but it is so easy and affordable to do.

You can also recruit your kids to help make the butterflies so you can make ones with the colors you want and it’ll be a nice personal touch to the nursery.

Flower Room With Wooden Shelf

large flowers wallpaper

You can also consider an enlarged flower design for wallpaper like this quaint nursery. It creates such an adorable environment for your little girl.

With a bigger illustration, your baby can appreciate flowers at a closer look and she can even feel like she’s as tiny as a bug!

I love how the crib and shelf are simple light wood structures. It helps tie in the whole design and accentuate the flowers even more.

Gingham Girl’s Room

cubbies on checkered wall

Are you looking for a classic pattern that can carry over to different age groups instead? A sophisticated gingham design could be a better interior choice for you.

The gingham pattern is such a charming and refined style choice. It’s timeless and can be the backdrop to any room. 

A large open Nordic storage structure complements the aesthetic immensely and is a great way to keep your kid’s books and toys. The woven containers also make sure they are arranged in the right compartment.

Rainbow Room

crib on rainbow wall

In this fun nursery, a distinct rainbow design defines the crib area. It uses warm, muted hues instead of the regular rainbow colors to make it more calming than loud.

It makes for a simple and relaxing space without holding back on color and uses a design you can’t go wrong with.

Having trouble finding wallpaper with just the right rainbow? Good thing you can replicate this easy design with paint. Turn it into a fun experience with your family.

Seashell Prints With Woven Storage Units

woven storage baskets

This bright baby’s room is ideal for those who love the sea and everything in it!

The wallpaper is filled with various seashell and seaweed designs while the lower half of the walls add contrast and definition to the area.

It’s a subtle way of instilling an ocean theme without leaning too hard into the concept. 

The woven boxes are a clever way to sneak in natural elements into this ocean-inspired design.

Pink Skies With Built-In Shelves

clouds wall with floating shelves

This cotton candy pink sky room will take you up, up, and away with its creativity. With a mainly pink theme and an extremely simple design, the space transforms into every little girl’s dream.

To make sure everything’s in place and organized, there are even mounted shelves on the side.

I adore the fuzzy carpet with the geometric pattern. It adds sharpness to the soft interior and can also be an area where your baby girl can comfortably play around.

Tropical Prints

jungle inspired wallpaper

Hopping over to the greener side of nature, we have here a jam-packed tropical-themed nursery. It uses bright and vibrant greens and features animals scattered throughout the design.

If you want to encourage adventure and stimulation, you can get that with this design.

Given the boldness of this print, it’s best to maintain a subtle approach with the rest of the interior to prevent it from becoming overwhelming and ensure a balanced look overall.

Fairy-Inspired Nursery

bamboo crib with canopyINSTAGRAM @gingermonkey_

This nursery is straight out of a storybook! Here, a tiny charming wooden crib with a sheer drape is surrounded by little fairies and plants.

Your little princess will feel absolutely magical in this room. It’s only fitting for your beloved to be surrounded by fellow fairies!

With the crib snug in the corner, make the most of storage space by mounting shelves and compartments on the walls. This way, you can keep all your essentials within arm’s reach.

Dainty Floral Nursery

minimalist nursery room with bamboo shelfINSTAGRAM @dekornik

You can’t really make a mistake when you stick to the classics. Opt for a timeless, elegant nursery with this minimalist dainty design.

Using mostly white and earth-tone neutrals, this baby room is a safe and suitable choice for those who aren’t too adventurous with designs.

This style will never be outdated and is versatile enough to serve many aesthetics and even the next generations.

pendant light with woven coverINSTAGRAM @projectnursery

This version adds a bit more color to the walls with larger and more vibrant flowers. Also, it gives a modern boost to the elegant aesthetic.

It’s a beautiful way of emphasizing a slanted wall and the window area. 

The contemporary space is fantastic for both mommies and babies. There’s a place for you to sit down and relax while the baby is either in the crib fast asleep or playing on the floor.

white flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @projectnursery

Even though there are tons of beautiful flower varieties, sometimes just one will do the trick. Here, the wallpaper focuses on highlighting daisies and establishing a motif around the flower.

Of course, you can use any other type of flower. I suggest keeping the design light with smaller patterns to maintain a spacious and airy ambiance. 

I find that adding flower decor, whether real or fake, will improve the overall interior immensely.

Rustic Girl’s Room

bamboo shelf and changing tableINSTAGRAM @dekornik

This enchanting space is curated impeccably to fit a baby girl. To recreate this rustic dream, all you need is a captivating floral wallpaper paired with warm wood and woven textures.

The bedside crib keeps your baby close by while the wicker changing table offers sufficient storage for all your diaper-duty needs. 

If you ever need additional storage, wooden baskets, containers, and wicker storage units are what would work best in this room.

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wooden tower shelvesINSTAGRAM @cindy_n_88

For another rustic room option, we can see a more understated wallpaper design, a smaller baby basket, and an endearing but functional shelf.

This design is ideal for small nurseries as it can still hold all your baby’s basic needs. You can use the shelf to display toys or store your baby’s items.

Just to make this space extra cozy, I recommend placing a comfy little rug in the center, preferably one with a white or floral design.

wooden crib on roses wallpaperINSTAGRAM @timberwooddesigns

This nursery leans more into a rustic contemporary interior design. It uses a trendier wallpaper print and fashionable decor.

It still uses wooden and wicker items but focuses more on the decorative elements. 

The design offers ample space for you to personalize the area according to your preferences. You can choose to display quotes that are meaningful to you or perhaps frame up some family pictures.

Lemon Tree Wallpaper

lemon and rose wallpaperINSTAGRAM @roomfortots

Looking for a brighter and more refreshing nursery?

This cheerful interior has a design with some birds flying around a beloved lemon tree.

It’s an uncommon style choice that will give your girl’s nursery a cute edge. To add to the adorable design, the floor is lined with a colorful polka-dotted carpet.

Another notable feature of this room is the midcentury crib and storage. They make the interior trendy and functional!

Butterfly Beige Baby Room

wooden crib near windowINSTAGRAM @littlehandswallpaper

The popularity of beige and earthy tones can make its way into your girl’s nursery. Here, the warm muted colors are spread out on the butterfly wallpaper design and the furniture.

It’s a color palette that suits all age groups and complements any design. 

The sophisticated neutral space could use some pops of color to catch your child’s attention.

However, you don’t have to disrupt the design to do so. Just place colorful books, toys, and decor around the room.

Birdy Baby Room

birds and leaves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @laraclarke_interiors

Birds serve as beautiful symbols of hope and freedom, making them an ideal choice to inspire your nursery design. This girl’s bedroom uses wallpaper that showcases birds perched up on trees and flying around them.

The rest of the design remains simple to further highlight the majestic illustration. 

This layout lacks some cribside storage. So, I suggest getting a space-optimized crib with compartments or adding a small white drawer to keep your baby’s items in.

Children-Drawn Wallpaper Design

wooden shelves and hooksINSTAGRAM @megmonde

This playful nursery uses fun colors and drawings to decorate its space. With a pair of wall-mounted shelves, you can easily reach for a book to read to your little girl at bedtime.

A common frustration among parents is when their kids would draw on walls.

This design puts you one step ahead by already putting the drawings on them.

This way, even when your child ends up decorating the walls, it wouldn’t ruin the wallpaper but add to the design!

Modern Floral Baby Room

pink flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @stylish.bump

If you want to keep up with the times but maintain an endearing environment, consider a modern floral-themed baby room like this one.

The design is a bit more mature but refreshing enough to hold up well in a nursery. Additionally, it can accommodate the growth of your baby girl well into her adolescence.

As time goes by, you can install more shelves and storage on the wall to accompany your child’s growing needs.

Floral Green Rooms

green nursery roomINSTAGRAM @_havensent_

An urban environment might not be the optimal area for our young ones but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your apartment into a cozy space for your baby.

Check out this fresh green design that makes an enticing nursery.

The green gingham curtains and one-of-a-kind floral curtains are such a fun and youthful combination to surround your little girl with.

You can opt for a crib instead of using baby baskets in this space. Choose a crib design with built-in storage for a sturdier and multifunctional structure.

twins room with green wallpaperINSTAGRAM @jenniferbeekhunter

This lively green nursery is decked out with lush greenery and sunny yellow lemons.

It’s perfect for twin girls, fitting two mobile cribs snugly.

But with double the babies, you’ll need extra space for all their stuff.

My tip? Add a drawer or cabinet to this roomy setup.

And to keep everything neat and tidy, toss in some organizers and bins. That way, you’ll have a stylish and organized nursery that’s as functional as it is cute!

Pink Floral Wall With Framed Inspirational Quote

crib on roses wallpaperINSTAGRAM @stylish.bump

This posh pink room is filled with love with a thoughtful floral wall and pinned-up quote.

It’s an affordable yet lavish-looking design, fit for a little princess! Don’t limit yourself as to what you can put up on the wall – express your love for your baby girl as freely as you can.

I recommend placing shelves around the frame. Then, you’ll have a mini library where you can keep your baby’s books on display.

Explore easy, clever ways to store books that work for your kids’ room.

Travel-Themed Walls

Kids design world map wallpaperINSTAGRAM @singerdesignltd

Awaken the little explorer in your baby girl at an early age with a travel-themed nursery. This one uses a fun wallpaper with the outline of a map with animal illustrations on a few points.

It’s never too early to install a sense of adventure! Get your little one interested in exploring and learning about countries with an educational map design.

Filling the room with toy cars, planes, trains, and the like will really complete the space.

elephant on air balloon wallpaperINSTAGRAM @eynkdesign

Let’s take a whimsical turn with this quirky nursery. Another traveling tool featured here is the hot air balloon, however, this one is a bit unique as it transports elephants!

It’ll surely instill a good sense of humor and activate your child’s imagination. 

The color palette is muted to not take away too much attention from the creative design. You can also make the nursery more cheerful with stuffed animals and decor with pops of color.

Desert-Inspired Design

camel wallpaperINSTAGRAM @nomadhomebykim

Let’s crank up the warmth a bit and appreciate this awesome desert nursery design. It’s not a style we often see in baby rooms.

Camels are such amazing animals and they look incredible against the vibrant orange hues. There are even ornaments and toys that help establish the theme throughout the room.

It’s best for homes with warm, earthy tones. I love how the canopy also resembles tents that we can find in deserts.

Light Blue Havens

blue rose wallpaperINSTAGRAM @pastelowelove.pl

Moving away from the warm desert, let’s cool things down a bit with this soothing blue baby room.

The design combines style and grace to give you a luxurious nursery. With just a couple of large detailed flowers and opulent white and wooden accents, your baby girl will surely find solitude here. 

Soft and delicate fabrics and decorations will help pull off the lush aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to incorporate more texture and character into the space!

blue nursery roomINSTAGRAM @oodlesofwallpaper

In another chic blue baby room, the space is dominantly white with lovely little light blue accents to add a slight contrast and definition.

This design radiates elegance and sophistication, perfect for a posh young one. The airy atmosphere adds to the serene vibe, ensuring your baby feels calm and comfortable.

I love how they used gold hardware for embellishments, they only elevate the design and make the interior look more expensive.

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