30 Wallpaper Ideas For Little Girl’s Rooms

The walls of a room instantly define it and establish an aesthetic. So, to make sure your little girl enjoys her own space, start by getting the perfect wallpaper.

From floral to fairytale, there are tons of wallpaper designs to choose from and we’re here to help you make the right choice.

Floral Spring Theme

flowery wall

It won’t be hard to imagine being in a delightful spring garden with this fantastic design. The pink and purple hues work hand-in-hand to complete this pretty floral space.

Aside from a comfy bed with fluffy pillows, there is an arched bedroom niche on the side wall as a cheeky storage space.

You can also mount a few white shelves on the wall or even pin up your daughter’s favorite quote to personalize the area.

Large Flowers And Butterflies

colorful rose wallpaperINSTAGRAM @gingermonkey_

Now, take the two things that liven up any garden and enlarge them! This white bedroom proudly displays a print with big flowers and butterflies up on the wall.

The design adds so much vivid detail to the plain space so it won’t just be bare and basic.

To make sure the wall isn’t out of place, extend the colors to the bed and desk area for a more cohesive interior.

Warm Floral Wallpaper And Wooden Bunk Bed

sunflower wallpaperINSTAGRAM @homewithjoanie

This room combines a spooky theme with a rustic charm. The wallpaper uses warm hues of peaches, pinks, and oranges that lean into the autumn vibe and has a dedicated corner for Halloween trinkets.

It’s a beautiful room for two adorable girls to rest in and get into the seasonal spirit.

You can always switch up the theme, holiday, or season by swapping the stuffed toys and decor. Make it a bonding experience by having your girls help you decorate!

Ocean-Inspired Walls And Space-Saving Bunk Bed

wooden bunk bed on a half wall panel wallaperINSTAGRAM @banish_the_beige_

Check out this creative space for bright, young, little mermaids! It contains clam-lined panels, sea-filled wallpaper, and an awesome wooden bunk bed with stairs and a slide.

This design helps you turn the bedroom into a playpen by adding a slide to the bunk bed. 

Maximize the bunk bed design by having the stairs serve as storage as well. You can keep so many things in there if they were drawers, and it’ll be easier to maintain the room’s neatness.

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Vibrant Kid’s Room With Simple Bunk Bed

lower half wall panel wallpaperINSTAGRAM @minnieandmeinteriors

In this bright floral room, every detail is added to create a space that is both lively and inviting. It has delightful ornaments, woven accents, and a spacious bunk bed to accommodate two kids.

 You can easily recreate these designs in your next arts and crafts session with your little ones!

Consider adding bins to put their toys in so they can play on the woven rug and tidy the toys away quickly afterward.

Dainty Pink Attic Loft Bedroom

attic loft bed with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @kranehome

This dainty pink room inspires creativity and comfort. Notice how the loft and study space exude a youthful elegance.

Below the loft, there is a sleek desk and comfortable chair. Shelves also line the walls, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I love how every inch of this room is space-optimized! It’ll prove to be a productive and organized area.

Floral Bedrooms With Bunk Beds

bunk bed on wall with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @briahammelinteriors

Step into this bedroom adorned with stunning blossom wallpaper behind a massive minimalist bunk bed. The details of the flowers add such a feminine quality to the space.

Whether used as a focal point or as a subtle backdrop, the wallpaper brings a sense of beauty and tranquility to the bedroom.

The design makes for an incredibly delicate and feminine room to let your girls feel at ease. They can also grow with the design well into their tween years.

bunk bed with wallapper

This inventive approach utilizes vertical space by featuring a specially crafted wooden bunk bed with an attached ladder. Beneath it lies another cozy wooden bed designed in a minimalist fashion.

To make the area functional, there is also a Nordic table and chair set for drawing, writing, and schoolwork.

I suggest installing some lights under the elevated bed to make the table area brighter and more productive place.

Rustic Kid’s Bedroom With Canopy

half panel wallpaperINSTAGRAM @kidsinteriors_com

This cozy little corner is filled with charming furniture and decor to complete an endearing space for any baby girl.

To make sure there are no distractions during bedtime, there is also a lovely canopy above the bed.

I love how they kept a couple of woven containers under the bed to save up on space. It’s a great idea that you can reuse in the other bedrooms of your home, even with other types of storage boxes.

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flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @minnieandmeinteriors

Here’s a serene and elegant white girl’s bedroom adorned with delicate floral wallpaper and a sheer white canopy. Behind it is a beautiful watercolor flower wallpaper.

The wallpaper features soft pastel hues for a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. It’s perfect for little ladies.

You can make canopy designs more interactive by placing mobiles inside them. Just make sure they match the theme of the room!

flowery blue background wallpaper

Now, here’s a whimsically chic girl’s bedroom containing floral wallpaper and another canopy.

This time, the design uses lively and bright colors to embrace the youthfulness of the motif. 

The room can definitely use more quirky decor, perhaps some flower-shaped pillows or a few stuffed animals. I also recommend putting in a small bedroom niche above the bed so there’s a place to display a couple of beloved items.

Abstract Polka Dot Design

colorful dots wallpaperINSTAGRAM @morganrolontzarchitecture

Here’s another playful art concept design. The wallpaper consists of multicolored polka dots for a fun and creative aesthetic.

The bed takes the idea of fun patterns and tones it down with a pastel pink color scheme. Keeping the rest of the interior white also helps with balancing the design.

I’d recommend getting a white dresser or other furniture that can double as storage when you want to revamp the area.

Dainty Daybed With Storage

roses and leaves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @seansymington

Check out this elegant and delicate reading nook you can reinvent as a recreational space for a young lady.

The pale pink and dainty wallpaper design make this a feminine but youthful area. 

The spacious storage below the daybed helps keep this area neat. You can store all of their books, toys, and other things here instead of messily keeping them out on display.

Fairytale Kingdom Design And Bed With Drawers

mural wallpaper

Step into a fairytale kingdom with wallpaper that transforms this little girl’s room into a magical space. Pressed up against the accent wall is also a minimalist kid’s bed with three spacious drawers beneath it.

It’s common for young girls to fantasize about being a princess, so you can play into their fantasies by making it feel like they’re in a fairytale setting.

Add fairy lights to decorate this room! In the night, you can get an enchanting atmosphere.

Butterfly Room With Platform Bed And Storage

butterflies and flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @photowall_sweden

If you want to stray away from cartoon-inspired wallpaper, then this endearing and realistic butterfly design might be the one for you.

The design could pique a real interest in butterflies and nature in your daughter. Otherwise, the aesthetics are still an exceptional choice for a little girl’s room. 

The bedframe also has a creative design. It’s also a practical option with several built-in drawers.

Hot Air Balloon Design

hot air balloon wallpaper

Going back to young cartoon designs, this wallpaper takes being up in the air quite literally. Multiple hot air balloon illustrations grace this accent wall for an airy aesthetic.

It’s not just the hot air balloons in the sky that make this spacious room, there is also ample storage with shelves, drawers, and a nightstand.

You can continue the idea of sorting your girl’s things in woven baskets for organization and to complement the aesthetic.

Butterfly Prints And White Drawer

butterflies wallpaper

Here’s a refreshing butterfly wallpaper for this simple and charming room. The soft touches of color blend into the white interior seamlessly.

The nightstand is also a drawer with multiple compartments to keep many things neatly inside.

The flowers are a magnificent addition to the theme. Don’t be afraid to have a couple more in the room for a livelier feel.

Forest Background And Daybed With Storage

bed nook with bookshelves with wallpaper

Hop into a chic daybed accented with adorable red details, boasting platform storage drawers, and shelves on the sides for added functionality.

The vibrant red accents add a touch of flair to the contemporary design. The wallpaper also distributes the color scheme and creates an accent space.

Doesn’t it just look like such a comfy space to read and relax in? I’m sure your little girl will love this recreational area.

Pastel Pink And Blue Rooms With Platform Beds

tree wallpaper

Pastels make the perfect color scheme for kid’s rooms. Here is one example of how you can use a pink and blue motif to design a girl’s room.

Notice how the headboard uses vertical lines on its paneling and how it adds visual length. The horizontal lines on the blinds also balance out the space.

In compact rooms, it’s best to utilize the platforms as storage to keep them neat and avoid putting in too many structures.

clouds wallpaper

Here’s another example with a much livelier and more vibrant design. With not just an artistic wall, but wonderful decor on the shelves.

As the design is already full of life, I recommend keeping the bed, drawer, and shelves really simple and lowkey to let the colors shine.

What would make this design even cooler is putting LED strips on the shelves or lining the walls to incorporate awesome lighting.

dusty rose bedroom with wallpaper

We’re dialing it back down with this soft and delicate pastel interior with kid-sized Nordic furniture.

This is a beautifully balanced space with a dreamy pink wall design sandwiched between a baby blue bed and built-in shelves.

I suggest getting a Nordic lantern-style light fixture for this bedroom to complete the theme and evoke an inviting atmosphere when it gets dark.

Abstract Bohemian Mural

huge sunflower wallpaper

Wallpaper designs usually depict small and repetitive patterns. If you want to make a wall the focus of the room, you’re better off with a majestic mural like this one.

The best thing is that there are so many designs and images that you can choose from.

Also, when you do go for a mural, you can keep the rest of the interior simple which saves you time and money.

Space-Optimizing Bright Pink Bedroom

sloped ceiling with red wallpaperINSTAGRAM @laraclarke_interiors

Nothing screams girlhood like a magnificently pink bedroom. Aside from the pretty scheme, this room also features a few notable design hacks.

First, a fluffy daybed for a reading nook with two large drawers underneath for storage. Next, the slanted space is not put to waste with a built-in compartment as well.

The green accents and frills add so much texture and personality to the space! It’s such a lovely and comfy room to grow up in.

Rustic Vintage Girl’s Room

half panel wallpaperINSTAGRAM @olirenza

Take a look at this wonderful retro bedroom featuring cozy shades of brown, a dainty floral wallpaper, and even a little cooking area.

This room has all your little girl will need: a play area, a shelf for books, sufficient storage, and a comfy wooden bed.

It’s a good idea to have hanging storage so you can have more floor space. Otherwise, antique wooden furniture is also another great way to keep your child’s items while going with the aesthetic.

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colorful flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @deuxpetitesprincesses

Now, if you were to add some color to a classic vintage design, you’d end up with a room like this: colorful floral wallpaper, an old-fashioned metal frame bed, and retro chests for storage.

This vintage design is not just visually appealing but it’s also incredibly cozy and such an endearing place to rest in.

While storing the chests under the bed is a great way to save space, it might be tricky to access items regularly.

Elegant Polka Dotted Wall And Sofa Bed

round design wallpaperINSTAGRAM @decor_for_kids

This is a lavish and trendy chic room with a large suede sofa bed for extra glamor. The muted pinkish-purple interior is a mix of different textures and styles.

Polka dots are a common pattern but ones with glitter are definitely a striking and unique choice. Aside from the shimmer, they also add to the many textures of this room.

Even the blankets and pillows have variations of texture that establish an upgraded and fabulous aesthetic in this girl’s room.

Rustic Bedroom With a Novelty Bed

bed with canopy on corner wall with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @notopa

In this cozy and inviting girl’s room, a whimsical novelty bed takes center stage, adding charm and personality to the space.

The walls are adorned in warm shades of light brown, creating a soothing and earthy backdrop that envelopes the room in a sense of comfort and tranquility.

As you step into this girl’s room, you’re greeted by a sense of coziness and charm that feels like a warm embrace.

Pink Room With Yellow Locker

minimalist cats and bunnies wallpaperINSTAGRAM @hibou_home

A pink and yellow color scheme can work if you use the right amounts of both colors. Here, the dominantly pink and white space is only accentuated with vibrant yellow accents.

Having a yellow locker gives a nice pop of color to the already quirky room.

The white wall with simple animal illustrations and the rest of the decor also add an immense amount of character to the space.

Simple Attic Bedroom

Swan wallpaperINSTAGRAM @projectnursery

Lastly, we have a cozy and charming girl’s bedroom tucked beneath a slanted ceiling. If you’re having trouble reinventing an attic room or a space in your house with an angled ceiling, this design could help.

Beside the bed, a small table provides a convenient spot for books, toys, and other items.

Even the bed is adorned with decorated blankets and linens. The frills add a quirky character to the room as well as dimension.

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