31 Wallpaper Ideas For Little Boys’ Rooms

It’s crucial to create a nurturing and pleasing environment for our little boys to play, learn, and rest in. A simple and easy way to decorate their rooms to achieve this is through inspired wallpaper designs.

So, we’ve gathered 31 outstanding wallpaper designs for a little boy’s room to help you get a headstart.

Space Themed Walls

outer space wallpaper

Make your boy’s room feel like an intergalactic adventure with a stimulating space design.

All of the stars, planets, and rocketships are such a fun sight to retreat into at the end of their day. The design also makes them excited to go to bed.

I love how the wallpaper design is also the backdrop on the shelves–it helps integrate the storage into the aesthetic nicely.

Mountain Trail Scene

pine trees wallpaper

Perhaps your son is a nature lover and enjoys trekking in the outdoors. Well, you can bring the quest home with this trail scene.

It’s a bright and calming design to help make your kid feel at ease in his bedroom.

If you ever need more storage beside the vibrant shelf, you can maximize the space underneath the bed. Get containers and organizers to make sure the items are neatly sorted below.

Hot Air Balloon Design

air balloon wallpaper

Let your son’s imagination go up, up, and away with this fantastic hot-air balloon aesthetic. The room is filled with light colors to evoke an airy and spacious vibe to go with the skies.

The relaxing illustrations create a comfy little nook for children to read and lounge in. 

The design goes splendidly with daybeds and reading nooks. You can use it to highlight other areas of your home where your child spends a lot of time in.

glowing clouds wallpaperINSTAGRAM @noondesignlb

Now this beautiful bedroom with hues of blue and green can accommodate a growing boy and a baby. You can also see a serene view of the sky, mountains, and a nice hot air balloon.

It’s such a beautiful room to have kids of different ages grow up in. It even has fancy embellishments that give this space a personal and stylish touch.

It would be best to get a bed and crib with built-in storage in their structures to have a place to keep your children’s stuff in.

Jurassic Accent Wall

mountains wallpaper

Check out these stunning graphics. It turns this boy’s bedroom into an exhilarating space with dinosaurs roaming around in nature.

Your boy is going to love having such a cool wall in his space! He can boast about having dinosaurs in room to all of his friends.

The shelves are also cleverly placed to the side to not cover the marvelous wallpaper by the bed.

dinosaur wallpaper and bed sheetsINSTAGRAM @gingermonkey_

For the younger man, a more cartoonish design might be a better fit. It’s a simple wall with quieter colors and straightforward illustrations.

You can also have their pillows, linens, and toys follow the theme of the room for a cohesive aesthetic. 

I suggest adding an elegant light fixture, maybe one with a woven design to liven up this room.

dinosaurs wallpaperINSTAGRAM @wallcandywallpaper

This design brings you back to the Jurassic Age with intricately illustrated dinosaurs and a lovely white and green color motif.

It’s a comfy little space that is perfect for when your toddler is transitioning into a little boy.

There are tons of ways to customize this area. I recommend getting more plushies, some mounted shelves to display pictures and decorations, and a night light.

Sailing Ships Design

boats wallpaper

This modern bedroom contains several notable features. First, a platform bed with pullout storage. Then, an extension of that with a wooden ledge and shelves, and lastly an endearing sailor’s design.

The design allows your child to have a big and comfy bed in a spacious, clutter-free area – thanks to the abundance of storage. 

Putting blue blankets with adorable sailboats on them would really complement this bedroom and establish a stronger theme all throughout.

Muted Abstract Wall

mural wallpaper

For a subtle and versatile design, go for a light abstract wall with dashes of calming colors.

The design is a safe choice, especially for a room you might repurpose in the future. It’s so easy to change and reinvent this space for when your child’s preferences shift. 

The abstract design gives you the freedom to decorate and personalize the room as you please. Hang up cute artwork and display adorable ornaments to add more character to it.

Abstract Geometric Design

V's and triangle wallpaper

Or you can take a sharper and sleeker route with an angular geometric design as seen here.

It gives a mature nuance to your little man’s room and makes it appear sleek and smart.

Add charm to the space with your child’s favorite items. For storage, you can go for a built-in option that goes into the wall or mount a few shelves for easier installation.

half wall paneling wallpaperINSTAGRAM @henriq.arq

Another approach you can consider is an endearing abstract design that leans more toward a cute vibe.

It’s not just the wallpaper that decorates this space, there are also wall panels to elevate this interior even more.

Isn’t the design just so precious? It’s such a soothing layout for a baby boy. I love how the furniture matches the wall panels for a seamless look!

Simple Sky Wallpaper

clouds wallpaper

While we’re looking at peaceful designs, we might as well check out this dreamy light blue sky design.

It’s simplicity at its finest! Just a cloud outline, tranquil colors, and an overall ethereal ambiance for this bedroom.

Daybeds with storage underneath them are a great space-optimizing trick. You can even match the drawers to the rest of the storage design.

Little Traveler’s Room With White Shelves

playful ocean wallpaper-

It’s time for an adventure with this amazing bedroom layout. On one end of the wall is a travel-themed wallpaper, and right beside are bookshelves full of engaging journey-filled books.

The design even takes into consideration how your boy might need a nightstand to keep a nightlight or a glass of water by the bed.

You can also drape a few decorative vines on the shelves just to add natural elements to the room.

Ceiling Wallpaper For Two Twin Beds

wall and ceiling wallpaper

It’s not just the walls that are covered in wallpaper in this bedroom but the ceiling too!

Creating a pleasant and cozy bedroom for two boys is quite challenging. However, this layout seems to do the job well with two twin beds so they have their own place to rest and a vibrant red storage compartment for their items.

Why not extend the design onto the floors as well? Add a comfy circular rug in the middle for softer flooring.

Blue And White Stripes

vertical stripes wallpaper

Here’s a classic blue-striped design for your little gentleman. It’s the quintessential aesthetic for boys with a manly blue shade and a timeless pattern.

To complement the space, there’s a towering wooden shelf to keep his toys and it even has a quirky design of its own with a roof up top. 

I suggest putting a small wooden table by the window to give him a place to read, write, and draw. Otherwise, a shelf for their books or a container for their other toys will also fill the area nicely.

Jungle Room With Tent Bed

cabinet with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @grafico_walls

Bring the camping right on home with this tent bed design. If the shape of the bed isn’t enough to make your son feel like he’s on an excursion, then the jungle prints might help him immerse a bit more.

Instead of accentuating the walls, this wallpaper wraps around the wardrobe for a more dynamic outcome.

I recommend getting storage for the foot of the bed and placing a few stuffed toys to make the animals come to life in this design.

jungle inspired wallpaper and bed coverINSTAGRAM @hideandsleep_interiors

On the other hand, this bedroom design takes us back in time to when dinosaurs were the ones roaming the jungles.

It’s such an easy and practical way to establish and extend a theme throughout the bedroom by using patterned linens.

The large realistic leafy design on the wall makes the room adaptable to almost any natural theme. So, you can create a more youthful or mature look depending on what you place in this interior.

Black And White Design With Bunk Bed

minimalist back and white wallpaperINSTAGRAM @urbanwalls

One way to implement style into a black-and-white color scheme is through edgy patterns.

The light wooden bunk bed with white bedding blends into the interior and makes sure to not disrupt the magnificent monochromatic aesthetic.

The adaptable design of the wallpaper can suit different age groups and genders.

Yellow Gingham Design With Loft Bed

checkered wallpaperINSTAGRAM @minnieandmeinteriors

Another design you can consider is this charming and quirky yellow gingham room.

This wallpaper is a breath of fresh air. It uses a fun color with a classic pattern to create a timeless room for your young ones.

A loft bed smartly separates the sleeping space from a recreational one. Your booming boy can read and play on the floor and happily climb up to bed when he’s tired.

Walls With Wavy Patterns

waves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @laurscardina

This calming interior for two kids brings you back to the seaside with a majestic wave-patterned wall.

It’s reminiscent of Japanese art style, which your child might develop a taste for. If you want a bit more warmth, you can sneak in a bright yellow sun into the design either on the wallpaper or through an ornament.

The LED strips make this an interesting design. Change the color of the lights to evoke different moods.

Scandinavian bedroom with ocean waves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @home4dreams

In this version, the waves emphasize the spacious floor bed and the overall design establishes a surfer vibe.

The cheeky “no wake zone” sign is a nice comedic touch for this space. It only reinforces that your child should get deep and meaningful rest while in their bedroom.

Feel free to post any other quotes or phrases on their bedroom wall. It’ll be an endearing way of putting your own touch to their room.

ocean waves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @gingermonkey_

Let’s take a break from the playful designs for a minute. Here is a more mature and elegant ocean-themed room for an older boy.

This design is perfect for boys developing into young gentlemen. You can easily carry it over into their tween and teen years.

It’s a low-maintenance layout that provides ample space and tremendous comfort for your dashing young man.

Blue Bedroom With Niches And Mapped Wallpaper

playful world map wallpaperINSTAGRAM @circu_magical_furniture

Awaken the explorer within your beloved boy by giving them an engaging map wall in a room with a rich blue motif.

The bed is framed by an arched niche, while the niche to the side stylishly stores books and other items. Both features contain awesome backlighting to highlight their contents.

It would be a fun and interactive idea to get stickers (that are easily removable) to have your child stick onto the wall for countries they learn about or want to visit.

Tropical Sanctuary

jungle wallpaperINSTAGRAM @laraclarke_interiors

This bedroom has a refreshing and fun ambiance with a lively tropical design.

The pink and green tones pair excellently together and the spirited patterns make sure there’s balance and it isn’t an overly-feminine design. 

Although the bed consumes the length of the room, there are still two niches above the headboard so you can keep a few books and toys in here.

Cute Animal Illustrations

hanging animals wallpaperINSTAGRAM @littlehandswallpaper

Let’s now look at a quirky playroom design. Isn’t it just adorable to see your baby boy accompanied by some sleepy animal companions?

The amusing animal print complements the space and makes the playroom a tranquil area. 

It’s a good idea to extend the furry friends into a 3D space by putting stuffed toys and the like around the playroom. You also won’t have to worry about their mess because you have multiple storage compartments and bins to toss them in after playing.

animals wallpaperINSTAGRAM @timberleainteriors

This bedroom uses a similar concept with friendly cartoon animals scattered on the walls.

The fun and colorful design provides extra comfort with fluffy toys, blankets, and carpets.

I find that installing shelves to keep your kid’s favorite toys and decor beside their bed would work great. It’s also darling to think that these furry friends would be watching over your boy’s prized possessions.

Animals Galore Around A House Novelty Bed

monkeys wallpaperINSTAGRAM @westofmain

We obviously can’t get enough of these fun animal designs. Here’s another one showcasing all kinds of tree-swinging creatures.

That’s not even the best part! The kid’s novelty bed comes in a creative house design that truly sets it apart.

Animal Circus

circus wallpaperINSTAGRAM @annet_weelink_design

What could be more entertaining than an animal circus? Spark curiosity in your child with this amazing design.

The layout looks like it came straight out of a storybook, making your son feel like one of the characters he would always read about!

Wooden furniture and woven accents would really complement this impeccable design and add function to this room.

Cacti Paradise

cacti wallpaperINSTAGRAM @crateandkids

Your mini cowboy might find this design interesting. The bright room contains remnants of the Wild West with a great cactus wallpaper and a sun-patterned carpet.

For fun, you can add more cactus-shaped pillows. But to enhance the aesthetic even more, place a few houseplants so they have real greenery and fresh air in their space.

As for additional storage, a big mighty treasure chest would look amazing at the foot of the bed.

Rustic Goose-Themed Room

ducks wallpaperINSTAGRAM @cozy_space_home

How about this silly goose design for your little goose? The dainty room evokes such a warm and homey feel that can make your baby boy feel safe.

The cozy little corner is surrounded by funny geese and several wooden features for storage and recreation. 

I adore how the wooden structures are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a smart way to incorporate storage in such a small corner like this one without compromising on style.

Soccer Wall

soccer ball wallpaperINSTAGRAM @trade_women

We’re ending things off on a sporty note with this fun soccer ball wall. It’s an energetic design for boys who are growing up and growing together.

There are tons of sporty designs to choose from and you can get one that your boys particularly love, maybe basketball, baseball, or football!

Optimize this bunk bed by placing a storage area at the end of the bunk bed. Hanging storage would be the more affordable option but you can also build a sturdy wooden structure to keep their books and toys in.

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