Decorating Small Bedrooms: 16 Ideas That Look Really Good

Embarking on the journey of decorating small bedrooms? You’re in the right place!

As someone who’s faced the challenge firsthand, I know the struggle of making every inch count. Let’s explore 16 clever ideas to transform your compact room into a stylish haven.

Small Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling and Hanging Light Fixture

sloped ceiling bedroom with basket covered lightingINSTAGRAM @_angelshome

First up is a small, cozy bedroom with a rustic style. The hanging light bulbs and the woven basket light fixture are standout decor elements that add a unique touch to the room.

I love how the wall art creates a focal point and how the textured rug enhances the cozy feel. The under-bed storage is also a smart space-saving idea!

I’ve found that a touch of greenery, like the tall plant, can really liven up a small space.

Tiny Room with Tropical Wall Mural and Built-in Shelves

tiny bedroom with shelves

Now, here’s a tiny, tropical-themed bedroom that optimizes space with built-in shelves. The main elements are the vibrant wall mural and the green wainscoting.

I love how the mural creates an inviting, outdoor feel, and how the built-in shelves, painted in a soothing green, provide ample storage without taking up floor space.

Overall, I think using bold patterns and colors, like in this room, can really enhance a small space.

Space-Optimized Trundle Bed with Built-In Storage and Curtains

compact storage bed with curtainsINSTAGRAM @laraclarke_interiors

This showcases a small, stylish bedroom with a space-optimized trundle bed. The built-in storage and curtains contribute to the room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The curtains add a nice touch of elegance and privacy and the green tassels certainly liven up the room.

Also, I love how the pink wallpaper and matching cabinets create a harmonious color scheme. I’m totally impressed by the efficient use of space and the charming pink decor in this room!

Tiny Room Featuring Canopy Bed and Wall Art

tiny bedroom with canopy bedINSTAGRAM @jadeholyk

In this tiny bedroom, the canopy bed and the wall art caught my eye.

I love how the wall art adds depth to the room. The canopy bed, on the other hand, adds a touch of elegance. I’m definitely a fan of how these elements work together to create a peaceful ambiance!

Lastly, I appreciate the clever use of space with the wall-mounted shelf. I would also suggest pairing this style with soft lighting for more cozy vibes.

Small Bedroom with White Aesthetics, Wall Art, Hanging Lights, and Plants

white bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @el_armario_de_vanessa

Now, here’s a small bedroom that exudes a minimalist charm. I’m totally impressed by the strategic placement of green plants which breathe life into the space!

The white color scheme and mirror in this room work wonders in creating an illusion of more space. Moreover, the Matisse wall art and hanging lights add an artistic touch.

If you want a natural and fresh vibe for your room, you should definitely go for this!

Tiny Room with Decorative Fireplace and Floating Shelves

yellow bedroom with floating shelvesINSTAGRAM @shelley_cottage

Up next is a small bedroom that exudes a warm, homey vibe.

The floating shelves are practical solutions for space optimization. Notice how the picture frames and vases add a personal touch to it as well.

I’m particularly drawn to the decorative fireplace with the tassel garland because it adds a unique charm to the room.

However, I’ve found that keeping decor to a minimum prevents a small room from looking cluttered.

Small Bedroom with Under-Bed Storage and Greenery

green bed with storageINSTAGRAM @madelineharperphoto

Here is another nature-inspired bedroom. The main elements include a centrally placed bed with under-bed storage and a shelf on the headboard.

I love how the hanging greenery adds a fresh touch to the room and how the hanging light fixtures make it look elegant.

I would recommend adding floating shelves on the side, though, for additional storage. This way, the space will not be wasted.

Small Bedroom Under a Sloped Ceiling with Palm Leaves Wallpaper and Bedside Bookshelves

sloped ceiling bedroom with palm tree leaves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @schumacher1889

Here’s a small bedroom under a sloped ceiling, giving a tropical vibe with its palm leaves wallpaper. It definitely brings a sense of freshness to the room!

I love how the bedside bookshelf optimizes the space without compromising style. Also, the vase and the lamp add a personal touch to the room.

Lastly, note how the white linens and comforter complement the wallpaper.

Small Bedroom with Gallery Wall

sloped bedroom with gallery wallINSTAGRAM @mosebacke

Next, we have a tiny and unique bedroom.

I’m particularly drawn to the gallery wall above the bed, filled with diverse framed artworks. It’s a great way to showcase personal style in a limited space!

I think such displays can truly bring life to a room. I would recommend opting for bedding in a solid color, though, to balance out the vibrant art display.

Tiny Space Optimized with Platform Bed and Leafy Wall Mural

Narrow bedroom with leaves wallpaper and pendant lightINSTAGRAM @smallbedrooms

Next on the list is a tiny, modern bedroom optimized with a platform bed. I love how the tropical theme breathes life into the small space.

The gray walls and light-colored wooden floor create a neutral backdrop, allowing the bed and mural to stand out. The dark curtains on the window provide a nice contrast.

Lastly, the bedside shelf, though small, is a clever space-saving solution!

Small Bedroom with Detailed Floral Wall Mural

wide window bedroom with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @liisivali

This showcases a small, elegantly styled bedroom. The small bedroom is transformed into a work of art with a detailed floral mural. It certainly adds depth and interest to the room, making it feel larger than it actually is.

I love how the white bedding and modern lamp provide a nice contrast to the colorful mural. I personally wouldn’t recommend overloading the room with additional decor, though, as the mural is a statement piece on its own.

Colorful Compact Bedroom with Creative Wall Designs

colorful wall bedroomINSTAGRAM @mycolourfulinterior

Here we see a small bedroom bursting with color and personality. The green walls and patterned quilt are the stars of the show. I love how these elements work together to create a lively and inviting space.

Also, I love how the hanging plants and decorative items on the shelf above the bed add freshness and personal touch.

I would suggest changing to a green nightstand, though, instead of pink, for a more cohesive look.

Small Bedroom with Floral Ceiling and Wall Art

sloped ceiling with wallpaper

Now here’s a small, cozy bedroom with a distinct floral ceiling.

I love how the landscape artwork adds a tranquil ambiance and how the copper-colored lamp adds character to the room. Not to mention, the lamp is a great addition for focused lighting! Notice how the bedside table is also cleverly used for book storage.

I think adding a decorative clock on the blank wall can enhance the room’s aesthetic while filling the space.

Small Bedroom with Wall-Mounted Shelves and Hooks

wooden shelf with hooksINSTAGRAM @shelley_cottage

This showcases a small, chic bedroom with a distinct style. The main elements are the wall-mounted shelves and hooks that optimize space. I think the overhead storage is a smart solution for small bedrooms!

The wall-mounted shelves are styled with various decorative items, including books, a vase, and framed artwork.

Totally love how these personal touches add character to the space!

Explore other creative DIY bookshelves that you can easily make yourself.

Small Bedroom with Vertical Stripes and Shelves

vertical black and white stripes bedroom wallINSTAGRAM @stor_xwhiterocktricities

Up next is a small bedroom transformed into a stylish space with vertical stripes and shelves. The black and white bedding adds a modern touch, also complementing the walls.

I think the use of vertical stripes is a clever way to enhance the perception of space.

However, I would recommend adding a touch of greenery to breathe life into this room.

Orange Bedroom with Autumn-Inspired Decors and Wall Art

orange wall bedroomINSTAGRAM @bohofrisco

Last is a bedroom with a striking orange color scheme. The room features a cozy bed with a multi-colored quilt and a floral garland draped above.

I appreciate the personal touch added by the wall-mounted memorabilia.

Overall, I love the cozy, autumnal feel, but this may look like a Halloween-themed room for some. I suggest balancing this with some lighter elements to make the room feel more open and less seasonal.

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