29 Small Black & White Bathrooms That Look Amazing

Black and white color schemes have long been favored for their timeless appeal and versatility, and these bathrooms take full advantage of their classic charm.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist decor or prefer bold patterns and textures, there’s something for everyone in this curated collection.

Bathrooms with Subway Tile Designs

white bathroom with black counter sink and floorINSTAGRAM @davidmillscustomhomes

I love the simplicity and clean look of this black and white bathroom. The pristine white walls and cabinetry contrast beautifully with the black floors, countertop, and fixtures.

The focal point of this bathroom is undoubtedly the subway tile design within the glass shower enclosure.

Its clean lines and timeless appeal make it a perfect fit for any decor style, whether modern or traditional.

black bathroom with white bathroom accessoriesINSTAGRAM @smallbathroomdesign

If you’re looking for something a lot more striking, this bathroom creates drama with bold black subway tiles adorning every wall.

Paired with crisp white accents, this monochromatic palette offers a sleek and stylish vibe that’s sure to impress.

Add touches of greenery to bring life and freshness to the space. Potted plants or fresh flowers soften the stark contrast of black and white while adding a natural element.

black and white shower roomINSTAGRAM @dreamlineshower

Now, here’s an eye-catching shower enclosure! The smooth grid pattern glass design adds a chic look that effortlessly complements the modern geometric floor tiles.

The white subway tile design on the walls brings in that classic touch, while the two shower niches with their geometric tile designs add an extra layer of style.

To keep up that modern feel, go for sleek fixtures and fittings in finishes like matte black or chrome.

shower room with black frame and white wallINSTAGRAM @nest_twenty_eight

This cozy yet trendy black and white bathroom blends bold contrasts and fun details to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Like the other examples, there’s a sleek glass shower enclosure decked out with subway tiles, giving the space a classic touch. This one also carries the tile design over to the sink area for a seamless look.

But what really gives this bathroom its charm is the quirky bathmat – sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference!

white bathroom with black mirror, sink and plantsINSTAGRAM @trending_bathroom

Meanwhile, the toilet area of this bathroom is sporting the trendy subway tile design.

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the floating toilet. It’s not just a space-saver; it gives the whole place a fresh feel too.

Also, check out the wooden shelf above it – it’s got some slick black decor accents that bring storage and style together effortlessly.

And that mix of wood and black? It adds loads of warmth and depth to the monochromatic palette.

black grid shower frame and white vanityINSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

If you love industrial interiors, look at this corner shower enclosure with its industrial grid pattern and slick dual center-sliding doors.

Inside, the subway tile design keeps things looking sleek and contemporary.

The color scheme of this bathroom keeps things classic yet up-to-date, and the mix of different floor tile patterns gives the room some depth and character.

You can add in some metallic accents in finishes like brushed nickel or matte black. They’ll bring out that industrial edge.

white bathroom with black shower frame and wall mounted cabinetINSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

In this bathroom, one thing you can’t miss is the eye-catching contrast between the crisp white subway tiles and the black shower panel.

Talk about making a statement!

Also, check out that wooden vanity and sink combo. It’s adding a cozy touch to the whole space.

And those vintage-looking faucets? They’re the cherry on top, bringing a bit of old-school charm to the mix.

When it comes to lighting, go for sconces or pendant lights to complement those faucets.

tiny black and white bathroom with wooden vanityINSTAGRAM @domekwojslandii

Here, you also can’t miss the classic subway tile design but one thing you’ll also notice is the matte black radiator towel rack.

Talk about fancy and functional!

There also wood accents scattered around, adding a touch of warmth and charm.

Don’t forget to add some softness with textiles. Think plush towels and bath mats in soft, neutral tones to balance out the black and white.

And hey, a splash of color with some fresh flowers or greenery wouldn’t hurt.

black and white shower room and floorINSTAGRAM @dreamlineshower

Those searching to fancy up their bathroom will love this shower enclosure, featuring a sleek satin black grid pattern and those oh-so-chic French-inspired doors.

Check out those floor tiles too – they’re not your run-of-the-mill tiles; they’re decked out in a stunningly elegant pattern that’s just gorgeous.

To wrap it all up, why not sprinkle in a few luxurious decor pieces? Vintage perfume bottles or ornate mirrors will add a dash of romance and whimsy to your bathroom.

white bathroom with wooden vanity with sink

This modern bathroom’s also got the timeless subway tile look on the walls, but it’s the modern features that really take this space to the next level.

I love that frameless mirror – sleek, chic, and making the room feel even bigger and cooler.

And those black accents? They’re the real MVPs here.

From the drawer handles to the shower fixtures and sink, they add a pop of bold contrast against the white tiles and wooden vanity.

minimalist black and white bathroom

In this bathroom, opposites attract to create a space that’s both striking and stylish.

One side is decked out in crisp white subway tiles, while the other rocks sleek black subway tiles.

You can also jazz things up with a mosaic of black and white dotted tiles arranged in an octagonal pattern. It’s fun and adds a whole lot of personality to the space.

Have fun with accents by bringing in pops of color with towels, rugs, or artwork!

white bathroom with black cabinet and window

If you have a small bathroom, you can still pack your space with personality and design choices that make it feel bigger.

Like in the photo above, having your sink right next to a window is a clever idea. Not only does the window let in loads of natural light, but it also opens up your bathroom to the outside world, making it appear more airy.

Also, I highly suggest adding wall-mounted shelves and floating cabinets to keep clutter at bay.

Bathrooms with Herringbone Tile Designs

mosaic tiled bathroom with black and white floorINSTAGRAM @home.twelve

This bathroom has some seriously cool design elements.

For instance, the wall is decked out in a trendy herringbone pattern that makes the space feel lively and dynamic.

Meanwhile, the black and white tiles with triangle patterns on the floor really tie the whole room together.

Also, check out those recessed wall shelves with black frames. The frames contrast beautifully with the white tiles, adding depth and visual interest to the space.

what mosaic tiled bathroom with black cabinetINSTAGRAM @_home_atno5

Here’s another bathroom with a cool herringbone pattern on the walls. This time, it provides a backdrop for the tub area.

To add a touch of drama and sophistication, the tub is outfitted with a sleek black showerhead and a matching black shower panel that covers half of the tub.

Consider introducing a few decorative elements such as candles or decorative trays to add texture and visual interest to the space.

Bathrooms with Square Tile Designs

alternating black and white tilesINSTAGRAM @cletile

I’m in love with this shower area featuring a cool black and white checkerboard pattern. It gives off both modern and retro visuals!

I also adore the gleaming gold details – from the hooks to the showerhead and even the glass door’s handles.

Keep things sleek and minimal to let those checkerboard tiles shine. So, think about adding a few subtle touches that play off those gold accents, like a shower caddy in a matching hue.

black window with white floor and windowINSTAGRAM @_the_black_house_

Despite its small size, this bathroom is bursting with stylish flair. For instance, the black walls play off against luxurious white marble floors.

The sink area, decked-out with small black square tiles, is both trendy and practical. These tiles not only define the space but also add a touch of depth and texture to the overall vibe.

And let’s not overlook that circular mirror hanging on the wall! It injects a dash of fun into the room.

Vertical Tile Designs

Narrow black bathroom with bathtubINSTAGRAM @amystormandco

See those stunning vertical black tiles lining the walls?

They’re like a bold statement piece that gives the space its edgy charm.

And let’s not forget the shiny chrome accents sprinkled throughout, from the showerhead to those slick shelves tucked away in the shower niche.

Think about adding some fancy bath products and accessories. Scented candles, bath salts, and maybe even a fancy body scrub or two – all displayed in beautiful containers or trays for that Instagram-worthy look.

white bathroom with black counterINSTAGRAM @madeleinedesigngroup

When you look at this bathroom, you’ll see how seamlessly black and white blend in.

The cabinetry and walls rock that pristine white, making the space feel open and airy.

Meanwhile, while pops of black, like the countertop, shower fixtures, accent tiles, and that black-framed mirror and art print, add just the right amount of flair and sophistication.

I suggest adding a dimmer switch or some LED strip lights to create that relaxing spa-like vibe.

Bare White Walls

white bathroom with black furnitureINSTAGRAM @stringerconstructiondesign

In this bathroom, less is definitely more!

I’m loving how the white walls serve as a backdrop for the black cabinetry with tons of storage.

You’ll also notice the little details that tie everything together. Black and white towels neatly hung, adding a touch of contrast against the white walls. And underfoot, a chic black and white rug adds a cozy vibe.

You can add a chic pendant light or some stylish wall sconces to set the mood just right.

narrow black cabinet with wooden countertop

This bathroom was also designed with simplicity in mind.

Like the previous example, the bare white walls serve as a clean backdrop, allowing the bold black accents to steal the spotlight.

Standout features include the sleek black floating counter, topped with warm wooden countertops, and the eye-catching patterned rug.

Don’t forget to add personal touches! Decorative accessories, artwork, and fresh flowers can infuse the space with your unique style and personality, making it truly yours.

black bathtub and cabinet in a white bathroom

This minimalist bathroom also features a striking blend of black and white, with clean white walls and windows providing the perfect backdrop for bold black fixtures.

At the heart of the room sits a sleek black tub, a luxurious focal point that adds a touch of drama to the space.

Styling this space is all about balance. A touch of greenery can soften the space and add a pop of color without overwhelming the minimalist design.

Hexagon Tile

white bathroom accessories and black mirror and shower frameINSTAGRAM @buildingmybestlinlife

This bathroom may be small, but it packs a punch with its thoughtful design and charming details.

Aside from the hexagonal tile design, what truly catches your eye is the playful lettering above the toilet area. This witty addition adds a touch of humor and personality to the space, making it feel uniquely yours.

For compact spaces like these, it’s best to install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to maximize vertical space.

Mixed-Up Monochrome

horizontal black and white bathroom tilingINSTAGRAM @willsdesignassociates

Right off the bat, you can’t miss the eye-catching blend of geometric patterns in the shower area.

It’s all about the mix here! Vertical tiles on one side create this cool illusion of depth, while the other walls rock classic black and white squares.

With these bold tiles stealing the show, it’s all about finding the perfect balance with your decor choices.

To soften things up a bit, bring in some natural elements like potted plants or wooden accents.

Narrow bathroom with black and white wallpaper

This powder room features a classic subway tile backsplash hugging the walls and a mesmerizing geometric tile design gracing one of the upper walls.

The floating vanity sink topped with a chic circular mirror is also a match made in design heaven.

Like in the photo, it’s best to add a touch of greenery or a cute little wooden shelf to infuse warmth and also keep the space feeling cozy and inviting for your family and guests.

Concrete Effect Tiles

black bathroom sink

Concrete effect tiles are incredibly versatile and can complement a variety of design styles, from industrial to Scandinavian to minimalist.

They can be paired with different colors and materials to create various looks, allowing for flexibility in design choices.

In the bathroom above, the tiles seamlessly blend with the dark gray countertop and the black accents.

You can set the mood with LED strip lights or recessed fixtures to highlight the unique features of the room.

black bathroom with wooden wall and sink counter

As seen in the photo above, concrete effect tiles can create a beautiful contrast when paired with lighter elements in the bathroom, such as white fixtures or natural wood accents.

The edgy urban feel of the black tiles pairs perfectly with the natural charm of the wood, creating a space that’s as inviting as it is stylish.

Each wooden piece adds its own unique texture and character to the room, softening the industrial vibe of the tiles.

Black Square Wall Tiles

minimalist bathroom with white vanity

Do you have a narrow bathroom?

You can add drama and depth to it with an accent wall made of black square tiles.

Against the striking backdrop, balance things out with sleek dark gray flooring and pristine white counters. That wide mirror also helps in bouncing light around and making the space feel even more expansive.

To amp up the ambiance, play around with soft lighting like wall sconces casting a warm glow or delicate pendant lights.

white toilet bowl in a black bathroom

This whole bathroom is a symphony of black!

I love the elegance of black square tiles covering the walls, giving off a vibe that’s bold and dramatic.

Everything from the black recessed shelf to the sink bowl also screams luxury and charm.

If you’d like to soften the intensity of the black tiles and fixtures, mix in some texture and contrast. Plush white towels, bath mats, and accessories will create a lovely visual contrast against the black backdrop.

Bare Black Walls

black bathroom

Last on our list is a bathroom with an all-encompassing black palette.

This monochromatic approach creates a sense of unity and simplicity, making the space feel sleek and uncluttered.

But amidst the darkness, there are a few subtle touches of warmth and texture – specifically, the wicker stool and rug.

Their natural texture and warm tones bring a touch of organic beauty to the space, softening the overall aesthetic and adding a sense of coziness.

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