20 Dusty Rose Kitchen Designs (Small Spaces)

Dusty rose is a soft and muted shade of pink that exudes a timeless elegance. There are a ton of kitchen designs you can try with this palette!

We’ve gathered 20 beautiful ideas to help you achieve a beautiful dusty rose kitchen.

Dusty Rose Cabinetry

floor to ceiling cabinetsINSTAGRAM @andshufl

With storage space making up most of your kitchen, having them all in one solid color is a great way to set a theme.

The design keeps the interior simple with minimal embellishments. This will help in maintaining a productive and efficient workspace.

Make sure you keep your cleaning tools nearby in one of the compartments in case your fur baby turns up and makes a mess!

Bright Skylight

Wall mounted shelves

Ensuring ample brightness in kitchens is essential, and natural light accomplishes this effortlessly.

Highlight the sophistication of a Nordic kitchen by featuring a grand skylight overhead.

I love how the skylight is directly over the island, arguably the most used space in the kitchen.

In case you spend a lot of time here at night too, I recommend getting a light fixture for this area like a kitchen pendant lamp.

Tiled Backsplash

under cabinet shelf

This chic kitchen exudes an adorable vibe with cutely sized tiles surrounding the backsplash.

It’s a practical material that is easy to clean, especially when things get too messy and greasy. You just have to wipe it down and you’re done!

Green accents really complement this aesthetic. I suggest incorporating more plants and decor to further enhance this space.

dusty rose cabinets and shelves

Now, here’s a lovely pastel pink kitchen! It follows a standard layout with a matching pink island in the middle.

The soft pink tiled backsplash ties everything together, creating a smooth and unified look throughout the space.

Adding some extra decorations could really spruce up this place. Since it’s quite plain and uniform, you have the freedom to get creative with the decor.

minimalist cabinets and shelves

You can opt for tiles that imitate bricks, as seen in this kitchen, for a more urban vibe. In this design, the tiles are white, while the storage units sport a light pink hue.

The use of light colors helps make this kitchen look bigger and feel more airy.

However, it doesn’t completely lack contrast with stark black knobs on the storage.

I find that ornaments with earth tones would improve the aesthetic significantly.

Minimalist Pink Interior

floating shelves on the corner

If you want to keep a subtle and sophisticated kitchen, consider a minimalist design. In this setup, clean lines and concealed handles on the storage units contribute to achieving that seamless aesthetic.

The design also allows you to display your favorite dinnerware with mounted shelves. The rest of your kitchen items can be sorted and arranged inside the cabinets.

In my experience, wicker decorations would blend into this aesthetic nicely if you ever wanted to add more elements.

wooden kitchen shelves

As seen in this small pink kitchen, you can still achieve a minimalist look in a cozier way. The interiors are bright and inviting, making it a fantastic place to cook in.

This design incorporates a wooden shelf which adds a bit more life to the interior. It even uses pink pieces to match the color scheme of the kitchen.

Lighting strips under the cupboards would make the countertop look great once they’re lit.

White Windows

tiny kitchen with pink and green tiles

A soft pink hue can naturally brighten up your kitchen, but adding a classic large window will brighten it up even more.

This pink space with a vibrant green backsplash has a modern vibe and is perfect for an apartment setting.

I suggest placing succulents on the ledge, just to distribute the greenery throughout. A vivid carpet would also help balance the colors more.

minimalist kitchen with round top window

This romantic kitchen glows from two natural light sources: a magnificent arched window and a wide skylight.

The design brings a gentle touch to your kitchen, a quality not often found in such spaces.

If you want to adjust the amount of light coming in, I recommend getting sheer curtains to keep things delicate.

I also suggest adding more flowers – they’ll make this kitchen look even more incredible.

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Pink And Blue Motif

wooden floating shelves

Experiment with multiple colors by incorporating a pink and blue theme.

This combination infuses your kitchen with a youthful and airy vibe, offering a refreshing culinary experience.

There are two long wooden shelves that occupy the length of the room to store your glassware and prop up a few embellishments.

Even the tiled floors are in an adorable pink hue, executing the sandwich technique with colors!

Dusty Rose Scheme With An Industrial Touch

dusty rose kitchen cabinets

Dusty rose interiors usually come across as soft and delicate. So, if you want to balance that out, implementing elements from industrial designs can help with that.

This refined kitchen uses a modern design but borrows from the industrial aesthetic with the exposed brick backsplash. 

I suggest getting backlights for your counter space to make this space even more elegant!

Recessed Lighting

under ceiling cabinets with glass doors

On the subject of lighting, here’s another unique way you can brighten up your counters: recessed lights.

Recessed lighting keeps the light source well-hidden, offering a discreet appearance but a neat shine!

If you want to use them to set a mood, get ones with warm light.

This design, once lit, makes your counters look so cool. They also prevent any mess from getting on the bulbs, keeping them clean and shining brightly.

Achieve a well-lit and stylish kitchen with these kitchen lighting solutions.

Space-Optimized Pantry Storage

compact pantryINSTAGRAM @styling_by_suus

Let’s move over to one of the most beloved parts of our kitchen: the pantry! This organized space neatly keeps your supplies easily accessible and sorted accordingly.

Glass containers are aesthetically pleasing and quite versatile. You can use them to virtually store anything!

You can also stick labels on them to identify the contents quickly.

Another excellent aspect of this area is the presence of drawers and shelves, offering additional storage options for your belongings.

L-shaped floating shelvesINSTAGRAM @goodhousekeepinguk

This enclosed pink pantry opens up to reveal a multi-shelved space with a fun lemon-patterned floor.

This space utilizes the built-in shelves and sorts your supplies efficiently with different containers.

Not only that, but there’s even more room to keep plates, cups, bowls, and other kitchen items.

In my experience, most spacious compartments benefit from using organizers and other containers that help maximize the area. Don’t be afraid to maximize the floor space too!

Get some inspiration from my article on floor ideas for small kitchens.

compact kitchen with shelves and cupboardsINSTAGRAM @wanderinginteriors

In this charming pink section of the kitchen, you’ve got storage covered from all angles. Whether it’s crates, shelves, displays, or a spacious cabinet, there’s a spot for everything you need!

Your wines and liquors can sit nicely on the glass display. The rest of your kitchen essentials can be stored in the cupboard, crates, and shelves.

This design is perfect for busy kitchens, especially if you’re in the food business or just love preparing feasts for your loved ones.

Built-In Chiller And Beverage Display

kitchen minibarINSTAGRAM @athomewithphia

This kitchen has a designated spot just for drinks! Complete with a built-in wine cooler and a mini-bar setup, it’s your one-stop-shop for all things beverage-related.

You can swap out the chiller for a mini fridge if that’s more your style.

You can also transform this area into a family-friendly zone by swapping out the drinks for whatever your family prefers.

Either way, you get a cool little nook in your kitchen that is specialized for keeping drinks.

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Cupboard With Floral Backdrop

countertop cupboardINSTAGRAM @devolkitchens

This countertop has a pleasant surprise behind one of its cupboards. The glass doors open up to a beautifully painted floral backdrop that pops out of the pink design.

This design adds a classic touch to your regular storage units – even making them look like like vintage pieces. 

Your most prized dinnerware would look amazing against this gorgeous backdrop.

Even when you close the doors, the glass will make sure the design is always visible.

Dusty Rose Shelves And Storage

minimalist kitchen with curtainsINSTAGRAM @tarn_london

This rustic pink kitchen hosts a warm and welcoming design. The openness of the storage compartments gives this place an inviting and homey feel.

If you already have open shelves on your counter, you’d only need to install a curtain rod and get thin curtains to replicate this design.

I adore the quirky trinkets that they used to decorate this space. A design like this is ideal for showing your character, so don’t hold back on decorating!

Ribbed Designs enclosed fridge and pantryINSTAGRAM @handwerkcabinetmakers

Turn your kitchen into a chic spot with luxurious ribbed designs. This pink space uses a storage room with a lovely ribbed exterior.

What’s great about this design is that it can stand as a decorative element while being functional.

I suggest draping more plants to enhance the space even more.

Golden accents will also go well with this aesthetic!

minimalist L-shaped kitchen

Here’s another way to incorporate ribbed designs into your dusty rose kitchen. The preppy pink room has a quirky tiled floor but a more organized arrangement above the counters.

You can achieve a whole new aesthetic just with the addition of a midcentury piece. In this example, it’s a circular wooden ribbed table.

See how it livens up the space and makes it more stylish?

Being thoughtful with your furniture can make a significant change to your kitchen interior.

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