11 Small Feng Shui Bathroom For Peaceful Sleep

Did you know that you can significantly improve your sleep by transforming your bathroom with feng shui inspiration?

Fortunately, you don’t have to search far and wide for ways to improve your bathroom. We’ve collected 11 designs that can help you achieve peaceful sleep.

Dusty Pink Bathroom

pink bathroom with wooden vanityINSTAGRAM @extraspace

Let’s start with this soothing, feminine space. A chic and modern bathroom with a dusty rose scheme balances its soft colors with angular designs.

It’s easy to feel safe and relaxed in this gentle aesthetic.

Additionally, the wooden storage prevents a messy counter which can make you feel stressed and disorganized.

Tiny White Bathroom With Slanted Skylight

white bathroom with skylight windowINSTAGRAM @designtruffle

This tiny white bathroom expands its space with a vast skylight above the toilet. The brightness from the window keeps this area refreshing and airy.

You can embellish such a small design with gold accents and mounted shelves to make room for storage and any decor.

I find that a solid-colored floor would add contrast and define this space better. The patterned tiles distract from the aesthetic a bit.

sloped bathroom with skylight window and wooden vanityINSTAGRAM @smallbathroomdesign

Here’s another version of a skylight in a slightly larger white bathroom. See how it beautifully illuminates the space?

Also, take note of the mirror placement. These help distribute light and make small rooms appear bright and spacious.

The simplicity and color tones of this bathroom create a sense of calm and Zen relaxation.

sloped ceiling bathroom with wooden floor and wallINSTAGRAM @my_boho_interior

This a romantic bathroom has a charming skylight on the slanted ceiling as well. Its wooden interiors and flowers make this an earthy and adorable space.

The design ensures that there’s a balance between its soft romantic features with hints of industrial accents. 

The layout and style can make you feel well-loved for more enjoyable baths and, of course, more thorough rest afterward.

Minimalist Bathroom Interior with Wooden Accents

white and wood bathroomINSTAGRAM @prolightingcom

Not looking to be too adventurous with your bathroom feng shui? No problem! You can also opt for a simple minimalist design like this one.

It uses a clean color scheme and an easy-on-the-eyes layout. It incorporates life with the wooden wall and plants, light with the large window, and peacefulness with the white motif.

You want to make sure that this is a clutter-free area. So, I recommend that you invest in drawer dividers and organizers to keep the vanity unity neat and tidy.

See here for genius under-the-sink storage ideas.

gray and white bathroomINSTAGRAM @abiinteriors_uk

In another version, this little bathing corner also sticks to a minimalist design with a space-optimizing feature: a built-in shower niche.

Not only can you enjoy a rejuvenating bath here, but you also get to take in the lovely view from your window. 

You can use the stool to keep your things nearby like a book or a glass of wine—or you can also get a handy bath tray so you won’t have to move around too much.

Sleek Modern Design With Backlights

marble tiles bathroom with backlit mirrorINSTAGRAM @1pointplumbingandheating

Even modern homes can implement feng shui in their interior.

Great lighting is crucial for bathrooms, but when your space restricts you from using natural light, turn to technology.

Here, all of the lighting is creatively placed behind the structures to give them a glow. As a result, you get an ethereal touch to this modern space.

The floating drawers that the basin rests on are a fantastic addition to this small bathroom as it gives an increased sense of floor space.

Corner Shower Room

tiny bathroom with wooden floorINSTAGRAM @smallbathroomdesign

Here, we have a bird’s eye view to give you a good look at the layout of this compact bathroom. It efficiently sections off the corner for a shower area and places a toilet and bathtub on both ends.

This bathroom is filled with smart space-saving hacks. It has a ledge above the toilet, shelves on the corner of the shower room, and storage under the sink.

Don’t let the limited space restrict you from personalizing your bathroom. Add a quirky rug or decorations that show off your personality.

I love that creating a feng shei bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Smart design choices can go a long way in creating a calming bathroom, even in small spaces.

Wooden Interior

wood accent bathroom and mirror with built-in lightsINSTAGRAM @sginteriorkj

Natural elements play a pivotal role in the feng shui of a room–especially wood. So, this bathroom goes to town with its stylish wooden design to establish a warm and cozy space.

Make sure you get treated wood that can withstand humidity and moisture to prevent this interior from accumulating mold and rotting.

Simple Black And White Industrial Design

white bathroom with an arch mirrorINSTAGRAM @home_bycourt

Maybe you’re considering an industrial look but don’t want the aesthetic to be too harsh. This design gives you the perfect balance with a gentle industrial aesthetic.

It uses an elegant black-and-white color scheme that is impossible to mess up. Plus, industrial design elements such as the light fixtures, the framed mirror, and the shelves.

Remember you don’t have to go completely oriental or far from a modern design to optimize the feng shui in your bathroom.

Green Tiled Bathtub

green bathroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @lostandfoundinteriors

We end our list with this magnificently green bathroom. It gives the room a calming, tropical vibe by just using a green and white color scheme.

Extending the tiles to cover the bathtub is a great way to spread out the design and create a cohesive space.

It encourages harmony and induces a relaxing state for those who want to chill in a bath before bed.

Get inspired more beautiful bathroom tile designs that can transform your bathroom into a visual treat.

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