16 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Small Homes

Our kitchens, arguably the busiest areas of our homes, deserve a decorative touch don’t you think?

Of course, we don’t want it to be all design and no function. Tiled backsplashes are the perfect way to keep cooking spaces clean and a relatively simple way of upgrading your kitchen without breaking the bank.

With that, here are 16 beautiful kitchen backsplash designs to inspire your kitchen.

Mustard Checkered Kitchen With Mini Fridge

kitchen with pendant lights and alternating color backsplashINSTAGRAM @cementocollection

Check out this tiny bedside kitchen with a quirky mustard backsplash in a studio apartment. The design complements the rest of the cool interior.

Checkers have a timeless design that you can alter to get either a youthful or traditional look. They define the kitchen counter magnificently and jampack so much character into such a small space.

It’s also great to have a mini fridge within reach. You can also swap it out for a wine rack or cooler if you’d like.

Gray Backsplash With Wooden Countertops

marble gray backsplashINSTAGRAM @homedexor

Here is a neutral kitchen with wooden and metal elements. An industrial design can help make your interiors look intentional and stylish despite all the intensity.

A gray backsplash is a versatile choice that can balance the contrast in a neutral area. Without it, the black accents could appear stark and out of place against the white and wooden material.

You can easily detect stains on a gray surface, so this backsplash can help you maintain a spotless kitchen.

Patterned Large-Tile Backsplash

tiny kitchen with cement tiles backspaceINSTAGRAM @elfinkitchens

This small L-shaped kitchen would be such a dull place without the patterned backsplash.

I love the overhead open-shelving, perfect for storing pots, pans or even pantry items.

kitchen with backspash and corner shelvesINSTAGRAM @bensonhomes

Here’s another little kitchen corner and it’s accentuated by a classic blue star backsplash.

I love the deep midnight blue with gold and wooden accents.

It would be a waste to have such a pretty pattern covered up by clutter. So, try getting organizers for your cupboards and drawers so you can arrange your items neatly and keep the counter mess-free.

Hexagonal Tiles

unfinished tiling design backsplashINSTAGRAM @truformtiny

This is a small rustic kitchen with a subtle yet stylish backsplash design. While it still uses the tiles for a backsplash, their shape makes it more eye-catching than usual.

If you want a unique tile design but you aren’t into patterns or a mix of colors, then go for geometric tiles in an a-symmetric pattern.

Look at that chopping board that fits neatly into the kitchen sink! What a space-saving win!

blue mosaic backsplashINSTAGRAM @californiatinyhouse

This white wooden kitchen has a vibrant pop of color with a deep blue hexagonal tile backsplash.

Geometric tiles also help designate your kitchen area and make it stand out against the rest of your interior.

Remember that you can get tiles in either a glossy or matte finish. Choose whichever will fit your kitchen aesthetic more. Also, if you’re choosing matte ones, make sure they’re not easily stained.

Semicircular Tiles

scale backsplashINSTAGRAM @jubincantik

Does this tile design remind you of anything? Perhaps something fresh and tropical? The scallop style is meant to do just that!

It wouldn’t hurt to establish a theme in your kitchen and you can do it effortlessly with this design. 

Tiling the wall behind and above your kitchen sink not only adds character to your kitchen, its also very useful at preventing water and damp from seeping into your kitchen cabinets or walls.

White Minimalist Kitchen

white kitchen with white backsplashINSTAGRAM @kaek.interiors

Or maybe you’re looking for a simple and stripped-down approach? This all-white minimalist kitchen with a white subway-tiled backsplash makes for a dreamy environment to cook in.

It can be quite intimidating to go for an immaculate design in one of the messiest areas of your home. However, as long as you use an easy-to-clean material, you have nothing to worry about!

White Backsplash With A Marble Countertop

L shaped kitchen with white backsplashINSTAGRAM @desaindapurkekinian

This is a white kitchen design for those who want different textures in their little corner kitchen. You still get an all-white aesthetic but with variations.

The backsplash comes in small square tiles and as the color scheme trickles down to the cabinets, the marble pattern separates itself from the tiled design.

I love how although this is such a compact kitchen, it provides a ton of storage space for all your kitchen items and supplies.

Industrial Brick Wall

brick wall kitchen with wooden counter and backsplashINSTAGRAM @dwra.lazaridou

Industrial designs are really popular nowadays, but they’re not often the first choice for a small kitchen. This design with a majestic brick wall proves that you can make any aesthetic work in a limited space.

It’s a charming feature that boosts the aesthetic of your kitchen and is a pretty sturdy material to have in your home. 

You can add more houseplants in this area just to soften up the design and make it gentler for your home.

Midcentury Kitchen Design

wooden kitchen with marble backsplashINSTAGRAM @ruma_kai

In a modern midcentury space, one of the best designs for a kitchen backsplash would be marble, as seen here.

The marbled style makes the countertop and backsplash the most elegant feature of this room. It complements the cozy wooden design and adds a modern touch.

I suggest putting light strips under the cupboards to highlight the backsplash and countertop even more and to make sure you have a well-lit preparation area.

Dusty Blue Kitchens

rectangular tiles backsplashINSTAGRAM @fireclaytile

This small lovely blue kitchen has such a peaceful vibe with a soothing tiled backsplash.

In an area that is usually hectic, it’s nice to have a calming interior. The blue tiles also fit well with the warm floor and the design choices for this kitchen just make sense. 

I adore how serene and homey this kitchen is–perfect for cozying up small homes. I find that adding flowers and houseplants can help make this a more romantic and aesthetically pleasing place.

brick design backsplashINSTAGRAM @carrot_haus

Now, here’s a compact cool gray kitchen that implements hints of dusty blue on its brick-styled backsplash.

The design gives your kitchen counters a subdued aesthetic and continues the cohesive look. It also subtly defines the backsplash area while not breaking up the gray motif too much.

I think its a brilliant idea to have top cabinets stretch all the way to the ceiling, this creates a sense of hight and offers more storage space.

Colorful Morrocan Tiles

colorful kitchen and backsplashINSTAGRAM @happynestinthetropics

Let your kitchen reflect your fun and adventurous side! This gorgeous color-filled kitchen has a lively morrocan tiled backsplash and contains tons of other joyful designs.

The patterns and colors of Moroccan tiles can enhance any room they’re in. Regardless of whether they’re surrounded by vibrant decorations or a plain neutral interior, the loud design strives to be the statement piece.

They’re a cheap and easy way to incorporate color and style to liven and brighten up any interior.

Pink Tiled Backsplash

pink rectangular backsplashINSTAGRAM @thehousewiththepinkbed

This chic contemporary kitchen has a sophisticated color combination and a classy, youthful pink tile backsplash.

The navy blue storage and pink backsplash pair so well together. Plus, the gold accents only accentuate this lavish space.

Using wooden containers and decor can make this a cozier kitchen. I also recommend woven mats and coasters to add to the endearing aesthetic.

Mint Green Kitchen With Yellow Backsplash

green kitchen with yellow backsplashINSTAGRAM @02astudio

Lastly, we have a sleek and sharp mint-green kitchen with a popping yellow tiled backsplash.

It’s great to have a visual pick-me-up while you’re busy in the kitchen. The complementary colors simultaneously make you feel at ease and energize you while you’re here.

Play around with different color schemes until you find a combination that suits your preference and enjoy your vibrant kitchen!

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