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So now I have defined the rules of my personal 100 things challenge. I have some issues, I need to take into account. Like the fact that I live with my wife, and also share half of our space with our tenant. This means that I cannot rip everything out of the kitchen for instance.

Our closet containing most of our clothes - and some stuff that goes to get down to 100 things
Our Closet containing (almost) all of our clothes – and some stuff that goes, to get down to 100 things

Our closet now contains both mine and my wife’s clothes. We have sold our other closet because now our clothes fit in one closet. It even stores my red speakers from the 70ยดs – which I have a hard time deciding whether to keep or let go ๐Ÿ™‚

My 100 things challenge rules

  1. All socks and boxers count as 2 items in total (1 pair of each)
  2. My kitchen stuff counts for 5 items.
  3. Food and supplies that can be refilled (e.g. toothpaste, lens solution) doesn’t count.
  4. I store some clothes under the bed (instead of throwing it out) until it can replace some worn-out items.
  5. Everything else counts as one item

I have promised my wife to count my socks as one piece of clothing, and the same goes for my boxers. Otherwise, I don’t think I will make a very good partner ๐Ÿ™‚

It would be kinda gross to try and live with only 2-3 pairs of boxers, and I am not a fan of washing clothes more than I absolutely have to.

As I share the kitchen space with my wife, it would feel like cheating to just decide that she owns everything in the kitchen. Instead, I have decided to make kitchen stuff count as 5 items.

That way I will simply have to aim for a total of 95 items instead of 100 – not counting kitchenware. And I think it’s kinda obvious that you cannot count in food and supplies.

Pillows from bandshirts
Pillows from bandshirts Some old band shirts I couldn’t let go, now serve as personalized pillows

I have a LOT of t-shirts and shirts, as I have played music for many years, and have collected a lot of band-shirts and hoodies over the years. Some of them had to go, as I have outgrown them. Maria has turned 3 of the sentimental ones, into pillows, so I can keep them around.
The rest (10-15 t-shirts) I have decided to stock under our bed, instead of just throwing them out. This way I don’t have to buy new clothes whenever some of my shirts get worn out, a good way to save money.

Working on my list of things – to get it down to 100 items.

So these are my 100 things challenge rules. I hope they will inspire you. I am currently working on my list of the 100 things, I plan to keep.

See my list of 100 things here => 100 things challenge list

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