Family of 4 In 700 sq.ft. Apartment, Copenhagen (🎥 Video Tour)

About a month ago we went to Copenhagen, to meet Morten and Mie, and check out their amazing mini apartment space.

It is nicely located in the heart of Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the solutions they have come up with, in order to fit in everything in 700 sq. ft.

They have rebuilt this amazing apartment with a little help from a local carpenter, and we really got inspired from the house tour, and hope you will too.

We did a video about the space to be able to share it with guys, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Let’s start with the facts:

Size:        700 sq. ft. (65 Square meters)
People:  2 adults and 2 kids
Rooms: 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom

Here’s the video we filmed at their mini apartment

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The family lived outside Copenhagen for a while, and soon realized they belonged back in the city. So they decided to relocate back to Copenhagen.

They sold lots of stuff on a local site like eBay, and after this downsizing process, they started building their dream apartment space.

They wanted to live in the center of the city, and Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities to live in (same rent level as Tokyo) so living in a small space seemed like a good idea.

Floor plan of the apartment

Here is a floor plan of the apartment:


Walk-in closet BELOW the bed

The coolest feature of the apartment is the master bedroom. It’s super tiny, but they have managed to fit a walk-in closet below the bed, a solution we have never seen before.

Here’s a picture from the bedroom:


This is below the bed:

Mie is smaller than Morten, and the bed is positioned so she can stand up below it.

This way she can use the space in the morning when she needs to put on some make-up or skip through the clothes to find what she needs. A very cool detail.

Mie even has a tiny shelf of perfumes and a few cosmetics, and you really don’t feel claustrophobic at all, even though it’s a tiny space.

Here you can see her standing inside the walking closet (below the bed) and sorting through some clothes.


In the morning, you crawl down from the bed, and sit comfortably on the bench below the bed, and sort through your clothes.

Besides the hangers below the bed, they also each has a closet of clothes, and as Morten says:

If we have more clothes than can fit in here, we need to do something about it.

Bespoke bed solutions for the kids

They have two girls, and they each have their own room. The rooms are 105 sq ft (10 square meters), and they are somewhat similar.

They have a tall bed with desk space underneath, with s nice space to play and do homework.

They already figured, that one of the girls will get taller than the other one, so the beds are not the same heights. A cool detail, that will allow the girls to use the rooms more efficiently in the future.

The tall beds are bolted into the walls, in order to avoid taking up space for the legs.

This is one of the tips they got from the carpenter, who helped them find creative solutions to save space and utilize the rooms as well as possible in this nice mini apartment.


The girls both have sleeping sofas that can fold out, so they can have friends sleeping over, and the little sofa table holds storage as well.

You can see more creative solutions for putting a bed in a tiny space in our post with ideas for studio apartments.

Combining rooms to create more space for parties

The girl’s room which is connected to the living room has a large door, so it can open up and be added to the main living room space.

This is a great way to create more space for parties, family gatherings etc.


Windows inside the house for a cozy atmosphere and daylight

One other feature we really liked was how they have used windows inside the apartment.

This adds to a cozy atmosphere, and you feel like you are part of what’s going on, even though you sit inside the office space next to the living room.

It also removes the sense of being trapped inside a small space, as you open up the window and get connected to the rest of the apartment.

The office space is located between the living room and one of the girl’s room. It has plenty of desk space for work and hobby projects.

The office and the girl’s room is separated by two large closets and a sliding door, and the space above the closet is accessible from the tall bed.

It is sound proof to the extent that you can play loud music in the girl’s room, without noticing it in the office. Morten even says that the neighbor probably will be more bothered than him (being inside the office).

Here you can see Morten working in the office, while Mie is reading a book inside the living room, which is the main room in the apartment.


We hope you got inspired by this amazing mini apartment, and we would like to thank Morten and Mie for opening up their home for us, to come and dig through all the creative space saving ideas they have come up with in there.

We look forward to finding more spaces to share with you!

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