7 Funny Multi-Function Appliances For Tiny Kitchens (FAIL)

Sometimes the design goes wrong.

Sometimes the big companies try to help us save space by creating multi-function appliances that just don’t come out right.

Here are 7 such multi-function appliances.

All of them combine appliances that most of us find useful, but for some reason, things go wrong, and the result is quite funny.

Microwave with toaster


We all love the microwave and the toaster, and most of us have both appliances in our kitchen.

Guess that’s why LG thought: “Why not combine these in one machine” and invented this combined microwave and toaster.

Toaster with radio


Another electronic device that works double duty.

Radio and toaster make a bit more sense than a combined microwave and toaster, but it’s still not something most of us dream about.

3-in-1 breakfast machine


Sometimes double duty just isn’t enough, why not go triple-duty?

Just check out this Japanese 3-in-1 breakfast machine. It’s a coffee machine with a mini oven …and a pan!

Dishwasher with a stove


The 3-in-1 breakfast machine is good, but you need to step things up a bit if you eat more than just breakfast at home.

So what you need is this combination of a dishwasher and a stove!

Super brilliant if you don’t want to survive on coffee, hot bread and fried eggs alone.

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Sink with built-in dishwasher


If your kitchen is small, you might not have room for a dishwasher.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do dishes by hand.

The only problem is that the dishwasher looks rather small and useless, and the price (close to $2,000!) might also make it a no-go.

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Water boiler with built-in email


This water boiler might look normal at first sight, but that’s all part of the plan.

What this water boiler can do is to send emails every time it is used, so you can check if your employees are spending time making tea when they should be working!

Washing machine with toilet


It makes sense to use the waste water from the laundry machine to flush the toilet, but that doesn’t mean you have to combine these two things in one appliance.

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Source: Elsiden.

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