Great Space-Optimized Apartment: Great Ideas From Copenhagen

In this video, we meet Julie who lives with her boyfriend and their young son in a city apartment in Aarhus.

Rather than move to a larger property, outside of the city, they decided to rework their apartment and live in the space here.

At 60 square meters internally, the apartment is not tiny but is small enough that the couple had to get creative with their solutions to their living arrangements.

The Baby’s Room

Originally the couple’s bedroom, they have converted this space into a room for their son. Inside there is his cot-bed, a changing station, and a feeding chair.

There is also plenty of floor space for him to play in and storage for all of his toys and baby essentials too.

The couple has added a dividing wall here too with a sliding door.

Behind this wall is a large walk-in closet which houses the couple’s clothes, some storage space and space for Julie to dress and do her hair and makeup.

The Living Room and Custom Bedroom

In the living space, the couple has chosen to create a custom setup which includes their bed space.

They designed this raised bed area and asked a local carpenter to realize their vision for them. There are large steps leading up to the bed for access and they have integrated some storage into these too.

The bed itself is a good size but is close to the ceiling.

The couple says, however, that this actually makes the space very cozy.

They have also made some wall mounted pockets to use bedside tables to store their water and other nighttime essentials in.

Underneath the raised bed is the sofa seating area, with a good-sized sofa.

There is also more storage integrated here underneath the seats.

Also in the living space is a dining area.

Again, here there is some custom-built furniture. They have had their carpenter create a bench seating area utilizing the lovely bay window space, which creates a lot of space around the table.

There is also more storage underneath these seats.

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen space is relatively new, approximately 5 years old, so is modern compared to a number of other apartments in the city.

This is one of the reasons that the couple decided to stay in this apartment rather than try to find somewhere new.

Off the kitchen, there is a balcony which is a good size for a city apartment also. There is a grill here and a table and chairs to enjoy the warmer weather.

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