Doors Solutions For Tiny Homes (Space Saving)

Having a tiny home and getting enough space requires smarter doors that will give you extra elbow room.

Are you building a brand new home or renovating an existing one this article will provide you with concrete inspiration to include untraditional doors that will leave you with more space.

A lot of “regular” homes are based on inside out or outside indoors, which take up too much room when you have a tiny house.

Sliding pocket doors

By thinking smarter construction into the division of the rooms with an optimized door this will open whole new opportunities for you as a small homeowner. L

et’s look into examples of such doors.

This type of door is perfect if you’re building from new or adding new sustainable walls where you can use an included pocket within the wall.

The door slides into the wall and you don’t have any problems with the space around it.

Bringing farm doors inside

Having barn doors inside the house has been modern for quite some time now.

Combining the modern look with the rural atmosphere looks great and is also rather practical in reference to a barn door which hangs on rollers and slides along the wall leaving more room for you.

Dual fold doors in glass

Glass doors that fold from both sides are also a good solution and you get that kind of french door look, having the option of folding each side of the door in two.

Choose between several colors and styles that compliment your home.

The example above was found at

Classic Japanese sliding doors

Ever seen Japanese movies? Well, the classic door has an authentic Japanese look with the so-called shoji doors that slide along the wall.

Instead of glass, the windows are made from paper.

An excellent space saver.

Overhead garage door

No need for an old garage door? Yes, there is! It’s a door combining living room and garage. Except there’s no car – you live there instead.

It takes up a bit of head space as it slides up and down inside the house, but there’s still room for you to live freely.

Sliding glass door for elegance

The glass looks pure and elegant -, especially in the bathroom. Create a sliding glass door and save space compared to a door that opens inside out.

You can actually make the whole wall out of glass if you prefer – it looks amazing.

Are you looking for a certain type of door that will be suitable for your tiny home, one of the listed types here could be the right solution for you.

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