13 Great Storage Ideas For Little Girls Room

Let’s explore clever storage ideas to maximize space while adding some whimsical functionality to your daughter’s room.

From wall organizers to under-bed storage, discover ways to organize her toys, clothes, books, and other cherished trinkets.

Cozy Bedroom With Space-Optimizing Desk and Shelves

urban and fresh little girls bedroom with wall-mounted storages

This unusually shaped bedroom blends comfort and productivity with a desk and shelves that create a multifunctional haven.

The desk is a dedicated workspace for studying and crafting. Paired with shelves above and nearby, the workspace offers convenient storage for books, decor, and study essentials. The setup maximizes vertical space while maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment.

What caught my eye was the unique shelving unit and bed, which have been carefully placed to maximize space with the low-angled ceiling.

You can also add a storage ottoman to this room to store stuffed toys and other personal belongings.

Bunk Bed With Under-Bed Storage and Stairway Drawers

space saving bedroom for little girls with lots of storage drawers

This bedroom’s retro bunk bed offers cozy sleeping quarters while integrating clever storage solutions into the bed frame.

The under-bed storage units provide ample room to stow away belongings, such as toys, clothes, extra bedding, and books. Meanwhile, the stairway drawers provide additional storage compartments within easy reach.

I love how each bunk has shelves for decor. It’s a great way for girls to showcase their favorite dolls or figurines.

I would also recommend having a board that displays inspirational quotes or reminders. It adds visual interest while keeping little ones motivated.

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Clothing Rail With Hanging Organizers

a hanging closet organizer for toys and clothing

This bedroom has a unique open closet with two rails to neatly store clothes and accessories.

The upper rail has different colored bags to add a pop of personality to the room’s neutral wall color, while the lower one is used to hang ready-to-wear clothes.

The colorful bags maximize storage while allowing for easy access and organization of clothing. 

You can choose to keep clothes not suitable for the current season in the bags and then hang season-appropriate ones on the lower rack for easier access.

Cozy and Compact Under-the-Stairs Bed Nook

normal bed under loft bed with underbed and stair drawers INSTAGRAM @emrarchitecture

This loft-style bunk bed has a lovely reading nook nestled aside the stairs, making it a relaxing haven for young bookworms.

The shelves under the loft bed are perfect for displaying items that add personality to the space. The stairway doubles up as storage boxes to utilize space and offer easy and convenient storage.

I’m in love with the color scheme of this bedroom! The white walls and flooring create a bright and airy atmosphere while the rainbow railing adds visual interest. The soft, plush blanket also makes the space so much more inviting.

That’s why I always recommend leaving an extra fleece blanket on the bed for a dash of warmth and comfort.

Tiny Workspace With Reading Nook

girls bed fitted on window corner with wall-mounted shelves and a playing table space INSTAGRAM @hipcouch

This small workspace offers a delightful corner for study and relaxation. The petite setup combines a compact desk with a snug reading area adorned with soft cushions and shelves.

I love how every inch of this area was optimized for storage. There are shelves and drawers to keep everything within easy reach, and the wall above the desk is also used to display certificates. Anyone would be inspired to study in this space!

I also recommend that for areas like these that combine both productivity and leisure, it’s best to ensure they have windows that offer glimpses of greenery to keep young minds fresh and rejuvenated.

Playroom With Kids’ Bookshelf

doll house shelves in little girls room INSTAGRAM @little.red.robin.boutique

This playroom corner has a bookshelf that stands as a captivating focal piece, housing an assortment of knick-knacks to tickle a child’s fancy.

The shelves are all painted white, creating a clean and modern aesthetic that ties in well with the room’s minimalist theme.

What’s really clever about this shelving unit is that it doubles up as a doll’s house for endless hours of playing!

Tiny Attic Room With Space-Optimizing Wardrobe

little girls room with pink wardrobe on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @laraclarke_interiors

This charming attic room has a wardrobe that makes the most of the room’s vertical space. 

Its smart design leverages the attic’s unique angles to ensure ample storage for clothes, accessories, and personal items. It preserves valuable floor space while offering organized storage solutions.

The shelf at the side also makes use of vertical space to keep the room clutter-free. 

I love how the bed by the window has a curtain for extra privacy and coziness to curl up behind and read a good book. 

Bedroom With Unique Headboard and Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves

girls wardrobe along the wall to maximise storage space INSTAGRAM @bonitacasaexquisiteinteriors

This stylish headboard serves as the focal point as it’s framed by the built-in cupboards. It is not very common that a bed and multiple built-in cupboards can be on the same wall.

I really love how the bed’s headboard has a built-in nightstand with a tucked-in cubby for storage. The lampshade is also perched on the wall to provide soft lighting at night for reading or relaxing. No need for a nightstand that takes up floor space!

Space-Saving Bunk Bed With Multiple Storage Compartments

bunk bed with trudle bed and stairs shelves for little girls room INSTAGRAM @mutlu.home.store

This modern bedroom has a sturdy bunk bed with multiple shelves, drawers, and cubbies. The different compartments offer dedicated areas for bedding, clothes, toys, books, and other personal belongings.

I appreciate how the bed’s thoughtful design maximizes functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Its unique frame is one I don’t see often with bunk beds designed for space and storage efficiency.

See how you can also hang organizers on the bunk bed’s guardrail. The organizers can be used to keep small nighttime essentials.

I also love how this room’s wooden flooring adds warmth to the cool-toned room. Other furniture pieces, such as the cabinet and chest of drawers, also enhance the visual appeal of the room.

Cabinet With Shelving Unit and Baskets

pink storage for clothing and stuff toys in little girls room INSTAGRAM @theburrow.design

This little girl’s room looks neat and organized thanks to this chic cabinet and shelving unit. The cabinet has multiple drawers for storage purposes and the shelves can display an array of items such as books, plants, and stuffed animals.

The baskets on the bottom shelves are perfect for storing shoes, toys, or other odds-and-ends.

Notice how there’s a small table at the side for storing smaller items. It’s also a strategic place for a tiny desk lamp or crafting materials used daily by your daughter.

You can also place more baskets at the top of the cabinet for belongings that aren’t used every day.

Space-Saving Play Corner With Versatile Storage Solutions

little girls room with stair drawers and pegboard INSTAGRAM @fourlittlepigs_kids_interiors

This play corner is a dynamic and organized haven for young girls. The area incorporates versatile storage solutions like cubbies, a adjustable vertical pegboard, and a small cabinet for storing toys and personal belongings.

The staircase drawers that lead to the tiny loft-style nook are also a great touch! I love how cute yet functional the drawers look with dinosaur handles.

The best part about this corner is that it balances functionality with playfulness. For instance, the vertical wall is equipped with hooks to hang bags and shelves to display beloved toys and books. You can also hang photos on the wall to add more personality to the room.

Compact Bedroom With Space-Optimizing Workstation And Shelves

girls tiny bedroom with table drawers as playing area INSTAGRAM @ik4id

This tiny yet mighty bedroom seamlessly blends functionality and style within limited space. You can see how it optimizes every inch with its multifunctional workstation equipped with sleek desks, drawers, and shelves.

My favorite part of this bedroom is definitely the T-shaped desk. I love how there’s a dedicated space for the laptop and another desk for writing and studying. The right-most side of the desk also doubles as a headboard and bedside table. Very clever design!

It’s clear that this room is designed to feel both productive and inviting – making it perfect for girls who know how to balance work, play, and rest.

Bedroom Corner With Locker-Style Storage Cabinets

a locker design cupboard in little girls bedroom INSTAGRAM @houseofedencourt

This bedroom’s locker-style cabinets, reminiscent of athletic locker rooms, offer a stylish and innovative storage solution. It adds a touch of chic yet urban flair to the room.

Built to optimize space, the cabinets feature multiple compartments for organizing a girl’s clothes, accessories, toys and books. I love how the design, with its pastel sleek metal finishes, reflects a modern and playful vibe.

The addition of the potted plants and the wooden basket creates an interesting contrast between organic shapes and geometric lines.

You can also add other interesting elements to this corner, similar to the light fixture shaped like a cloud on the shelf.

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