12 Great Storage Ideas For Small Cupboards

Struggling with limited cupboard space? Fear not! With clever storage ideas, even the smallest cupboards can transform into efficient, well-organized spaces.

Let’s discover cupboard storage solutions that make the most out of every nook and cranny. We’ll explore smart uses of vertical space, hidden compartments, and pull-out organizers that cater to diverse needs.

Kitchen Pantry Cupboard with Organizers and Door Shelves

spice storage cupboard that maximises storage space

This space-optimizing cupboard combines two storage styles, blending the convenience of pull-out drawers with the added functionality of door-mounted shelves.

The cupboard is such a great addition to any kitchen because its pull-out drawers smoothly glide on tracks, allowing easy access to stored items. Meanwhile, the door shelves create additional storage space for spices, condiments, or smaller kitchen tools, optimizing every inch of available space.

In my experience, it’s best to arrange items in the pull-out drawers by category or usage frequency for efficient access. You can also install additional hooks on the exterior of the cupboard to hang kitchen towels or small utensils for added functionality.

cupboard with baskets and a back door shelves

Here’s another cupboard offering a versatile pantry storage solution that maximizes space while providing easy access to a variety of items.

Like in the photo, I also use basket organizers in my cupboard to categorize and store different food items, kitchen supplies, and smaller utensils.

I also store frequently used spices, oils, and small jars on my cupboard’s door shelves for convenient accessibility. No need to reach deep into the cupboard for my paprika or Dijon mustard!

One thing I always do is label my baskets to indicate contents. It just allows me to organize my items better and retrieve them quickly whenever I need them.


A cupboard with drawers for fruits and a back door shelves INSTAGRAM @britishstandardcupboards

Now this double-door pantry unit blends classic aesthetics with modern functionality, offering a refined storage solution with its shelves, drawers, and door racks.

You can find classic cabinets like these all over the world and for good reason – their traditional yet versatile design will fit perfectly in any kitchen. I love how this one in particular has shelves of varying heights, allowing for the storage of items like canned goods, jars, cereals, and taller bottles.

My favorite thing about this pantry is the hidden counter space! You can use this space for food preparation and simply close the doors when your guests arrive.

Back Hall with Floor-To-Ceiling Shoe Cupboard

a narrow cupboard for shoes near entrance door INSTAGRAM @renewable_georgian_build_ni

This back hall offers an expansive and organized storage system designed to accommodate shoes, sandals, and boots. The cupboard, extending from floor to ceiling, is crafted with multiple shelves for systematic organization of footwear.

The best feature of this cupboard is its vertical design, making it an ideal shoe storage solution for tight or compact entryways without compromising on storage capacity.

Its open design also makes it easier to just store and pick out shoes when you’re in a hurry. You can say goodbye to a pile of shoes left on the mat!

You can also add hooks beside the cupboard to hang accessories like umbrellas, bags, or hats.

Dressing Table with Open-Up Mirror

small cupboard for cosmetic products with an open up mirror on the top INSTAGRAM @may_shopify

This dresser is a versatile and sophisticated piece designed to elevate compact bedrooms. Featuring a sleek, open-up mirror, this dressing table seamlessly combines functionality with a stylish design, providing a dedicated area for doing your skincare and makeup.

I suggest pairing this dressing table with an elegant vanity chair or stool that complements the table’s design while offering comfortable seating. You can also hang decorative mirrors, artwork, or wall décor above the dressing table to add visual interest and elevate the space.

Also, I personally love placing scented candles or reed diffusers on my dressing table to add a pleasant aroma and create a relaxing environment when I’m getting ready.

Discreet Cupboard for Cleaning Supplies

a narrow cupboard on corner for storing cleaning tools INSTAGRAM @kortandco

This kitchen has a cupboard that cleverly conceals cleaning supplies such as detergents, mops, brooms, and other household tools. Its discreet design seamlessly integrates into the kitchen space, allowing cleaning essentials to be conveniently stored yet tucked away from plain view.

You can use storage bins, baskets, or containers inside the cupboard to keep smaller cleaning items organized and easily accessible. You can also install a small bulb within the cupboard to help you locate supplies in low-light conditions.

This type of cupboard would also work great in a utility room or laundry space, for convenient access to cleaning supplies.

Arched Wall Cabinet with Tiny Drawers

wall-mounted cupboard with glass doors INSTAGRAM @anthroliving

Here’s a bathroom with a cabinet that’s both functional and visually pleasing. The cabinet, with its arched design, adds a touch of sophistication and creates a focal point in the bathroom while efficiently utilizing vertical wall space.

I love how this cabinet can complement both modern and traditional bathroom styles. It really provides discreet storage of toiletries, towels, cosmetics, and other bathroom necessities.

Aside from toiletries, you can place decorative jars, plants, or scented candles in the cabinet to add visual interest and a relaxing ambiance. You can keep a first aid kit inside those small drawers.

Bathroom Cupboard with Custom Pull-Out Shelves

small cupboard with pull-out shelving unit INSTAGRAM @shelfgenie

This bathroom boasts a cupboard with a pull-out shelf system that adapts to various storage needs. It offers tailored organization for toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials.

A great feature of this cabinet is its versatile design that allows for personalized organization. The shelves accommodate items of different sizes and shapes with ease.

You can place decorative baskets or containers on the shelves to store smaller items like skincare products. I think some indoor plants or faux greenery atop the cupboard will also liven up the space with a touch of freshness and natural beauty.

Are you struggling for inspiration in your small bathroom? Take a look at this article for 10 Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas You Can Steal.

Kitchen Cupboard with Shelf Inserts for Storing Dinnerware

small cupboard for plates and bowls INSTAGRAM @wedeclutteruk

This space-optimizing cupboard features strategically placed shelf inserts, enabling dinner plates, bowls, cups, and other tableware to be stored upright. This organization minimizes clutter and facilitates easy access.

In my experience, having these inserts in my cupboards prevents items from shifting or clattering. They ensure a secure and organized storage solution for my precious dinnerware collection! (It’s also very budget-friendly!).

You can also consider cupboards with glass fronts or doors to showcase dinnerware collections while keeping them protected. This idea is especially great for displaying plates and cups with unique patterns and designs.

Minimalist Kitchen Cupboard with Concealed and Open Shelving

maximizing the use of upper vertical space ofa cupboard INSTAGRAM @ikea

This minimalist kitchen embodies sleek simplicity with a cupboard that blends form and function. The cupboard integrates concealed compartments and open shelves to cater to diverse storage needs while maintaining a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

I love how the concealed compartments offer discreet storage for kitchen essentials, while the open shelves provide a display area for curated decor, cookbooks, or frequently used items like mugs and bowls. It also has under-shelf inserts to store essentials like kitchen towels and wine glasses – very clever!

Notice how there are also storage bins on the shelves to group ingredients and kitchen accessories? That’s to avoid overcrowding and main a clutter-free look.

Corner Cupboard with Swing-Out Organizer

utilizing back doorspace of a cupboard using stainless shelves INSTAGRAM @34_design

Here’s a cupboard that offers a unique and space-efficient storage solution for kitchen essentials. Crafted to make the most of corner spaces, this cupboard’s swing-out organizer system utilizes rotating shelves or baskets that pivot outward, granting unhindered access to stored items.

This efficient mechanism ensures that no space is wasted, providing a convenient solution for storing pots and pans, canned goods, or other kitchen necessities.

I highly recommend arranging items in the swing-out organizer by category or size to optimize space and ease of access.

Cupboard with Clearly Labelled Organization Boxes

small cupboard with labelled boxes INSTAGRAM @whitmore_manor

You can make the most of a small cupboard space with these clearly labeled organization boxes! The boxes simplify the task of keeping essentials in order and locating kitchen items.

From spices and dry goods to cooking oils and coffee, the labeled boxes ensure a streamlined and organized storage system. You no longer need to rummage through your cupboard to find your favorite tea bags or the olive oil you need to cook dinner with.

I suggest maintaining consistency in labeling fonts and styles across all boxes for a uniform and visually appealing look.

For more ideas to spruce up your kitchen, check out my article on ideas to setting up a cozy breakfast nook.

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