Tiny House Furniture: 23 Brilliant Ideas You Can Steal!

We have features lots of cool furniture for small spaces, and in this post, we will try to gather some of the best pieces of furniture for small tiny houses.

The tiny house furniture ideas are always good inspiration for small apartments and cabins.

We have included as many DIY projects as possible because we know tiny house folks love DIY as much as we do.

Let’s go!

Convertible Chair, Bed and Lounge chair in one

This box can be folded out as a comfortable lounge chair, and you can also use it as a guest bed.

It is the perfect piece of modular furniture for tiny houses and small apartments.

Convertible furniture like this is typically not easy to do yourself but this design is as easy to make as it is smart!


When you fold out the bed you also get a small night table for your phone and magazines.

This piece of furniture is perfect for anyone doing interior design in a tiny home on a budget.

The construction is rather simple and most people can pull it off.

Furnishing is always important in a confined space like studio apartments and cabins, and these next pieces of furniture will make your small house a little smarter, as well as save you lots of space, to give you more possibilities with the opportunity to have open space.

If you are looking to optimize your sleeping area you need to check this out. We have gathered all the best bed ideas we have seen here. There are a ton of creative ways to hide or implement your bed into your small space.

Dining Tables For Tiny Houses

We love space saving dining tables. And in a tiny home, you REALLY need to be able to clear the floor space once in a while.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas we have come by.

Simple DIY Wall-Mounted Table

We love DIY ideas. And the simpler, the better.

It’s great when you feel like you can build it yourself without having to call a carpenter or a handy friend. This table is very simple and it’s a solution we have seen in multiple tiny houses we have filmed.

This is a simple and cheap DIY solution that works well almost anywhere in a small space.

Same folding table being in the "down position"

And here the table top is folded up in order to create a standing work station.

It can also be used with a barstool as a sitting area with a laptop in front of you. There’s no extra space for external monitors though.

Small wall-mounted table in a tiny house (up-position)

Here’s another solution with a larger table.

It can also fold down. Why not utilize the vertical wall space 100%?

Here you can sit 3-4 persons and eat on a daily basis. And when the kids want to play on the floor you just flip the let in and the table can drop down.

Big wall-mounted table top

Collapsible Dining Table / Coffee Table

This design is very similar to some extremely expensive designs we have seen from Italy. They are typically impossible to find at a reasonable price but we got lucky!

This one is less than $300 over here at Wayfair!

A REALLY good price for a foldable dining table of this kind!

Slide-Out Table For Dining

This table can be pulled out from under the sleeping area.

It can stay out during the day (and it probably will in most cases). but in a compact space, we have found that you just need to be ABLE to fold the stuff away.

We also keep our homemade Murphy bed down most days but we can get rid of it when we are hosting a party.

We rarely pull out our homemade 10-person console vs. dining table, but when we have to we can. This way we are able to host dinner parties when we need to.

modern interior of RV with slide-out table top

Folding Dining Table (Square & Rectangular)

This next dining table we saw when we did a home tour of the “Skylight” tiny house from Free Range Homes.

They have made a dining table you can store under a kitchen shelving unit.

Here you can see what it looks like when it is folded together as a square to accommodate up to six people for dinner:

dining area inside the house

You can see the full home tour we did below

The table is folded out around 2:24:

You can also take a look at our article with brilliant space-optimization ideas for tiny house kitchens.

Folding dinner table for 2-10 persons

This table is great for small apartment spaces as well as tiny houses.

It will seat 2-10 people. For daily use, it will serve as a dinner table for the family, and when you need to entertain or have a family dinner, you just pull out the table to extend it.


Just today I did a little more research on this table and found it over at Amazon where we found it cheapest.

You can also get it online at Expandfurniture at $1,999.

We love these extendable dinner tables that you can pull out. We actually have one in our own bedroom/ office/living room – which is the same room.

It’s always great fun to pull out the table when we have friends over for dinner.

People get surprised every time when they see how long this tiny console table actually gets.

See this post for more folding dinner tables.

And this post about space saving furniture with modern design.

Fold-Down Table with a Bench

foldable table cabinet INSTAGRAM @livingbiginatinyhouse

This nifty piece of furniture is all about making the most out of every inch, giving you a spot to dine, work, or just chill without cramping your style.

When you’re done, it folds up nice and neat, leaving you with plenty of space.

There’s also a matching fold-down bench! This dynamic duo is the epitome of rustic chic.

You can place some cushions to the bench for added comfort.

Beds And Storage

The sleeping area is often placed at sleeping lofts in tiny houses. But this is not always ideal.

They typically look something like below.

This is Maria sitting on a sleeping loft inside a tiny house we were about to shoot on video for the blog:

Maria sitting on a high sleeping loft in a tiny house

Some people are not able to climb the stairs and others do not like to climb down during the night to go to the toilet. Others have small kids who cannot climb the stairs during the night.

So here are some alternative ideas to the sleeping lofts.

These trundle bed is hidden in a platform

If you have a high ceiling, you can take advantage of it by building a low platform with a built-in trundle bed.

It’s a great way to hide the bed during the day and adding that extra level to part of the house can create a very cozy atmosphere.

This first image is from a tiny apartment space but it can easily be worked into the plans of a tiny home on wheels:


The second idea (above to the left) you have a combination of storage and a sleeping area. The bed is hidden and the stairs up to the reading/relax zone is filled with storage.

You can even build this up with a desk and shelving if you have a high ceiling.

But normally you will have better use of the space by inserting a sleeping loft. But if you have a high ceiling that’s not quite high enough for that you can get that extra space by raising the floor a bit.

Below there’s another idea with plenty of storage.

Most families will be able to hide all the toys and clothes here:

Storage hidden under raised floor

The Murphy beds

The classic way to hide the bed is the Murphy bed.

The Murphy bed is an old invention, and it has been redesigned over and over again.

We especially love these great Italian Wall beds:


These types of beds are found over at Expand Furniture (worldwide shipping).

We have written a separate post about these cool fold-up beds, and also a post about a Wall bed / Couch combo.

DIY Murphy Bed

You can also build your own bespoke solutions to fill out your space completely.

We have built our own Murphy bed with storage behind the bed and lots of storage underneath as well.

This is what it looks like when the bed is down:

The Murphy bed is folded down and you can see the storage cabinets behind the bed
Photo: Mikkel Berg Pedersen

And here the bed is folded up.

We have a low daybed and a small coffee table that fits below the bed:

The Murphy bed is folded up and we have storage and a daybed underneath
Photo: Mikkel Berg Pedersen

We don’t have to move the daybed and the coffee table when the bed is up. Because they are designed a little lower than normal to fit under the bed. (also Maria’s design)

We also did a separate website with building instructions for our own Murphy bed.

Raised Bed

bed with drawers and bookshelves INSTAGRAM @livingbiginatinyhouse

Resting atop a sturdy platform, the raised bed offers a snug haven for relaxation and sleep.

Those drawers underneath provide easy access to essentials, from clothing and bedding to books and personal belongings.

I also love the narrow bookshelf built right into the side of the headboard.

It’s perfect for showing off your most-loved reads or adding a touch of personality to your tiny home.

Platform Bed with Cubbies

platform bed with storage INSTAGRAM @mimarintersi

At first glance, it’s like, “Wow, that’s one chic bed!” It’s got that sleek, modern vibe that instantly elevates the whole room.

But what really makes it stand out are those genius cubbies – they’re great spots for your shoes, trinkets, or whatever else you want to keep close without taking up floor space.

Also when it comes to style, this bed’s a total chameleon. Whether you’re into sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, it fits right in.

Staircase ideas for tiny homes

When space is limited, it’s important to think creatively about storage, and staircases are often a good place to hide storage.

You can do this in many ways: Cabins below the staircase, drawers inside the steps or you can even build a little plateau into the staircase with lots of space for storage:


Being able to organize your stuff like this is neat, and the idea above to the left is a good way to hide extra comforters and pillows, so you have it ready when you have guests sleeping over.

You can also place Fido under the stairs.

Or may you can build the washer and dryer units into the stairs:

Storage built-in under stairs

Staircase with a Built-in Refrigerator and Wine Racks

wine storage with built-in table INSTAGRAM @theheightcrew

This space-saving staircase features a refrigerator built into the rise and wine racks on the side of each riser.

But that’s not all – nestled within the staircase is a cleverly concealed slide-out table, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine in your tiny home.

Also, I love how the staircase is lit! It has a beautiful effect that highlights the staircase and creates a warm, inviting ambiance.

Hidden tub in the floor under hatch-door

These last ideas are mostly for tiny homes built on a foundation. That opens up a lot of opportunities to work with space and storage beneath the floor.

This tub is hidden in the floor, and you just lift up a trapdoor in the floor, and voila…

You have a tub!


This might not work in a tiny house on wheels, but for a house on a foundation, you could go for it. It’s not as risky as digging out a basement, as this is only a small limited area.

We have seen it built into a sofa at one point, so that’s possible too – and that might actually work for a house on wheels!

And if you are more into wine, how about a wine cellar in the floor?


It’s a great way to utilize the space beneath the house. Most places will allow you to dig down in order to install more space for storage.

This corner is utilized pretty well also.

Maria is opening a small cabinet built exactly to fit hanging clothes. Next, to the cabinet, you find a couple of shelves with additional items.

It’s all about finding the little nooks and corners where you have unused space.

These modular shelves are placed in our apartment.

Behind a door they are mounted on a chimney we don’t use anymore.

We have designed each shelf with its own height and depth so they each fit a section of our books without leaving ANY empty space:

Bookshelf with books and optimized space
Photo: Mikkel Berg Pedersen

When you build custom furniture you make sure to utilize all the space you have.

Raised Floor Storage

slide out storage bench and bed INSTAGRAM @livingbiginatinyhouse

With raised floor storage, you have a convenient spot stash away all your odds and ends, from clothes and bedding to kitchen gadgets and personal stuff.

Plus, with easy access panels or lift-up floorboards, getting to your stuff is easy.

You can install LED strip lighting along the edges of the raised floor for a subtle and stylish ambiance.

Don’t forget to use area rugs or floor mats to define different zones within your tiny home.

Sofas as Dining Chairs

storage seat with detachable table INSTAGRAM @buildtinyhomes

Imagine walking into this snug space and seeing a comfy sofa right in front of a dining table.

And yep, that sofa does double duty – not only does it offer a cozy place to sit, but it also serves as dining seating.

It’s the perfect spot to gather, share stories, and make lasting memories together.

And here’s the kicker – there are sneaky drawers hiding under the sofa, giving you extra storage for tableware and linens.

foldable table with storage INSTAGRAM @mobihousepl

Here’s another dining area where a sofa doubles as dining seating, creating a cozy nook for meals right in front of a sun-drenched window.

It’s a lovely spot to enjoy breakfast with a view or dinner under the stars.

The dining table is a storage powerhouse too, with secret drawers tucked into its center leg.

It’s a smart solution for keeping napkins, utensils, and other dining necessities close at hand without cluttering up the space.

Foldable Wall Desk

foldable wall desk INSTAGRAM @lordd_products

This foldable desk is the ultimate space-saving solution, offering a functional workspace without sacrificing precious floor space.

But don’t let its compact size fool you – this desk is big on functionality.

With ample surface area for your laptop, books, and other essentials, it provides everything you need to work or study comfortably.

Plus, with built-in shelves, you can keep your workspace tidy and organized, even in the tightest of spaces.

Wardrobe Area Under the Loft Bed

under bed closet INSTAGRAM @tatloconcepts

This clever setup maximizes vertical space, providing ample storage without sacrificing precious floor real estate.

Underneath the loft bed, a well-appointed wardrobe awaits, equipped with hanging rods, shelves, and drawers to accommodate clothing, accessories, and personal items.

With this ingenious use of under-bed space, everything finds its place, keeping the living area tidy and clutter-free.

I find that embracing a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and neutral tones will create a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Sofa/Daybed with a Dining Table Built at the Side

storage seating with built-in side table INSTAGRAM @timesproperty

This sofa is a comfy spot to lounge and unwind, with plush cushions and a sleek design that beckons you to sit down and relax.

I love how the sofa comes with a dining table cleverly built into its side, ready to serve as the perfect spot for meals, work, or even game nights with friends.

It’s like having a dining room and living room all rolled into one. Perfect for tiny homes!

Where To Buy Furniture For Small Spaces?

We have our favorite places to find space saving furniture for tiny spaces.

Here are some of the stores online we can recommend:

  • Expand Furniture: Visit the store
    Folding tables, Murphy Beds, Sofa Beds, Shelving, Storage, Home Office Furniture, Freestanding Mezzanine solutions
  • Wayfair: Visit the store
    Wall beds, Storage solutions, Shelving

Built-in Dog Crates In The Kitchen

What dog wouldn’t love to live in the kitchen? I know a few who would.

It is totally possible to have a dog in a tiny house, and here are some brilliant examples from Pinterest, where Fido’s got a fine little home:


I have 10 more smart ideas for dog crate placement in my article, here.

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