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Published On September 25, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Interior Design, Storage

We have features lots of cool furniture for small spaces, and in this post we will try to gather some of the best pieces of furniture for small tiny houses.

Though few of us actually live in tiny houses, the tiny house furniture ideas are always good inspiration for small apartments and cabins.

Chair, Bed and Lounge chair in one

This box can be folded out as a comfortable lounge chair, and you can also use it as guest bed. It is the perfect piece of furniture for tiny houses and small apartments.


When you fold out the bed you also get a small night table for your phone and magazines.

Furnishing is always important in a confined space like studio apartments and cabins, and these next pieces of furniture will make your small house a little smarter, as well as save you lots of space, to give your more possibilities with the opportunity to have open space.

Hidden tub in the floor under hatch-door

This tub is hidden in the floor, and you just lift up a trapdoor in the floor, and voila! You have a tub!


This might not work in a tiny house on wheels, but for a house on a foundation you could go for it. It’s not as risky as digging out a basement, as this is only a small limited area.

We have seen it built into a sofa at one point, so that’s possible too – and that might actually work for a house on wheels!

And if you are more into wine, how about a wine cellar in the floor?


Built-in Dog crates in the kitchen

What dog wouldn’t love to live in the kitchen. I know a few who would.

It is totally possible to have a dog in a tiny house, in fact we filmed a tiny house with a cute dog (skip to 1 min. 13 sec.), and here are some brilliant examples from pinterest, where Fido’s got a fine little home:


Folding dinner table for 2-10 persons

This table is genius for small apartment spaces as well as tiny houses.

It will seat 2-10 people. For daily use it will serve as a dinner table for the family, and when you need to entertain or have a family dinner, you just pull out the table to extend it.


You can get it online at Expandfurniture at $1,999.

We love these extendable dinner tables that you can pull out. We actually have one in our own bedroom / office / living room – which is the same room.

It’s always great fun to pull out the table, when we have friends over for dinner.

People get surprised everytime, when they see how long this tiny console table actually gets.

See this post for more folding dinner tables.

Trundle bed hidden in a platform

If you have a high ceiling, you can take advantage of it by building a low platform with a built-in trundle bed.

It’s a great way to hide the bed during the day, and adding that extra level to part of the house can create a very cozy atmosphere.


The Murphy bed

The classic way to hide the bed is the Murphy bed.

The Murphy bed is an old invention, and it has been redesigned over and over again.

We especially love these great Italian Wall bed designs from Expandfurniture.com (worldwide shipping):


We have written a separate post about these cool fold-up beds , and also a post about a Wall bed / Couch combo.

We also did a separate website with building instructions for our own Murphy bed.

Paper chair – extend to seat 12 people

This next table is called the flexible love chair.

It is made from 100% recyclable paper, and it can hold up to 3,175 lbs!!  (1.440 kg). Yes you heard right, it sounds insane that a paper chair can hold that much weight, but it’s tested and tried.

It is as beautiful as it is durable. It will last for decades, and it’s actually pretty cheap!


You can get it right here starting at $459.

We have written a separate post about it here with many more details on the design and durability.

Staircase ideas for tiny homes

When the space is limited, it’s important to think creatively about storage, and staircases are often a good place to hide storage.

You can do this in many ways: Cabins below the staircase, drawers inside the steps or you can even build a little plateau into the staircase with lots of space for storage:


Being able to organize your stuff like this is neat, and the idea above to the left is a good way to hide extra comforters and pillows, so you have it ready, when you have guests sleeping over.

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  • Jane

    Hi, is there not a link for the bed / chair / table product? I can’t find it anywhere and am interested in learning more or purchasing.

  • Ivana Imani Floyde

    Chair, Bed and Lounge chair in one I would also like to buy as well does anyone know where it sell? Also for much it may sell for??

    • Morten Storgaard

      Sorry we cannot tell, these are mainly posted as inspiration.

  • dialyn

    I’d love to know where to find the Chair, Bed and Lounge chair in one as well…there’s little point in posting a great idea and then give no clue where to find it.

  • Kate

    Enjoyed all of these creative ideas. I just furnished my home by Furnishr which has great designs for small apartment as well. Check them out http://furnishr.com/

  • Ican Do

    That pull-out bed is not a Murphy bed. It is a trundle bed A Murphy bed is inset in the wall and is a pull-down bed. The Murphy can actually have a pull down table which looks is flat against the bottom (the wall) of the bed. Double space saving and can be a small or longer table. Wooden folding chairs can hang against the wall as in the old days.

    • Morten Storgaard

      We know, the Murphy bed text related to the image below it, we just added another headline to make that more obvious, thanks ;)

  • Mick

    These “displays” of furniture are almost useless bc there are no links as to where you can buy….

    • Morten Storgaard

      It’s meant as inspiration. We have readers from all over the world, which makes it almost impossible to list suppliers. Many of these ideas we share can also be built DIY…

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