Murphy Wall Bed Couch Combo – With a Sofa in Front

When you downsize, the biggest problem is often where to put the bed? Most people find it difficult to devote a whole room to a big bed sitting there, taking up valuable space.

Let me introduce to you: The Murphy Bed Sofa!

Let’s start with the classic design. A clean and minimal bed design where the bed folds down over the sofa.

If you’re looking to buy a cheap Murphy bed you should check out our article here with the 9 best affordable Murphy beds online!

The Murphy Bed over Couch Combo

These designs are modern and minimalistic designs from Italy.

Clean and simple.

They are easily mounted on the wall and you can detach it if you move and bring it with you. You just insert a handful of screws in the wall and the bed will hold itself. But you do need to make sure it is fastened well.

wall bed couch system

>> These beds are found at this online store with free shipping.

Here’s a video of the bed above.

We have talked with the owners of the store and they seem like really nice people! They have been selling space saving furniture for a long time and the wall bed collection they have is quite extensive.

> Check these beds on this online store. 

Online stores with Murphy beds

Here’s a list of online stores with wall beds with built-in couches and sofas.

The model above is found over at Expand Furniture.

StoresPrice rangeMurphy bedsVisit
Wayfair$-$$179Visit here
the Lori Bed$-$ (!)4
Visit here
Expand Furniture$$-$$$35Visit here
Amazon$-$$$+200Visit here

Two more stores with cheaper Murphy beds

There are cheaper Murphy beds without the couch in front, but also with very nice and stylish designs: This online store and this one, both with free shipping.

The cheapest one cost $894 and the most expensive ones cost approx. $2,800.

You can see some of the models here.

The first model is a white model with space for a pretty deep mattress in order to make it comfortable. Some people prefer a foam mattress in the bed and others prefer a spring mattress. So it’s nice to have the option of both.

The spring mattress requires a deeper bed frame.


Seen at $894 over here (with free shipping).

The next one is made a little differently. It has a wood finish and the headboard is a nice finish inside the “closet”.

>> Found online at this store.

When you fold the bed down it can rest on the floor and you can keep smaller items under it during the night. Personally, I keep some pillows under the bed during the day.

This is a nice and stylish bed built between shelving units with lots of storage.

Seen online at $1,935 including shipping.

This table gives you the opportunity to use a desk in the daytime. Everything stays in place on the table when you flip the bed down.

Very nice and beautifully designed!

The shelves above the table are perfect for storing books or other items you like to decorate the room. These items are visible even when the bed is folded up and when the bed is down. You can even mount a picture on the back of the bed.

We have mounted similar images (just bigger!) at the back of our bed and it looks nice when the bed is up. Many people are surprised to find out that there’s a bed behind the image.

Another bed with a table feature. $1,917 with free shipping

This Murphy bed is a little simpler and also cheaper. It has a pretty spacious desk for you to work at. Or the kids can do homework and crafty projects.

DIY Murphy bed you can combine with a couch

We also want to show you this Murphy Bed from the Lori Bed company:

Check the prices at their store (read below to get a special price)

PS: We asked Lori Beds about a discount for our readers. They were kind enough to offer a $100 discount to you guys! When you use the link above with the discount code “GODOWNSIZE100” you automatically get the discount!

We have become friends with the guys behind this company over the years and they create really beautiful and stylish products that last a long time!

Affordable pull-out sofa

This sofa can be pulled out to become a Queen-size bed at night.

It’s made from memory foam, and very well crafted to be as comfortable as a regular bed.

It can be used as a bed you sleep on every night or you can use it as that extra guest bed you need occasionally. The neutral grey color will make it fit in everywhere no matter which colors you have in the room.


Seen online at $1,495 (with shipping included).

It’s a neat design with a nice bed for two people. You can pull the wooden spring mattress out from beneath the sofa in order to turn the sofa into a bed.

A strong price for a multi-function piece of furniture this well crafted.

Murphy Bed and comfortable sofa in one

The front sofa part is designed with sides, which I think is a great feature. It makes it look more like a traditional sofa, for those who like that cozy and comfy look.

It comes with 2 back cushions and 2 side cushions and has a standard with of 6 feet.

When you need to access the bed, the 4 cushions fit inside the sofa part. It flips up from the back and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or spreading out all over the floor, creating chaos in a small space.

Above you have a shelve for books, decorative objects etc.

murphy bed
Murphy bed with a couch in front

When you want to access the bed, you pull the shelve toward you, and the shelves then become the leg support for the bed.

Whatever is on the shelve can stay on it, you don’t have to move anything.. so easy. The sides of the sofa, are designed to go outwards a little bit, so the bed part fits nicely in between them.

When you get up, all you do is clip your sheets and pillows in place, so they don’t slide down, and you flip the bed back up. The bed goes up and down on a hydraulic system, so you don’t have to do any backbreaking lifts to operate this bed.

The best thing about this piece of furniture is that it’s a regular bed.

You avoid those normal downsides of sleeping on bumpy surfaces on a sleeper sofa or crawling up a latter to a sometimes low sealing sleeping loft.

This is a regular bed with a normal mattress, it even has a headrest, so you can sit up and read a book and still be comfortable. Definitely a great design for a bedroom and living space in one!

If you want to read more about Murphy beds you can go to Murphy bed HQ.

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Murphy beds with a sofa in front

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