DIY Foldable table with leafs

Foldable tables are great because they don’t take up any space. If you don’t need a big dining room table or work table, this might be the way to go.

Maybe you just sit on the couch and eat dinner, you have a little space in the kitchen or you eat outside. Many city people prefer to go out to eat most days anyway.

Foldable tables can be a little pricey, so this one may be a good solution.

Build a foldable table yourself and save a lot of money

This table is not for sale anywhere, Falk made the drawings and instructions for how to build it.

foldable table closed
Foldable table closed
foldable table
Foldable table – extended

Its built entirely of wood, and the style can be customized if you are a handy person. When it’s all packed up it measures about 18 x 35 inches (45 x 90 cm) deep/wide, and it has four legs like a regular table.

You would usually use it as a small dining table, that just fits up against the wall, like a console table with decorative objects or maybe a desk. You also have the option of screwing of the legs and putting it in the closet or under the sofa, if you don’t want it out at all. It really is a space saver.

Seats 10 people with all leaves in place

When you have guests over you can pull it out, and it expands to 8-9 feet long. The length depends on how many extension leaves you to put in. The table at its maximum length seats 10 grownups comfortably. At full length it has two more legs that are only visible when you insert the plates, this is to prevent it from bending on the middle.

Add your own creative twist

It’s a great design and idea, and of course, you need to be a little handy to build it, but its cheaper than the other foldable tables out there. So if you are handy this might be the way to go.

When you build it yourself you also have the possibility to customize it: maybe make a set of shorter legs, and use it as a coffee table when you don’t need it for dining, and you can paint it in crazy colors.

Personalize it with some nice woodcarvings if you have the skills.

More cool tables

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This is a very cool feature table that allows you to seat 12 people in a confined space!

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You find tables like these online here.

Download instructions

If you want to download the instructions for how to build this foldable table or know more about Falk and his designs go to

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