Project 333 Challenge – Simplify your wardrobe

Published On May 20, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard

Okay, so we have been cleaning out our stuff for a while now. Morten, who has a lot of clothes, has been going through his closet a few times. I felt all depresed by the thought of it, so I put it off for a while.

About a month ago Kirsten Dirksen posted a video (watch it in the bottom of the post), about this girl and her friends wardrobes.

Organized Wardrobe

Organized Wardrobe

They started this project called “Project 333”:
You keep 33 items in your closet,  you commit to wearing only these items for 3 months. What you don’t use, or isn’t in season, you get out of the closet.

A lot you might deside to get rid of entirely, and some you might want to put in storrage. I loved the video, and it gave me the positive boost, that I needed, to tackle my closet.

The 333 challenge includes: all normal clothes, jackets, shoes, scarfs, belts, jewelry.
Things not included: underware, socks, workout clothes, if you have a specific uniform you have to wear to work, wedding band and pyjama.

The 333 challlenge is not set up strickt, so you can decide for yourself what you include. The main point is to make a conscious decision of what gets in your closet.

Get rid of clothes that you are just not comfortable wearing, does not fit, is out of style ect.

Getting down to about 55 pieces was easy enough, mostly stuf I never use; either not my style or just old, but still hanging there for some reason.

The next 10-15 was a lot harder; a lot of good clothes that I always planed on using, but never did, and some sentimental pieces.

Getting all the way down was difficult; a lot of sentimentals, and the very practical aspect. You need to make sure you have enough for work, long/short sleves, dresses, not to many skirts ect.


My Closet

My Closet


Getting on with the Project 333 Challenge

I got through it and I feel liberated. I decided to only count my clothes: I live in Denmark, it is cold a big part of the year, so I need shoes and clothes for every situation all year round. I got it down to 34 items, and it is a working progress.

My goal is still to get down to 33, and to include more stuff. I kept some things that I just could not get rid of yet. I still have to many dresses for parties, and skirts.

At the same time I need more everyday dresses with long sleeves, so I can get rid of some sweaters.

Here is what I have now: 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of tights for dresses, 9 jersey shirts (long/short/sleeveless), 3 party dresses, 4 skirts, 2 everyday dresses, 7 blouses (short/long), 6 warmer shirts/jackets.

I did not store any of my other clothes, I gave it to a thrift store, so it will not be coming back.

Here is the inspiration video about the Peoject 333 challenge, maybe you like it as much as me:)


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