White modern desk

Modern space saving furniture (stylish & elegant)

Every day we see new cool and modern design. Space saving furniture is popular as never before as the price per sq.ft. continue to rise in all major cities.

Let’s dive right in and check out some of the cool ideas.

Bathroom furniture that fits everywhere

Modern sink that fits everywhere

Corner sinks are also super cool. They will let you fit a sink everywhere.

The idea of placing the sink in the corner often makes a lot of sense when you are trying to fit everything in small spaces. The corners are often unused space, and by placing furniture here we leave the wall for other possibilities.

Corner sink

Find corner sinks here from $99 (free shipping).

Check out this layout as well. Very optimized and modern:

Bathroom layout

We have more ideas here for basins for small bathrooms.

Murphy beds you can afford

We love the Murphy bed and we have written about it many times.

They used to cost a ton and the best designs were only available at exclusive Italian stores, but today everybody can afford a Murphy bed.

When you think about the amount of money you save from being able to live in a smaller apartment, around $1,000- 1,300 is actually a low price! 

These two beds are some of the cheapest Murphy beds we have found:

affordable murphy bed with sideways mount to wall

We found it here for $1,399 (last product in 2nd row)

Another great minimalistic design that we really like as well is this Murphy bed. It’s a standard king-size bed, and just like the model above, it will lift its own weight when you need to pull it up.

So no sore backs or lower back pain from lifting and lowering these beautiful beds:

another view on the same bed

We found it here for $1,100 (first product in the first row)

I love how straight lines and clean modern feel of the design here. It’s really something that can blend into any room. If you placed this in your living room you could avoid having a separate room for sleeping!

We have written a separate post about affordable murphy beds here.

Stylish folding tables

Let’s start with a fold-up table that you can build yourself.

It’s a very simple and elegant design and all it really takes is a white table top and hinges:

floating table

This kind of table is also called a floating table.

We haven’t been able to find the designer or anywhere to buy it, but you can find similar tables here from $40.

The next table can flip up and work close off a wall-mounted shelving unit. It’s a clever way of installing a small working desk in the living room. Once in a while, you may want to sit in the living room and work, and with this solution, you can do so without adding a real desk:

White modern desk

Another solution we really love is this wall-mounted table.

It totally blends into space as a picture, and when you have guests over or dinner is ready you just flip it down.

Voila! now you have seating for 4 people:

Wall-mounted table

We have also mentioned this table in this post about furniture for small spaces.

Designs like these make me want to become a furniture designer!

And we cannot mention space saving tables without including the Goliath table. It’s simply one of the coolest tables for small spaces.

We have managed to find a cheaper alternative to the original Italian design.

The Goliath table can be hidden as a tiny console table, and when you pull it out it will seat up to 14 people!

Just today I did a little more research on this table and found it over at Amazon at only $698.

The table is originally an Italian design and it has never been for sale online, and when we found it in stores in New York it went for more than a whopping 3,000 dollars!

If you want to know more about this cool table you can read a post here we dedicated entirely to this table.

Stairs can also be stylish

Small city homes are often two-story houses. So we wanted to include some cool ideas for staircases as well. There are so many cool solutions, and the first one is a wooden staircase.

It’s beautifully made with a natural color and finishes. The mix of clean white space and dark wood is just elegant:

wooden staircase

A couple of years ago we visited a new office hotel building in the center of Amsterdam called Zoku house. It is a really cool and very well-designed hotel with lots of tiny apartments you can rent for short or long-term.

It has a very unique solution built in as a staircase that can disappear into a shelf!

Check it out here as Maria pulls it out of the shelving unit:

Staircase mounted into shelves

You can watch the staircase in action in this little home tour we did of the place. It also has some other really cool features like pop-out shelves and a well-optimized kitchen area:

The video here starts exactly where the architect pulls out the staircase:

We also love the kind of built-in stairs that just looks like they are floating in mid-air.

They are wall-mounted stairs and are typically made from wood with iron rods supporting the structure on the inside. It’s an expensive solution and not something you normally can make at home yourself.

But check out how cool it looks!

Floating stairs

When you add the glass shield on the side you also make it your kid-friendly and easier to mount in a room without thick walls.

The solution above needs a thick support structure in order for the iron rods to stabilize.

They can also be made from glass, like this solution from the Italian company Siller.

glass stairs

Let’s finish off with a few cool types of furniture for the little kitchen

Kitchen furniture

The first table is also a flip-down table from Magnet.co.uk.

This table does also double-function as a shelving unit. When you fold down the table you reveal a set of shelves. This is a great place to store your cups and plates, as you will only access them when the table is down anyway:

Fold down table

Here’s another shot of the table when it’s in the upright position and the shelves are closed off.

I really like how they have thought of everything by placing storage on the legs.

This way you don’t notice them as much as they look more like a frame around the pockets, and you also get more storage for newspapers etc.

Flip down kitchen table

We have done a blog post entirely about kitchen tables for 2-persons. There are also a lot of cool ideas and designs!

The last piece of furniture for the kitchen we will look at in this post is this great slide-out table top.

It’s a fun and practical way of hiding an extra kitchen counter for when you need more space. It can also just be used for eating:

Slide-out kitchen counter

If you added wheels to this design I think you would have a very clever design that even your kids could operate (maybe they did).

The last table we will look at also a type of folding table for the kitchen.

It can be stored as a console table during the day when you need the floor space for play and other things than eating:

folding kitchen table

We love how you just fold the supporting legs around to make it a standard-size kitchen table!

We hope you liked all the designs!

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