9 Really Clever Teardrop Trailers (with Prices & Pictures)

We LOVE the small teardrop camper trailers. Not only are they super cute but they can be cheap too.

Even a small car can tow it which makes it a very attractive option for everyone who is eager to get out and explore nature. The ultra-light construction and size of the teardrop designs are just great.

We feel like we have seen it all by now but we are still surprised and amazed once in a while. In this post, we have collected all the best modern and vintage campers for you!

We just enjoy watching all the love and hard work that is put into planning these designs and layout.

Let’s get started!

Before we dive into the look at the different models we just have to say that there are so many cool teardrop trailers out there. Both custom and standard models and we couldn’t possibly list all the great designs here. We have a thing for modern and stylish designs, so these are the ones we have looked for.

So we have only listed ones we like the very most and hope you enjoy what we’ve found!

The classic teardrop trailers

Let’s start with the models we fell for the most when we did all the research.

Those all have very cool finishes on top of overall great design and layout. It’s super important to have a very well-optimized layout when your square footage is around 50 sq.ft. (5 M2).

The Timberland trailer

The Timberland model from homegrowntrailers.com is a great design.

Timberland trailer out in nature

The wood finish is just beautifully done and it looks super cute with the small twin tires.

It’s almost a perfect teardrop-shape from the side and the red-brown wood is so beautiful when you photograph it in the countryside as below.

It just blends right in with the many colors of the fall.

Timberland teardrop in the woods

Let’s take a look inside the cabin. There’s plenty of space. It’s not as polished as some of the other models and it’s also one of the biggest teardrop models we have come across.

There no shortage of space here and you can see the nicely bent wood on the roof as you lay in the bed. There’s enough space that mom and dad can sleep in the back and two kids can sleep in the bunk bed in the middle.

Inside the timberland trailer camper

These designs are not cheap either. They start at $49,999 so they are probably not your first teardrop trailer purchases.

The Classic Teardrop Trailer from Timberleaf

This model is just great.

You have a nice kitchen in the back with lots of stuff. There’s 20 sw.ft. of counter space(!) and everything is packed in nicely.

The back lifts up high so you can access everything and if you want to take it off the road you can upgrade with an off-road package. That will add a 4-inch suspension (10 cm) and bigger and more durable tires.

Red teardrop trailer back opened

Here’s a close-up view from the kitchen.

The details are great and you have enough counter space to prepare a proper dinner.

kitchen close-up view

Here you can see the inside of the cabin.

There’s a big vent at the roof which is very important for such a small space. The trailer is well insulated so you need to be able to have some air circulation for a healthy air flow and good climate.

Notice the small flip-up tables on each side. A fine detail that will let you place your phone or a book next to you while sleeping.

Shot inside cabin (sleeping area)

It weighs 1500 pounds (680 kilograms) and the dimensions are 124 x 60 inches (315 x 152 cm).

It costs $19,750 with a big package of cool stuff like seven 12 volts LED lights, 20 sq.ft. of counter space and four USB outlets.

The very small teardrop campers

For some people, it just can’t get small enough and we get it. It’s super cute with these tiny teardrop campers.

You have to limit yourself to a simple and easy mindset to sort almost everything out before leaving.

That’s a beautiful thing that gives many people a feeling of freedom and joy.

Make sure to also check out the Braxton teardrop trailers.

HĂŒtte Hut

This little beauty is some of the finest woodwork you can buy. Let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Towing the teardrop hutte after car

It’s made from marine ply exterior with birch floors & fixtures.

You can remove the canopy at the top which is a really cool feature for a teardrop trailer this size.

The bed inside the hutte camper

The double-door design is also a good way to open up space.

When you are camping with such a small camper you need to be able to feel that you are in nature and by adding these doors you get just that.

Notice how the bed area can be used almost like a low table area when the doors are opened. A good way to utilize the space 100%.

Inside the hutte teardrop

Every model is custom manufactured in Santa Barbara, California so they are a little pricey starting at $63,900 USD. You can find more info here.

The Barefoot teardrop

This next model is from a U.K. company called Barefoot. They have a very unique retro design and style.

It’s also one of the very small layouts and it is almost completely shaped like a teardrop. The rounded bottom is really cute and makes it look even smaller than it really is.

exterior view of carefoot camper trailer

The sofa area is also shaped a bit from the outside teardrop-form. The end of the sofa is a little higher on the backrest which looks just great.

It looks like it has some inspiration from the European camping trailers with the opposite mounted windows and U-shaped seating area.

sofa area of barefoot camper

When you turn 180 degrees you face the kitchen and bathroom.

Here the retro-style really comes out. Very cool with the rounded corners everywhere and the retro colors.

You have power sockets by the seats and by the kitchen.

inside the barefoot model

The camper is 140 x 720 inches (356 x 1830 cm) and weighs around 2,000 pounds (950 kilograms).

It costs around $33,500 but you will probably have to find a way to ship it over if you live in the U.S. because as we mentioned, this company is based in U.K.

The Pika teardrop trailer

The Pika trailer from timberleaftrailers.com is one of these models. It’s super tiny but it’s not your average cuteness-overload. This model looks rough and sturdy:

Pika teardrop trailer with truck

There’s just something about that combination of tiny and big off-road terrain tires that’s really cool!

You have everything you need in this tiny camper and you can not have a car that won’t tow this little guy.

It’s only 54-inch by 96-inch (the frame) and with the base model only weighing 1025 lbs (460 kilograms) your Prius could probably tow it if you mounted a hook!

Pika from the side

You can get it from $11,750 and that includes all these cool features and items like seven 12 volts LED lights, 6 USB outlets, and pull-down shades on the skylight.


This is a little neat design from the American manufacturer American Teardrop.

It’s a custom-built (like all their campers) model and it’ also in the smaller end of the scale.

chrome finish teardrop

Here’s another variant of the same design layout.

Really eye candy there with the yellow retro touch on car, camper, and motorbike!

It just shows how much difference a little paint can make. The shiny chrome-look above and the yellow retro color below must turn these two teardrop designs into totally different campers!

Yellow tiny camper

Here’s how the interior typically looks like according to their website.

Just plain and elegant with wooden interiors and the classic hydraulic pistons to lift open the back and access the kitchen.

inside osprey teardrop trailer

The prices vary a lot but they are on the cheaper end of the scale. You can see the prices here.

This model has the option of a pretty big refrigerator and side counter space. That’s something we as a family have come to really love when we are on the road. We have traveled a lot in our own tiny 55 sq.ft. (5-6 m2) vintage camper (see below) and the first thing we did was to install a pretty big refrigerator – as big as we could fit!

We actually had to move it in through the window because the door was so tiny 🙂

Our own 70’s camper remodeling project

We took everything out and built up everything from just the frame. You can see the progress in this Youtube playlist.

Here’s what the result looked like just before we sold it to get a bigger one to make space for our son Max:

our camper

(sorry about the bad image quality, but it’s taken from our Youtube video about the remodeling process).

We spend this most of a year building this camper up and the picture above is us celebrating the day we got the license plates and had it approved for the road.

BONUS: Totally custom-rebuilt teardrop trailer (video)

In November last year, we visited the tiny house festival in Elkton, Florida just a few hours north of Orlando.

We met Gale and had the chance to film this amazing teardrop camper. It’s a very unique teardrop trailer with a pop-up roof and it’s towed by a beautiful 1964 Chevrolet as you will see in the video.

It was built by a cabin builder as a one-of-a-kind.

The video starts a 07:09 when the tour of the teardrop starts

The camper weighs 800 pounds (362 kilograms) and it even has an air conditioner installed which is nicely packed in so you won’t notice it.

The history of the teardrop trailer

The teardrop first appeared in the 1930’s and in the years WW2 they became really popular. They normally would fit two adults for sleeping and camping.

When it appeared in the magazine “Mechanix Illustrated” with complete building plans and layout drawings it really took off:

Old 30's teardrop trailer and magazine

They remained popular for a couple of decades before people seemed to forget about them in the 60’s. Probably because cars and trucks got better and bigger so you could now tow a much bigger camper.

So people wanted to go bigger because the could. But…

Then in recent years, they have become popular again as a cool and retro way of traveling for young people as well as older people who remember them from back in the days.

They seem to pop up all over the world and not only in the U.S. There are lots of cool teardrop trailer companies in Europe, Asia, Africa as well and it’s really cool to see what people do with the idea behind the iconic teardrop-shaped travel trailer.

Building plans and designs are spread through the Internet and we are happy to add our 5 cents to the party!

Note: If you are interested in knowing more about these great little campers you can check out the discussion from at tnttt.com. That’s a forum 100% dedicated to talk and chatter about teardrop trailers and other tiny camper vans. You can also find building kits and special hardware for teardrops over at theteardroppers.com

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