Tiny House Kitchens: 12 Brilliant Space-Optimization Ideas

When it comes to tiny house living, every square inch matters, especially in a small kitchen!

Let’s go through creative storage hacks to make the most out of kitchens with limited space. With these ideas, you can turn your petite kitchens into stylish and space-efficient culinary corners.

Small Kitchen with Hanging Mason Jars

glass jars on hung under the cabinet INSTAGRAM @janettheorganizer

This tiny kitchen uses hanging mason jars to store snacks and dry ingredients.

Their transparent design adds visual appeal, especially if you store ingredients of various colors, shapes, and textures in them. You can also fill the jars with dried herbs or spices to create an eye-catching display.

It would be lovely to integrate under-cabinet lighting or pendant lights to illuminate the jars, enhancing their visual appeal during both day and night.

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Organized Kitchen with Magnetic Spice Jars

magnetic spice jars on a refrigerator INSTAGRAM @ginger_infused_life

Here’s a tiny kitchen with a magnetic spice rack that combines functionality and modern flair.

Magnetic spice racks, typically affixed to the kitchen wall or refrigerator, use magnetic jars or containers to securely hold an array of spices. Their space-saving design displays the spices while freeing up valuable countertop or cabinet space, ensuring easy access to frequently used seasonings.

Make sure to install your magnetic spice rack in a convenient and accessible area, such as near the cooking range or food preparation zone.

Don’t forget to label the jars for easy identification. You can maintain a systematic arrangement based on usage frequency or alphabetical order.

Slide-Out Vertical Cabinet for Bakeware and Cooking Utensils

vertical pull-out cabinet for storing cooking tools INSTAGRAM @jenndussualtdesigns

This kitchen is equipped with a slide-out cabinet that offers a vertical storage system for bakeware, pans, and cooking utensils. Its space-saving design allows easy access to items while maximizing the use of often underutilized narrow spaces.

I think it’s best to place the slide-out cabinet in proximity to your cooking area or near the oven for convenience during meal preparation.

You can also install dividers or adjustable shelves within the cabinet to create a well-organized system, ensuring each item has its designated space.

Kitchen Cabinet with Pot Holder Dividers and Canvas Lid Holder

pan organizer inside a cupboard INSTAGRAM @cafofodobetho

These magnetic pot holders are must-haves for those who want to maximize cabinet space. It uses strong dividers – like bookends – to securely hold metal cookware. This keeps pots and pans readily available while freeing up shelf or cabinet space for other essentials.

The canvas lid holder, attached against the cabinet door, provides a dedicated space for organizing pot lids. Its canvas loops neatly secure lids of varying sizes, preventing clutter and facilitating quick retrieval during cooking sessions.

Storing pots and their lids can be a nightmare in small spaces. I think this is an ingenious idea to store multiple pots in one cabinet!

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Kitchen Cabinet with Pull-Out Organizer for Pots and Pans

pull out pans storage rack inside a cabinet INSTAGRAM @realtorrosekrinks

This pull-out cabinet organizer is an innovative addition to any tiny kitchen. It merges practicality with smart design, improving kitchen organization while optimizing space.

The organizer’s sliding system is designed specifically for storing pots, pans, and cookware, with hooks that ensure easy access and efficient organization of kitchen essentials.

It would be helpful to utilize hooks to segregate cookware by size or type, creating a systematic arrangement that allows quick retrieval.

You could also hang kitchen utensils or chopping boards in this slide-out compartment.

Compact Kitchen with Under-Shelf Storage Basket

metal rack for cups installed below a wooden shelf INSTAGRAM @minimalist_home_decor

The under-shelf storage basket, designed to be easily attached beneath existing shelves or cabinets, maximizes unused vertical space to store kitchen essentials and maintain a clutter-free countertop.

Its wire mesh design allows you to store smaller, frequently used items, such as drinking glasses, spices, small utensils, or cleaning supplies.

In my experience, it’s best to attach the under-shelf storage baskets beneath cabinets or shelves in high-traffic areas to optimize convenience and accessibility.

Also, make sure to choose baskets that complement your kitchen’s aesthetic or color scheme. Black or silver metal baskets will go well with both traditional and modern kitchens.

Space-Saving Spice Racks Attached to Kitchen Cabinets

tiny kitchen cabinet with spice rack on back door space INSTAGRAM @whole_and_home

Here’s another way to optimize underutilized spaces: spice racks affixed to the interior of cabinet doors. This is such a compact and accessible storage system for your collection of spices.

The racks’ shelves help you keep your spices neatly organized and within arm’s reach when you’re cooking up both new and beloved recipes.

I think its a great idea to use labels or transparent containers to easily identify spices.

Rolling Kitchen Island with Drawers, Shelves, and Angled Trash Bin

kitchen table cart with shelving unit and a trash receptacle INSTAGRAM @beautyandcomfortstore

This rolling kitchen island is perfect for tiny kitchens because it’s complete with a drawer, shelves, and an integrated trash can. It serves as a mobile workstation and storage hub in the heart of the kitchen.

The drawer provides a secure spot for storing utensils, cutlery, or dishcloths. Its shelves offer ample space for storing wine, spices, and other ingredients. I love how there’s also a dedicated spot to store kitchen knives!

Meanwhile, the discreetly placed trash bin is every cook’s dream – you can cut your vegetables and simply swipe the offcuts directly into the trash!

You can make use of the island’s mobility to adapt it to varying kitchen needs, such as a mobile serving station or drinks bar when entertaining.

Magnetic Spice Rack Organizers

magnetic spice rack on a refrigerator INSTAGRAM @discountdelightz_

I love magnetic spice racks which is why I’m recommending two of their variations. These have a much more uniform arrangement for a sleek storage solution.

The brilliance of this concept is that you can fix these racks to your refrigerator or mount them on walls, depending on what would be most practical in your tiny kitchen.

You can also use these racks to store dried herbs in small containers and even mini plants or succulents to add a dash of greenery to your kitchen. The racks can also hold bottles of oil and condiments.

Kitchen Cabinet with Multiple Tiers and Dividers

Pink wooden drawers for kitchen tools INSTAGRAM @caesarstone_uk

This kitchen cabinet provides a structured system to maximize storage space and organize kitchen essentials. Built with two tiers and dividers, the cabinet offers a versatile layout for organizing plates, bowls, pots, pans, and various kitchen utensils.

I love how its compartments accommodate different item sizes. It allows you to have a well-structured arrangement and maintain a clutter-free storage space.

If you want to store your cookware somewhere else, you can also add clear containers or baskets to store dry ingredients on the lower tier.

Small Kitchen with Slim Rolling Storage Cart

spice rack on the corner of kitchen table INSTAGRAM @crazyocdaisey

This tiny kitchen has a slim mobile cart designed with multiple shelves. I love how its slender profile can be easily maneuvered around the kitchen and fit seamlessly into narrow spaces or gaps between appliances.

Don’t forget to position the rolling cart in easily accessible areas, optimizing convenience while ensuring it doesn’t obstruct kitchen workflow.

You can also place small decorative elements or plants atop the cart to add a touch of personality and aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet with Storage Organizers, Mounted Racks, and Hooks

A pantry with lots of storage box organizer and a back door shelves INSTAGRAM @little_house_on_tyrone

This pantry cabinet ensures a well-structured storage space for all sorts of kitchen items. I love how there’s a variety of storage organizers such as plastic baskets and bins to accommodate canned goods, dry goods, spices, and other kitchen staples.

The incorporation of on-the-door racks and hooks offers extra storage for hanging items like towels, oven mitts, or lightweight utensils, maximizing every inch of available space.

With a good organization system, you can fit so much into a tight space like this!

I recommend arranging items by color or type for an organized and visually appealing display within the pantry cabinet. You can also install interior cabinet lighting to improve visibility, especially in lower-lit areas.

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