9 Great Tools & Hardware Storage Ideas (Small Spaces)

Do you have little storage space yet an abundance of tools and supplies to store? This article will reveal a couple of hacks to organize your nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools.

No matter the size of your setup, these storage tricks let you make the most of every inch of wall space, shelves, and cabinets to store tools, garage, or shed items neatly.

Wall-Mounted Board Keeps Tools Accessible

space saving tool storage using wall space. INSTAGRAM @radeksworkshop

This wall-mounted board organizes tool storage in a workshop, garage, or shed.

It has slots and hooks for storing regularly used tools like chisels, rulers, screwdrivers, and more, placing frequently used tools at your fingertips rather than buried in drawers.

Vertical storage is particularly useful for reclaiming important floor and workstation space in compact circumstances.

Quick tip – Mark or label where your tools go on the board to be even more organized.

Customizable Metal Pegboard and Draws

tool storage with a surface table and drawers underneath INSTAGRAM @typealifestyleco

This garage workstation comprises a pegboard with shelves and basket drawers underneath to organize tools and hardware.

The board’s modular pegs and hooks enable the placement of hammers, wrenches, levels, and other tools for a customized workflow. Additional hooks are included in the system to keep commonly used tools within arm’s reach. A

countertop work area and drawers beneath give room for job prep as well as protected storage for supplies.

I enjoy how the mix-and-match accessories and adaptable board allow you to tailor the arrangement to your own needs. This modular workshop station provides variable equipment storage as well as a comfortable work area to handle jobs!

DIY Wooden Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer

space saving wooden tool organizer. INSTAGRAM @woodworkjunkie

This wooden tool cabinet on the wall provides organized storage for garage and workshop equipment.

The custom-built cabinet has a hinged door that opens to reveal shelves, small component storage bins, hooks, and other features to keep tools accessible while remaining out of the way. When closed, the organizer fades into the wall with a classic wood cabinet appearance.

I like how the combination of open and closed storage within one organized unit offers storage capacity without taking up important floor space. Furthermore, custom building allows you to tailor the internal storage elements to your individual equipment and supplies.

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Storage Drawers In Pick-Up Truck

tool storage using car space. INSTAGRAM @truckvault_usa

This compact truck or utility vehicle has hidden built-in storage drawers to maximize capacity.

Multiple fixed drawers efficiently use the whole bed space, through every inch, rather than wasting room with a crowded open design. The smooth drawers offer organized access to equipment, gear, and supplies, keeping goods confined yet easily accessible while on the move.

Personally, I like how this drawer system uses efficient compartmentalized storage to organize bed space, which we all know can be too easy to clutter.

This concept is really clever if you don’t have a garage or shed to store your tools. Though, practically speaking, this is more suited to people who have a mechanics or construction business.

Custom Wood Storage Rack

clever woodturning tool storage system INSTAGRAM @dreadknotwoodshop

This wood-turning tool rack organizes the storage of often-used lathe chisels, gouges, and skews. It has carefully drilled holes to hold tools vertically within a hardwood base.

Grouping frequently used turning tools on a portable rack enables simple movement to numerous workstations. The vertical storage saves valuable worktop space.

I like how this wood rack is personalized, with storage choices matched to a craftsman’s particular needs. The strong wooden organizer keeps specialist carving tools nearby yet secure while clearing out clutter.

Shadow Foam Tool Drawers

tool storage organizer using drawers. INSTAGRAM @shadow_foam

In this tool storage idea, functionality meets precision.
These storage drawers make simple but efficient use of shadow foam, ensuring that each instrument has its own assigned space. This approach isn’t about frills; it’s about easy access and straightforward organization methods.
Personally, I enjoy this tool storage solution’s plain approach – a practical alternative for individuals who seek speed in organizing their instruments without excessive ornamentation.

Wooden Toolbox Storage

tool storage organize briefcase type. INSTAGRAM @bcarbuilds

Here’s a straightforward look at a wooden toolbox designed for tool organization and easy access.

This toolbox has a practical shape, which accommodates both tools and smaller, sleeker toolboxes for items such as nails and bolts. Ultimately, this compact organized approach to tool storage is a useful option for individuals who want equipment at their fingertips.

Personally, I believe that the mix of design and usefulness in this hardwood toolbox is a wise and space-saving option for anybody trying to optimize their tool storage, particularly while on the job.

Customizable Peg Board for Craft Tools

tool organizer using wall space. INSTAGRAM @naomitraczjewellery

Adjustable pegs provide a personalized approach with this configuration, allowing you to hang items exactly where you need them.

The white backdrop not only creates a sense of simplicity but also acts as a useful canvas for organizing a variety of creative tools. This peg board’s beauty derives not only from its practicality but also from its flexibility in design.

The neutral white color gives a blank slate that can be customized to effortlessly merge with your own style, making it a great option for people who want to organize and display creative items in a way that is practical and appealing.

Wall Mount for Hanging Tools

wooden shelf tool storage INSTAGRAM @karlholm.design

This photograph depicts a wooden shelf or cabinet with carefully positioned holes for hanging tools like screwdrivers.

Not only do the holes provide safe storage, but they also allow for easy view and accessibility. This simple yet effective design is a testimony to functionality, ensuring that tools are easily accessible when needed, and can be hidden away when not in use.

Personally, I enjoy the wall-mounted solution’s efficiency and space-saving nature, which provides a minimalist approach for individuals looking for a no-fuss method to keep their tools organized and within reach.

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