9 Ways To Store Kids’ Strollers In Small Spaces

Strollers are one of the most efficient ways to bring our kids around. However, as handy as they are, the real struggle is keeping them stored, out of the way, once we get home.

It can get especially tricky if your home is restricted in terms of space and storage. So, we have gathered 9 ways to store kids’ strollers in small spaces.

Compact Drawers in Stairs

hidden stairs storage for kidssttoller

This bright entryway showcases a clever way to keep collapsible strollers: in the storage compartments built into the stairs.

The lightwood staircase effectively stores shoes, miscellaneous items, and a bulky but foldable stroller.

If you don’t already have this in your home, it would be a great idea to start installing storage under your stairs. It’ll maximize the area and keep your things away from view. 

When you’re on the go to take the baby out for a walk, you only need to make one stop for your shoes and the stroller!

Space-Saving Hanging Crate Storage

hanging metal frame on ceiling for storing strollers

Here is a white room with a beautiful wooden ceiling that is strong enough to hold storage which creatively carries large items along with a baby stroller.

I love how unconventional yet innovative this idea is! It’s perfect for garages or basements with high ceilings. 

It’s a great way to keep your things together without taking up floor space. Just make sure you secure it well and that you can still move freely around without hitting your head.

The design isn’t the most visually appealing, so I recommend finding a different container that matches your interior and is sturdy enough to hold heavy items in the air.

Built-In Cabinet Under Stairs

under-stairs cabinet for kids stroller

This minimalist home takes advantage of the angled space below the stairs to double as storage. The white compartment opens up to reveal house items arranged neatly inside and enough room for a baby stroller.

The stairs hold so much potential for storage and if you don’t want drawers in each step, you can opt for a design like this instead.

It keeps your stroller close by and allows you to store it vertically–making it easier to prop up for when you’re going to finally use it.

storing kids stroller under the stairs INSTAGRAM @housebythebrook

Here’s another under-the-stairs storage option. However, this shows how a mini storeroom can be built under the landing.

I love how this design secures your stroller while keeping it easily accessible for when you’re in a hurry and need to grab it and go.

In this specific design, the storage space doesn’t have a door. So if you want to create storage space under your stair landing, I’d suggest adding a discreet door or even a curtain if you’re on a budget.

You can also read our article here for brilliant under-the-stairs bathroom ideas.

Space-Optimized Mounted Pegboard

kids strollers, helmets and bag storage using pegboard INSTAGRAM @kreisdesign

This simple, pristine room uses a large white pegboard for hanging bags, gears, decor, and a big baby pushchair.

Maximize your area with a creative addition like this to your wall space.

The pegboard lets you arrange the pegs based on where you want your things to be hung and prevents them from gathering dirt from being placed on the floor. 

I’m a huge fan of pegboards. They are worth the investment as you can rearrange the pegs as your needs change over the years.

Space-Efficient Wall Rack

kids strollers hanging on garage wall INSTAGRAM @ashleyelliotdesign

This room saves a ton of space with a mounted structure to keep all sorts of stroller and outdoor gear hung up on the wall.

The best thing about this is that you can place the design wherever would be most practical for you. You can also make them as long as you want– occupy the full length of the wall if you must!

This is a perfect idea for people who have a garage or workshop where you also need to fit in a car or workbench.

making use of wall space to store kids strollers and bikes INSTAGRAM @mygarage_sa

Here is a wall rack that has been screwed in higher up on the wall. This white wall contains a black accent that also serves as the ideal storage for baby strollers and other things.

This rack is more customizable than the previous concept. Here, you can add or slide the metal hooks depending on what you need to hang up. 

Mini Over-the-Door Hook

utilising back door space to store kidsstroller INSTAGRAM @dreambabysafety

This immaculate white wooden door is paired with a hook of the same color to hold up a black baby stroller.

Most of the time, it’s difficult to find storage alternatives or build them in your home, especially when you’re busy with a baby.

A door hook like this is a quick and easy storage fix. It only takes a minute to install and does the job pretty well. 

I love how this storage idea takes little to no effort. Just make sure your door is durable and the hooks can handle the weight.

It would also be helpful to find designs that work well with your interior.

Small Wall Hook for Twin Stroller

twin stroller hanging on wall INSTAGRAM @chicagoneat_betsy

The black and gray room with a wall hook that complements the aesthetic holds a great storage idea for strollers.

The wall hook is screwed in, so it is secure enough to hold large and heavy items. It is also a low-key structure that doesn’t take up space or appear bulky. 

I love how it blends in with the room. You could try adding one more beside it to hold the stroller from two points or if you want to hang up more things.

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