Do Murphy Beds Add Value To A Home? (Solved!)

Murphy beds are both functional and beautiful if you get a good model.

They come with plenty of storage and can fit twin, full, queen, and even the rare king size!

Not only do these beds look good, have a function, and help you to minimalize your lifestyle, but they also add value back to your home!

Whether or Not Murphy Beds Add Value to a Home:

Murphy beds do add value to a home because they increase your value per square foot. When the bed is up, you gain back the value of those lost sq ft, which cost between $100 – $300/ sq ft. If a king bed is 42 sq ft., you earn $4,200 back. The same goes for any other sized Murphy bed in the home.

What do Real Estate Agents Think About Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds have definitely become more of a positive trend in the real estate community in recent years, but you still might hear two differing opinions on whether or not the Murphy bed should stay when you sell the house.

Keep the Bed:

With the economy, the way that it has been since 2008, most young couples, singletons, or those who are just looking for their first time home can’t afford things like massive master bedrooms, two-plus bathrooms, or elaborate guest rooms.

This prompts them to find the most functional, comfortable house that is both nice to look at and affordable.

Murphy beds afford functionality and ease that most young couples are willing to put the time and effort into.

They don’t mind taking all the books off the shelf to pull down their bed at night if it saves them money on square footage and gives them a trendy living room.

In fact, it might just be the best selling point of the house and its living room or sleeping space!

Kick out the Bed:

Older couples looking to retire someplace comfortable are less likely to put in the effort and time for a murphy bed.

Not to mention that those who have plenty of money to spend on housing options are less likely to go with a house that is small enough to require a Murphy bed solution.

However, a guest room or office with a bookshelf Murphy bed in it as a bonus is a great selling point!

If the couple doesn’t have to sleep on the Murphy bed every night, they are more likely to purchase a house with one for guests, sleepovers, or other solutions.

Kick out the Murphy bed if it is in the master bedroom, but keep it if it gives you more sleeping options for guests.

Do People Generally like Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are more popular among young people looking for small, minimalist spaces that they can treat as their “home base” while they travel, go out with friends, or use their extra space for hobbies.

Older generations much prefer a bed with less hassle, one that they don’t have to take care of every single day, except to make the bed.

This means that you are more likely to see Murphy beds in tiny homes, studio apartments, or cabins.

However, there are great solutions for Murphy beds in guest rooms and home offices. Older generations love to host and have guests, usually for family or grandchildren.

This makes a Murphy bed a once-in-a-while hassle that most older couples agree worth it when the kids come home to visit.

So, yes, there is a consensus that Murphy beds have their uses and circumstances in which they are better than a traditional bed. However, that doesn’t mean you are likely to see them everywhere just yet.

The trend is new, but the outlook is bright!

Online Murphy Bed Stores

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Does a Room with a Murphy Bed Count as a Bedroom?

A room with a Murphy bed can be whatever you want it to be.

A studio apartment can have a Murphy bed in the main room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would call a room a “bedroom.”

However, real estate agents will consider your studio apartment as a 1-bed and 1-bath, considering that your sleeping space is the main room.

Likewise, if you have a larger house and an office with a Murphy bed in it, the real estate listing may consider it both an office space and an extra bedroom, or vice versa as extra office space instead of a bedroom.

Depending on how your real estate agent or company you go with has listed the house you are selling or are looking to buy, your “Murphy bedroom” could be considered a “bedroom” or simply an “office” or even “studio apartment.”

The distinction doesn’t matter unless the listing of bedrooms drives up the house’s price (which is entirely possible).

What Type of Murphy bed will Add Value to a Home?

Any Murphy bed will give you back the value of your square footage, as we mentioned above, as long as you put it back up.

This basically means that you can turn your spare bedroom with a Murphy bed into, say, a fully-functioning art studio in less than five minutes.

Likewise, turn an art studio into a bedroom without having to drag an entire stationary bed into it.

However, the bigger the bed, the more square footage you get back.

For example, king-sized beds are about 42 square feet, while queens are roughly 33 square feet. Twins are about 20.

Technically, the king bed gets you the most “value” back for your ability to regain that square footage, so the cost of a $3,000 king-sized Murphy bed really pays for itself.

However, if you never utilize that space you earn back, you don’t get anything out of a Murphy bed.

The “value” is really dependant on how you use that space and how a realtor can market that space to potential buyers of your home.

Is it Worth it to Buy a Murphy Bed Before Selling your Home?

Ditching your traditional bed for a Murphy bed before you sell your home is kind of a gamble.

As we’ve mentioned before, depending on who is interested in your home, you may have either done yourself a favor or made a mistake.

You could either get a young couple who thinks that the Murphy bed is amazing and fits their lifestyle or an older couple who thinks it is too much work and would rather pass on it.

However, if you have a traditional bed in your guest bedroom but no office space, turning that guest bedroom into a dual-purpose room may actually increase the value of your home!

It all depends on how your home is laid out, whether or not the Murphy bed is adding value back for that square footage, and who the buyer of your home is.


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