The 3 Most Expensive Tiny Homes (With Pictures!)

People say that when you dream, you should dream big.

There is no better time to reach for the stars than when it comes to your home.  Like traditional homes, tiny houses come in all different sizes and styles.  This means that each home has its own different price point.

Homes that are fitted with top of the line features and high tech solutions come along with a hefty price tag.

This doesn’t mean that you have to empty your savings account to get your dream home either.  People love to use extravagant homes as inspiration for their home.

While you may not be willing to shell out major cash for your home, there is no harm in dreaming.

Here are some of the most expensive tiny houses existing today that are sure to put any traditional house to shame.

Tiny Slice in Seattle

This tiny house in Seattle has been getting much more than praise for its perfect appearance.  This tiny house also gets a ton of stares.

This is because even from the outside you can tell that this tiny house is different from most by far.

At first glance, this house doesn’t even look like a house at all.  Just a bold doorway with not much space.  This is because the overall width of this tiny home is only 4 feet.  While having the size of the home is little more than the length of your arms may seem cramped, wait until you step inside!

Want to do more than look?  You can!

This tiny house is currently up for grabs at the price tag of nearly $500,000!

Who Is the Designer?

The architect of this infamous Seattle tiny house is Clay Wallace.

Wallace purchased this home in 2014 and was the mastermind behind the structure that stands today.  While there are several different styles throughout the home, Wallace cites the Spanish Colonial Revival as his inspiration.

This can be seen clearly through the bright colors and clean crisp lines in the design.

How Big Is This Tiny House?

This tiny house is only a couple hundred square feet.  While the entranceway is a slim fit, the house opens up once you get inside.  The largest area in this tiny house is the living room.

This room maxes out at 9×14 feet and splinters off into other living areas of the home.

From the living room, you flow into a gallery style kitchen with a small dining nook. In the back end of the tiny house, you will find two bedrooms along with 2 bathrooms.

This tiny house is often regarded as luxurious because of the extra living and bathing spaces it offers.

What Makes This Tiny House So Special?

Along with a comfortable living space, this tiny house also offers a simple garden area that is perfect for backyard fun.  Also, this home has it’s own attached garage.

This is something that is rarely ever seen in tiny houses due to a lack of space.

Along with creative uses of the space, the homeowners have gone the extra mile to have their tiny house ooze class and style.  From the mint colored kitchen details to custom built windows, this house is full of charm.

Perhaps the one thing that makes this tiny house so special is the overall feeling you get.  While this house is on the small side, to say the least, it doesn’t feel that way.

The owners have done an amazing job of keeping the house feeling big by using custom furniture and plenty of natural light.

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Hawaiin Hillside Cottage

It isn’t always the style of the home that makes a tiny house luxurious.

Sometimes it is the amazing views around you that can make a home priceless.  That is exactly what you can come to expect from this beautiful hillside cottage.

This tiny house is custom built and stationary.

This means that this tiny home is not built to move but instead sit beautifully tucked away in the hills of the Hualalai Mountain.

The home tops out at just 450 square feet and will run you a whopping $680,000!

Tiny home expensive

What Is The Style Of The Home?

This tiny house has the look and the feel of a typical Hawaiin cottage.  But, once you step inside you will see that this tiny house is anything but ordinary.  One important thing to note about this home is that it features only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

So while this home is amazing, it isn’t ideal for large families.

The inside of this tiny house has been tricked out with all the latest appliances as well as comforts that you need.  From plush furniture to even a working electric fireplace, you can really sink into this home.

Best of all, this home features lots of large windows which means you can take in the views of the amazing hillside from any side of the home.

What Makes This Home So Special?

While the price tag of over half a million dollars may seem extravagant for a tiny house, you have to consider what you are getting.  This home puts your right in the middle of the Native Ohia Forest.  From towering treetops to unique wildlife, these tiny homes offers an entirely different living experience.

At the end of a long day exploring the wilderness, you can tuck into the cozy yard.

This yard is perhaps the best selling point for this tiny house overall. 

This is because it features a one of a kind lava rock fire pit.  This is the perfect backdrop for those cool nights.  Imagine you and your family gathering around this unique feature at the end of the day.

This type of luxury is more than more the high cost.

Silo Flordia Tiny House

Tiny house designers are always looking for new styles or properties to convert into homes.  That is exactly what the architect of this expensive tiny house did!  Most people don’t think about silos as homes.

Silos are meant to hold grains, wheat or sometimes even water.

How could this possibly be a comfortable place to live? 

Just you wait!

Extravagant tiny house (really expensive)

This silo has been completely renovated to not only be lived in but to be lived in comfortably.  While the entire size of the house caps at 453 square feet, it sits on 75 acres of land.

Best of all, this land is extra special.

It is a completely functioning horse farm complete with jumping fences and all.

The price tag of this house hits at $200,000.  While it may not be the most expensive house on this list, it is still far above typical tiny house prices.

What Makes This House So Special?

The number one thing that stands out about this tiny house is the silo style design.

Instead of ignoring the space, the designers used it to their advantage.  The best part about this home is that it is meant to feel like mid-century luxury with high-tech touches.  This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds from the minute you step foot on the property.

If you are a fan of repurposed materials in the building process, you are in for a treat.  This floors of this home were made out of reclaimed cabinetry that previously existed on the property.

You can literally walk across history.  These special floors also make the home feel more like a showpiece.

This tiny house features two levels.  Because of the shape of the silo, the home all features a round style of architecture.  On the first floor, you will find a full kitchen with living space.  Once on the second level, you will find the main bedroom and bathroom.

But, the one detail that makes this house stand out from the rest is the amazing views.  You literally step out of this house onto a farm that hosts incredible daily sunsets.

Final Thoughts

Who says that tiny houses have to be boring?

The long-running joke about tiny houses being, all the same, is just a myth.

Like any home, tiny houses are full of personality and special little details that make each and everyone stand out.  While it may seem silly to spend so much money on a small space, you have to consider all that you are getting.  For people who live in tiny houses, it is much more about the experience.

This helps to make the lack of space a non-issue.  While these expensive homes are guaranteed to wow people, they are also an absolute pleasure to live in.



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