9 Great Closets Alternatives for Small Spaces (Clothes Etc.)

Living in a tiny home comes with a unique set of challenges, but the biggest one is probably trying to figure out how to maximize the space you have.

Putting things in their proper place and organizing them can be quite a task when you have limited space.

Where can you put your clothes if you don’t have a full-size closet?

Well, there are many ways to optimize your space – especially for something like clothes that is foldable and easy to tuck away.

Check out this list of ideas we have compiled for your tiny home!

1. Raise the Bed

How much room does your bed take up in the house?

Chances are that this one household item accounts for a large portion of your square footage – make the most of it by purchasing risers that lift the bed slightly off the floor!

These pieces fit underneath the legs of your bed frame and boost the bed by a couple of inches. From here, you can fit almost anything beneath the bed.

Consider clear containers so that you can easily identify what is in each one.

This is a great spot for clothes that you do not need in the current season. It can even be a great place to line up an extensive shoe collection.

As an alternative to purchasing risers, a handy homeowner could build their own bed frame. Create a base for your bed out of cubes or some other type of built-in shelves. Drawers are always a nice touch so that your clothes can be out of sight when you don’t need to rifle through them.

2. Create a Loft

Similar to raising the bed, many tiny homeowners consider creating a loft out of their bed space.

This allows them to seriously elevate their sleeping space and create some additional square footage in their house.

You simply have to make sure that you leave enough headspace for yourself to sit up comfortably in bed.

In the space underneath your new loft, you can easily create a generous closet. Place a dresser or armoire beneath the bed or create a clothing rack.

Alternatively, you can fashion an entirely new living space with a couch or desk, tucking your clothes away in hidden drawers.

3. Buy a Room Divider

A lot of times, people struggle with where to put their clothes in a tiny house because they just don’t have room to install a full closet.

They do not want to see their clothes daily and wish they could be out of sight and out of mind. If this describes you, then a room divider might be just what you need.

You can easily purchase a clothing rack or make one yourself.

Tuck it away behind a room divider to give the illusion that your clothes are in a closet or another room.

When you want to access your clothes, simply wheel them out from behind the room divider or set the divider to the side.

This is especially helpful because it hides the mess that sometimes accompanies a closet. They come in a variety of styles and colors so that you are certain to find one that matches the overall design of the rest of your tiny home.

4. Make a Headboard

Instead of creating a brand new space for your clothes, why not create a unique and colorful headboard for your bed?

At the head of your bed, put up a clothing rack that extends the exact width of your bed.

It can be a free-standing unit, or it can attach to the wall. Put a shelf about the rack to create even more storage.

Hang your clothes on the rack and allow them to create a new headboard for your bed. If you get tired of looking at the rainbow of clothing after a while, you can always hang a piece of fabric in front of it to give it a more uniform appearance.

5. Install a Storage Bench

One of the biggest challenges in tiny houses is finding creative solutions that maximize your space.

You can take care of this need by using a storage bench to put away your clothes. Build one or purchase one that is nice and long, giving you plenty of room to fold new clothes inside.

Whether you make one or buy one, be sure to make it into a comfortable seating option by adding a thick layer of foam or padding on top.

If the bench is wooden, you can add foam on top, cover it with fabric, and secure it to the underside of the lid using a staple gun. Alternatively, you could sew cushions for the bench that are easily set aside when you need to get dressed.

Pillows can go a long way toward making this bench a soft space to rest as well.

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6. Build Your Own Shelves

Do you have a short wall in your tiny home that isn’t currently being used for anything?

You can make the most of it by creating a set of built-in shelves that can store your clothes! Some handy homeowners love the idea of creating shelves on their own, while others will want to purchase some pre-made options.

Try to get creative with the types of shelves you can install in this area. Cube shelves are a popular option because they can hide your items in cute baskets and are easy to organize. However, you could also create a more industrial vibe in your home by using metal pipes and connecting them to create places to hang your clothes.

If you don’t want to make your own shelves, get creative with the different types of bookshelves that you can purchase. Stores like Ikea have a wide variety of shelves and sizes to choose from so that you can create a custom wall that suits your space perfectly.

If the only place where you could build your shelves is in the living room, you may not want to put your clothes on full display. Many people hesitate to do this because they would rather keep their closet private.

When this is the case, you can easily cover your closet by hanging curtains up in front of the shelves.

Either purchase curtains from the store or make your own using fabric from the craft store.

7. Install Hooks

Do you have clothing that is extremely trendy and might contribute to the overall design of your home?

If you want to put your style on display, then it might be time for you to install some simple hooks for your clothes.

Make sure that they are big enough to hold three to four items apiece.

Space them out evenly across the wall and create several rows to give you enough space to hold all of your clothing (or at least the pieces you wear the most often).

If you need places to hang handbags and shoes, you can install some floating shelves as well. Heels can hook over the edges of the shelves and neatly line the wall.

8. Utilize Hanging Caddies

One of the best things you can do if you have limited space for a closet in your tiny home is to maximize the space you have from top to bottom. Stacking your clothing is a great way to make the most of the space that you have to work with. Instead of going with traditional clothing racks, you may want to consider hanging caddies that reach from floor to ceiling with individual bins for your clothes.

Most people are familiar with using these hanging caddies for shoes, but you can repurpose them for so much more.

Invest in canvas caddies that come in a variety of sizes to store shoes, sweaters, handbags, and even jewelry. Choose versions that have clear pockets when possible so that you can see inside with ease.

Not to mention, this is a great option because they tend to be relatively inexpensive.

9. Garment Racks

The most obvious choice for someone who has no closet is to use a simple garment rack on wheels.

These are often simple in design, with many being made out of silver pipes. This is another great choice if you have a wardrobe that you don’t mind putting on display. Make sure you look for options that are on wheels so you can easily move them from one place to another throughout the day if you need to.

Instead of opting for a large and bulky armoire, this is a sleek alternative that doesn’t take up much space.

Not to mention, they tend to be inexpensive to purchase or make your own. This is the most basic option for someone who needs some closet space without a designated closet area in their tiny home.

Final Thoughts

You may have to get creative with where your clothes and accessories can be stored when space is at a premium, but with a few of these solutions in mind, you should be well on your way to getting organized without breaking the bank!

For more inspiration, head over to my article with 11 more storage ideas for small bedrooms with no closets. 

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