11 Great Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom with No Closet

The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, which can be challenging for small spaces, especially those with little to no storage areas.

Luckily, we have got you covered with these 11 great storage ideas for small bedrooms with no closets.

All-Around Bedframe Storage

a space saving with built-in drawers

The lightwood and white bedroom features a smart way to make up for the lack of closet space: having drawers on the bottom of the bed, two wooden nightstands, and a headboard that also acts as a shelf.

The design gives you more than enough space to keep the things you need in your bedroom accessible from any side of the bed!

I love how you can store so many items without accumulating a clutter. The calm and relaxing colors of the room make it a perfect place to get some rest in!

Compact Exposed Closet

shelves with clothes hanging rack and drawer boxes

This minimalist bedroom keeps its vanity and storage area by the wall with open shelves, containers, and a rod to hang clothes on.

The clever storage hack has everything you need to get ready within reach and within sight. It only takes a few steps from the bed to get a new change of clothes and a fresh pair of shoes.

The woven containers and shoe rack work hand-in-hand with the wooden hangers to balance the interior with natural elements. You could add a few more accent pieces to make the room more visually appealing.

Mini Closet

clothes hanging stand with shelves below

This bright and warm room has an equally inviting means of keeping shirts and shoes. The exposed, compact closet stores items right beside the bed.

It’s great how the colors of clothes and footwear make a whole room appear more vibrant.  The plant by the window is also a nice, decorative touch!

Storage like this is quite versatile. You can choose to keep folded clothes instead of shoes on the bottom shelves or even items you’d just like to keep within reach of your bedside. 

Makeshift Headboard Storage

clothes storage using wall-mounted shelves and clothes hanging rack behind the curtain INSTAGRAM @borjoisbiscuit

The modern interior with deep blue walls has an unconventional headboard space since the bed has a steel frame.

The wooden shelves installed higher up on the wall and the steel rod on the lower end effectively store clothes and toiletries behind long curtains. 

If you want to go for a design like this, my only suggestion would be to make sure that there is enough space for you to have easy access to your clothes and items or do it with an easy-to-move bed.

Stacked Bedside Drawers

normal bed with hidden pull-out bed and drawers underneath INSTAGRAM @rabbettesfurnitureinteriors

The fun, pattern-filled room uses the higher-than-usual platform bed as storage with stacked drawers on the bottom.

Having two layers of drawers is a great way to make use of vertical and horizontal space under the bed. You can easily store clothes, towels, and other items you’d keep in a closet.

I find that adding knobs or handles that complement the interior makes reaching for your things easier. I suggest choosing ones with charming designs, so they can also add to the aesthetic of the bedroom.

DIY Mounted Shelf And Rod

suspended hanging shelf with rails installed underneath for hanging clothes INSTAGRAM @cleaveandfellcarpentry

The cozy, youthful room, makes use of the wall space by hanging a shelf with an attached rod for added storage.

As long as you have a sturdy ceiling and wall space, this design is something anyone can make themselves. The compact shoe rack at the bottom keeps your shoes by your clothes but lets you move them around if you want to.

I love how the mirror is right beside the storage so you can instantly get a look at your outfit. It also has a light wooden frame to match the wood of the storage.

Foldable Closet Organizers

wooden hanging frame rack for clothes with foldable shelves INSTAGRAM @futoncompany

The minimalist bedroom with a simple, open, wood clothing rail stores its items in a well-lit area by the window.

To maximize the structure, a couple of hanging and box-type folding organizers are used to keep smaller or folded clothes.

The great thing about this storage hack is that you can have as many hanging organizers as you want and once you’re done with them, you only have to fold and keep them. So, they won’t consume too much space or add clutter to your bedroom.

If there are children in the house, please check out my article with brilliant kids’ clothing storage ideas you’ll love.

Wooden Crates Under The Bed

under-bed storage using wooden bins INSTAGRAM @organized_home

The clean, white bedroom has just enough space under the bed frame to keep large wooden crates for extra storage.

If you have no closet space and don’t want to add furniture or bulky structures, you can keep your items hidden under the bed.

I love how it doesn’t change the layout of the bedroom or take up space but utilizes the bed instead!  You can also use containers of different materials–plastic, woven, maybe even fabric, to complement your aesthetic.

It’s a good idea to stick felt floor protectors on the bottom of the crates to prevent scratching wooden flooring when you pull the boxes.

Bed Bench and Kist Storage

bedroom seating storage bench INSTAGRAM @artikodesigns

This modern, sleek, monochromatic bedroom makes sure that it has storage in the same style with a multipurpose bed bench-come-kist.

The design keeps your bedroom items at the foot of your bed, so you don’t have to occupy too much room elsewhere in the room.

It’s neat how the piece of furniture fits so well at the foot of the bed and suits the interior excellently.

Opting for furniture that doubles as storage of different sizes is a clever idea; choose whatever fits the size of your bedroom.

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Built-in Under Mattress Compartment

ottoman storage bed in a small room INSTAGRAM @instylebeds

This contemporary home features a vibrant blue bed, that when pushed upwards reveals two spacious storage compartments.

The best thing about this structure is that it utilizes the whole bed area to keep your stuff. So, you don’t have to add more furniture for storage. 

I love how innovative the design is. It’s definitely effective for small bedrooms. Since it saves up a ton of space, you can place a few tiny decorations to liven up the room.

I suggest adding dividers or smaller containers to keep your items organized and in designated areas.

In-Drawer Organizers

bedroom storage using tiered drawers INSTAGRAM @simplyspaced

The fresh and zen bedroom with a tall, lovely plant has a sleek drawer that keeps its contents in order with handy organizers.

It’s easy to just chuck things in your drawers, which would still make a small bedroom feel messy. But, with organizers that let you keep things arranged, you can avoid all the clutter.

I recommend adding these organizers to most of your drawers, shelves or boxes to keep all of your things arranged.

If you’re on a tight budget, product and shoe boxes can work just as effectively!

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