7 Ways To Make Tiny Houses Less Claustrophobic

If you’re anything like me, you hate clutter.  Clutter can quickly turn your home into a disaster zone, especially if you have kids!

Even living a downsized life can lead to more junk than you need.

One point of concern about tiny houses for many people is the fear of being overwhelmed by such a small space.

While living in a tiny home is a completely different experience from a traditional home, that doesn’t mean you need to feel like you’re living in a closet.  So, what can you do to help make your tiny house feel less claustrophobic?

Here are some great tricks to help even the smallest of homes feel much more open!

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furnishing a tiny house can sometimes feel like you’re playing Tetris.  Finding the right spot for the couch while still trying to make your smaller home feel open can be a struggle.  But, there is one thing that you can do that will kill two birds with one stone!

Multi-purpose furniture can make all the difference in the world when it comes to helping your home feel less claustrophobic.  

A couch that also serves as a storage unit is a great place to start.  This way, you can tuck away extra guest pillow and blankets when they are not in use.  One of my favorite multi-purpose furniture pieces is dining room tables that can be quickly transformed into a working space.

Any way that you can cut down on the amount of furniture you use, the better!

We have actually written an article about some of the coolest space saving furniture for tiny homes we have come across over the years.

2. Go Up High!

It’s easy to say that you need great storage in a tiny house to make it feel more open.  But that isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if you have a limited amount of floor space.

So, how can you free up room in your home without sacrificing floor space?

The answer is right above you!  Try to find creative ways to utilize the height of your home when it comes to storage.

One way you can start storing upwards is in the kitchen.  Hanging pots and pans, as well as utensils using a wire ceiling rack, will help to keep your countertops clear of clutter.  Hanging storage nets are also a great way to keep your floors clear.

These nets are perfect for children’s areas and rooms to quickly toss toys.

3. Design Tricks

One of my favorite tricks to help make a room feel more open is to utilize mirrors and windows as more of a “decoration choice.”

A large mirror perfectly placed in a smaller room will make it feel so much larger.  This is because mirrors tend to trick the eye into thinking a wall goes on further than it does!  Want to up your wall game even more?

Carefully place your mirrors to grab a reflection of a window.

This will trick your brain into thinking there are more windows than they really are.  This will also help make more natural light shine into your beautiful home, making it feel much lighter and brighter!

4. Floor to Ceiling

One trick that works in any home, no matter the size, is the way you use window drapes and curtains.  Typically when buying curtains for home, you measure the windows and the length to find the right ones to fit.  However, don’t feel like you need to follow these measurements perfectly!

In fact, using curtains that are bigger than your windows can produce some pretty cool magic.

Try using curtains that go all the way up to your ceiling and down to the floor.  While they may not be the right size for windows, it will make your home feel taller than it is.

This helps to make a home feel larger and far less claustrophobic.

5. Defining Spaces

One of the most difficult things about decorating a tiny house is determining which room is which.

Tiny houses often have rooms that have multiple purposes.

So, how can you define each space to make it feel cleaner?  One trick we love is using rugs to define each area of your tiny house.  A perfect places rug will make it clear that you are in a living room.

Also, a rug can actually help to keep your floor clear. By having a defined space, you have a better idea of where things in your tiny house belong.

This helps to prevent any “overspilling” from one room to another, which will make your tiny house feel larger and more defined.

6. Color Choice

I love bold color choices when painting a home.  But, in smaller spaces, you need to be aware of what your paint will offer the room.  Darker and richer colors will actually make a room feel smaller.  So, when painting your tiny house, keep two things in mind.  These are that you want to color to be light and bright.

While white is always a safe choice, don’t feel like you can’t showcase a little bit of personality through your color choices.

One cool trick to keep in mind is that light colors that are found in nature can really improve the look and feel of your tiny house. 

I personally love a light sky blue color.

This will give you the sense of being out in the open air, which can make your home feel much bigger.

7. Paint The Ceiling

While tiny houses are comfortable enough to live in, they can sometimes feel a little short.  Some tiny homes have lofts that add some height, while others are just a one-level home.  So, what can you do to make your home feel taller?  Check out your ceiling!

Painting a ceiling a light color that contrasts your wall color will draw the eye upwards.

While the paint is an awesome option, there is one we saw that is even cooler!  This is the use of wallpaper on the ceiling.  Light wallpaper with a little bit of a pattern will not only make your room feel taller, but it will also bring a little bit of style to your room!

One of the best ways I have seen this done is by using a cream-colored wallpaper with gold leaf texture.

How cool!

Final Thoughts

In this world, nothing is impossible!

The size of a home really doesn’t matter if you know how to use it.  I like to look at smaller homes like a challenge to try something new!

While these tricks are a great way to make a tiny house feel less claustrophobic, you never know what trick might work until you try.

After all, someone had to be the first one, right?  So, be creative and be bold. You may even find that in the end, your home feels so much larger and more welcoming than you could have ever imagined!

Good luck!

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