Tiny Houses For Sale Near Me? (Check Your State Here!)

Knowing you want to downsize your home and actually downsizing your home are two separate beasts.

This is especially true when it comes to purchasing a tiny house.

While tiny homes are increasing in popularity around the country, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right one.

Each state treats the sale of tiny houses differently.

So, where do you look to find the best one?  Here is what we found!

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Alabama is a traditional southern state known for hospitality and sweet tea.

But, how does it stack up with it comes to tiny houses for sale?

Here are some fantastic resources we found for buying a tiny house in Alabama:

AL Tiny Homes

AL Tiny Homes is an Alabama based tiny house group that offers much more than just tony homes for sale.

They are a massive part of the tiny house movement and have been leading the charge in Alabama.

From their site, you can view thousands of tiny houses for sale as well as get advice about the house buying process in Alabama.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Timbercraft Tiny Homes is a custom builder service located in the heart of Alabama that specializes in tiny homes.

Their slogan is “Tiny Meets Luxury,” and it shows why!  They have some fantastic custom-built tiny houses for sale that spare no detail when it comes to high-quality features. 

You will also love that they are handcrafted with local materials found right in Alabama.


Alaska is often seen as the final frontier.

The vast wilderness that sometimes can only be accessed by plane might not seem like the best place for a tiny house.

But, Alaska is one of the premier states for tiny living.

Here are some great places to view tiny houses for sale in Alaska!

Tundra Tiny Houses

Tundra Tiny Houses are one of the premier tiny house sellers in Alaska.

One thing we love about Tundra Tiny Houses is that they stay true to the Alaska lifestyle of honoring the land first.  They have four different tiny house designs to choose from and customize to your liking. 

You will also love that they offer to finance their tiny houses for sale.

Tiny Timber Homes

Tiny Timber Homes are like little log cabins that will fit in perfectly with the Alaskan backdrop.

These tiny houses for sale are unique because they are made with beautifully handcrafted wood and Alaska-style touches. 

One of the best parts is that they always try to locally source their building materials so you can support your community while buying a home!


Arizona is one of the best multicultural states in the country.

The perfect blend of southwest and Mexican pride offers a fantastic experience.  Also, Arizona is one of the true independent states.

They believe in less government control, which makes it a perfect place to buy a tiny house. 

Here are some of the best places to find a tiny house for sale in Arizona.

Utopian Villas

Utopian Villas is the perfect one-stop-shop for tiny houses for sale in Arizona.

Along with offering some great tiny houses for sale, Utopian Villas do so much more!

They even lay out all of the laws regarding tiny houses in Arizona to help keep you safe and legal.

Tiny Treasure Homes

Tiny Treasure Homes is a tiny house building company that specialized in tiny houses on wheels.  Our favorite tiny house that has for sale right now is The Liberty TM.

This is the perfect combination of tiny house style with classic Arizona backdrops.


Arkansas is known for long stretching prairies with a vast amount of farmland.

This helps to make it a great location to place a tiny house.  But where are the best places to buy tiny houses in Arkansas?

Here is what we found!

Ozark Tiny House Outlet

Ozark  Tiny House Outlet is the number one tiny house seller in Arkansas.

They specialize in wood cabin-style tiny houses lifted on trailers.

While they have tiny houses for sale, they also make custom-built tiny houses if you are looking for something more tailored to your needs.

Tiny Homes of Arkansas

Tiny Homes of Arkansas specializes in using shipping containers to build unique tiny houses for sale.

This is an excellent option for those looking to pair downsizing with eco-friendly living options.

Best of all, with financing, you can expect to pay as little as $52 a month for a new tiny house!


California always seems to have its finger on the pulse of what is trendy.

Better yet, they are extremely into reducing waste.  This makes for a perfect storm when it comes to finding great tiny houses for sale.  Here is what we found!

California Tiny House

California Tiny House has been the premier place to buy tiny houses in the state of California.

Here, you have two options to choose from.  You can either decide to buy one of their already-made models or start from scratch with a custom-built home. 

This family-owned operation has been building tiny houses since 2014 and continues to be one of the best custom-builders on the golden coast.

KJE Tiny Homes

Located in the heart of Fresno, KJE Tiny Homes prides itself in selling homes that focus on quality and not quantity.

By taking the time to build and sell a quality tiny house, they can focus on what truly matters to buyers.  Best of all, their tiny houses are not only high quality but wholly unique and original.


Living in this mountain state comes with a lot of perks.

This is especially true for tiny house owners.  What could possibly be a better backdrop for your tiny house than the famous Rocky Mountains?  But, how does it stack up when it comes to tiny house sellers?

Here is what we found:

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses builds and sells quality tiny homes all throughout Colorado.

To them, the most important thing is understanding the surroundings of the buyer.

Since the terrain in the mountains can be unique and tricky at times, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses focus on adapting to this setting.

MitchCraft Tiny Homes

MitchCraft Tiny Homes sells amazing, built tiny houses that have a uniquely stylish flair.

We love their use of different types of stained wood to create a one-of-a-kind pattern.  Also, their usage of colors and side paneling makes it look more like a tiny villa.  They have many different models and floor plans to choose from, guaranteeing that you can find the right fit for you.


Connecticut is known for being rich in history.

One of the perks of living in Connecticut is that you are a short train ride away from NYC. 

However, the prices for homes can sometimes be out of this world.  This is why tiny houses have grown in popularity in this East Coast state.  Here are the best places to buy a tiny house here:

Tiny House Northeast

Tiny House Northeast has been serving the downsized community of the Northeast for years.

This also happens to cover beautiful Connecticut.  From here, you can view hundreds of tiny homes for sale as well as find custom-builders in your area.

Craft and Sprout

Craft and Sprout is an adorable tiny house located right in Connecticut.

Craft and Spout focus on bringing a little bit of nature to each of their designs.  Using materials found within their region, they build and sell amazing tiny houses that look like something out of a fairytale.


Delaware is often forgotten about.  But what it lacks in size it makes up for in heart.  Even in this small but fierce state, you can find some fantastic tiny houses for sale.  Here is where to look:

Utopian Villas – Delaware

While there are not too many resources available for tiny houses in Delaware, we did find one that gas everything you need.

Utopian Villas focuses on tiny houses for sale around the country.  Here you can view tiny houses for sale directly from sellers as well as smaller-scale custom builders.


Flordia is often known as the state people escape to avoid harsh winters.

But, did you know that Flordia also has some great tiny house sellers right in the heart of this orange blossom state?

Here are the best ones we found!

Cornerstone Tiny Homes

One of the best parts about Cornerstone Tiny Homes is that they specialize in both tiny houses on wheels as well as ones built on a foundation.

This gives you options when searching for the best tiny house to buy.

Also, you will love that they have some great financing options for those who need it.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is known for selling some of the most beautiful tiny houses we have ever seen.

The best part about these custom-built tiny houses is that the kitchens are always the heart of the homes. 

Fitted with natural wood countertops and marble backsplashes – you will forget that you’re even in a smaller-scaler home!


There are few things as sweet as this southern state.

Known for its peaches and southern hospitality, Georgia also is one of the premier states for buying tiny houses.

Here are some of the best resources for finding the best tiny house for sale in Georgia:

Tiny Houses of Georgia

Tiny Houses of Georgia have some of the most beautiful and unique tiny houses for sale.

Since they are custom builders, you have different models to choose from.

We love the Jackson model!  This tiny house looks like a classic southern home, just on a much smaller scale. 

Tiny Houses of Georgia also offers some fantastic financing options.

Hummingbird Tiny Housing

Hummingbird Tiny Housing focuses on two main things.

These are quality and dependability, which so happen to be the most essential traits for custom builders.

Also, they work with the buyer throughout the process so that you, too, can be proud of the final outcome.


Hawaii is a dream destination for most people around the world.  But, for the people that live there, it is simply “home.”

So, finding the best tiny house that reflects your pride for the island is vital for the residents of Hawaii.

Here are some of the best places to buy a tiny house in Hawaii:

Tiny Pacific Houses

Tiny Pacific Houses are the most famous tiny house sellers on the island of Hawaii.  The tiny homes they build and sell are some of the most unique ones we’ve seen.

Also, they have custom tiny houses for sale for as little as $44k!

Habitats Hawaii

Habitats Hawaii is not only a great place to buy tiny homes, but it also is an excellent resource for those just starting out their downsizing journey.

The key to Habitats Hawaii success is that they focus on sustainability so that they can continue to respect the land around them.


Idaho is not only a popular farming state, but it also is starting to become more welcoming to the tiny house community.

Here is the best resource we found to buy a tiny house in Idaho!

Tiny Idahomes

Tiny Idahomes is nestled in the long stretch of prairie land in the heart of Idaho.  They specialize in selling and building tiny houses from start to finish.

They offer full design services as well as custom-built tiny homes.  This way, you can be sure that you are getting what you want from the very beginning.


Illinois is the perfect mixture of different neighborhoods, all in one state.  You have the bustling city if Chicago paired with thousands of acres of farmland.

But, they also are extremely friendly to tiny house owners.  Here are the best places to buy a tiny house in Illinois.

Bantam Built Homes

Bantam Built Homes builds tiny houses that are meant to move.  Thet specializes in tiny homes that are lifted on a trailer for easy travel.

They really lean into the “off the grid” appeal of tiny house living.  Along with great designs, they also offer amazing financing options!


Indiana is the home of many popular universities and beaches.  But, did you know that there is some serious momentum happening there within the tiny house community?

Here is where you can get a tiny house of your very own in this vast state:

Blue Sky Tiny Homes

Not only does Blue Sky Tiny Homes have some amazing custom floor plans, but they also have a large inventory of tiny houses for sale right now. 

They promise to find you the best tiny house that fits your style, personality, and budget.

Trovit – Indiana Tiny Houses

While there are not many tiny house relators in Indiana, you can find plenty of homes for sale by using user-based platforms.

Trovit is one of the better ones out there and even let you filter through to quickly find the tiny house of your dreams.


Some people think there isn’t much more to Iowa than fields of corn.  However, there is a little pocket of tiny houses that is sure to amaze you.  Here is what we found!

Wind River Tiny Homes

One of my favorite styles of tiny houses is the ones that look like little log cabins.  This is exactly what Wind River Tiny Homes specializes in.

This team of amazing builders delivers custom-made tiny houses that will be the envy of all of your friends!


The tiny house movement has been growing so fast that it has even touched down in more traditional states like Kansas.  So, where can you buy a tiny house in Kansas? 

Here are some great resources for you to use!

Tiny House Listing

While there is a shortage of tiny house realtors in Kansas, Tiny House Listing is a great resource to find tiny houses that are for sale by the owner.

Right now, there are hundreds of listings right in Kansas!  Our favorite is a two-level cabin-style tiny house that even has its own wrap-around porch!


Even the country state of Kentucky has started to dip its toe into the downsized way of life.  While there are not too many tiny house realtors or builders located in this state, we did find one great resource for you to use!

Real Life Tiny Homes

Real Life Tiny Homes has a large collection of tiny houses for sale.  Best of all, they are completely unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else.

We personally love their “open concept” design that features one full wall of windows!  This helps to make even the smallest of spaces feel wide open.


One thing that is not in shortage in Louisiana is soul!  That is exactly what you can expect when shopping for a tiny house in this historical state.

Here are some of the best builders where you can buy a tiny house of your own in Louisiana!

Cajun Bungalows

Cajun Bungalows has tiny houses for sale that you would expect to see in Louisiana.  Bright and colorful sidings paired with luxury touches like chandeliers perfect pair against this southern backdrop.

Right now, they have a large collection of tiny houses for sale catering to most of Louisiana!

Elite Tiny Homes

What do you get when you pair master woodworking with the art of designing tiny houses?  Elite Tiny Homes, of course!

They have all different styles of tiny houses available for sale, and each has its iconic woodworking stamp on it!


Maine is one of my favorite states.  It has amazing views of the ocean and has so much local culture and color.  Also, they love their tiny houses over there!

Here is where you can find some amazing tiny houses for sale in Maine:

Tiny Homes of Maine

Tiny Homes of Maine is more than just a tiny house builder and realtor.  They are also leading the charge with the tiny house movement in Maine. 

Here you can view hundreds of styles of tiny houses for sale.  Best of all, many are within reasonable prices, which is perfect for any family on a budget.

Tiny Houses Northeast

Tiny House Northeast caters to most eastern states, including Maine.  They produce and sell tiny homes that are lifted on trailers for easy travel.

Their promise is to deliver comfortable and well-designed tiny houses to get you on your way to downsized living.


Maryland is known for its beautiful ocean views and its love for baseball.  However, tiny house communities are popping up, especially in lower-income areas.

This solidifies tiny house living as a great option for those living on a budget.

Here is where you can find amazing tiny houses for sale in Maryland:

Humble Houses

Humble Houses works with programs in Maryland to offer people another option when it comes to living in a home on a budget.  They sell hundreds of previously built tiny homes as well as offer a custom-build service.

They offer an amazing path to homeownership by showing that 78% of their clients own their own tiny house within the first year!


New England is known to have large mansion-style homes.  But, it may surprise you to know that the tiny house movement is picking up steam even in this traditional state.

Here is what we found for tiny homes for sale in Massachusetts!

BB Tiny Houses

BB Tiny Houses are one of the premier tiny house realtors and builders in America.

This is especially true in Massachusetts!  Here you can view tons of tiny homes for sale right in your area.

We love the “Ashmere” model for sale in Massachusetts.  Its clean and classic lines are a perfect fit for this New England state.


Michigan is slowly but surely becoming a more progressive state for this mid-western area.  One thing that Michigan is starting to embrace is the downsized lifestyle.

Michigan’s rolling plains and Lakeview setting is perfect for a tiny house.  Here is where you can buy the best one!

Great Lakes Tiny Homes

Great Lakes Tiny Homes has three stages when it comes to purchasing a tiny house.  It all starts with the design followed by the construction and rounding out with insurance.

Since this is a one-stop-shop for people looking to buy a tiny house, you know you’re in good hands.


When you think about wilderness living, you often think about Minnesota.

This is why buying a tiny house in Minnesota is a smart move.  What better way to enjoy your new tiny house than surrounded by trees and nature.  Here are some great tiny houses for sale right now in Minnesota!

Tiny House Marketplace

While there is a shortage of tiny house builders in Minnesota, there are plenty of owners selling in this state!

Tiny House Marketplace is a great resource for those looking to buy a tiny house.  One of our current favorite listings is a bright blue studio tiny house that is listed for only $19k!


Mississippi is full of winding rivers and paths.  This makes it a dream state for wild fishing and small-scale living.

But, how does it stack up when it comes to tiny homes for sale?  Here is what we found:

Lakeside Tiny Home Collection

This is the perfect resource for those looking to buy a tiny house in Mississippi!

Lakeside Tiny Home Collection offers seven different tiny house floorplans and styles to choose from. 

From there, you pay to customize it your own way.  Best of all. They range in size from 150 square feet up to 395 square feet!


What better way to live comfortably in this mountain state than with a perfectly built tiny house.  So, where do you look when searching for a tiny house for sale in Montana?  Here is a great resource for you!

Arch 406

Arch 406 specializes in architect based designs, so you know you are buying quality when purchasing a tiny house from them. 

They currently have four different styles of tiny homes for sale, ranging in size.

There is even an “office” style tiny house that is perfect for those looking for a part-time downsized living.


Nevada is mostly known for having vast desert land.  Off-the-grid living is also something that is widely regarded in this state.

This makes it a perfect place for a tiny house.  So, where can you buy a tiny house in Nevada?

Here is what we found:

Sierra Tiny Houses

Sierra Tiny Houses offers tiny houses for sale and construction in Reno.

In order to buy a house from this company, you must first fill out a request form.  This will lay out all of your tiny house needs and wants. 

This way, they can best match you with the tiny house right for you.

Far Out Tiny Homes

Far Our Tiny Homes is a unique place to buy a tiny house, and its right in their name!  One thing that is really special about this tiny house company is that they offer investor-based financing.

New Hampshire

Among the smallest states in America is New Hampshire.  However, anyone who owns a tiny house knows it isn’t the size that matters.

Here is where you can find tiny houses for sale in New Hampshire!

Granite State Tiny Homes

Granite Slate has over 20 years of constructing and selling tiny houses, so you know you are in good hands.

They have several tiny house models to choose from, ranging in price from $30k to $60k.

New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its “no-nonsense” attitude.  The perfect mixture of city and beach life, New Jersey is welcoming to the tiny house community.

Here are some of the best tiny houses for sale in New Jersey:

Big B’s Tiny Homes

Big B’s specializes in building and selling high-quality and luxurious tiny houses.

They currently have one tiny house for sale – The Dream. 

This gorgeous tiny house has all the high-end fixtures you would want to see and is listed for an affordable $69,900!

New Mexico

Nowhere has better southwestern views than New Mexico!  So, here is where you can find the best tiny house to buy in New Mexico!

Tiny House Outlet – Las Cruces

Tiny House Outlet offers tons of affordable tiny houses for sale.  Our favorite model that they sell is the “Tiny Condo.”

This bright blue tiny house with white trim fits in perfectly with the style of New Mexico and can comfortably sleep up to four people!

New York

While New York houses one of the biggest cities in the country, they have been slow to accept tiny house living.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great time house for sale in this northern state.

Here is what we found:

Hudson River Tiny Homes

Hudson River Tiny Homes has some of the nicest looking tiny houses on the market today.  We are particularly fond of the “Free Spirit” model! 

This gorgeous tiny house is decorated with natural wood and wide bright windows.

Best of all – it’s available for purchase right now!

North Carolina

North Carolina is full of beaches and long stretches of wilderness.

Also, they are extremely friendly to the tiny house movement.

Here is where you can buy a great tiny house in North Carolina!

Buck’s Tiny Houses

Buck’s has some amazing tiny houses for sale.  For example, the Red Oak Model is perfect for anyone, just starting out on their tiny life journey. 

This custom-built home is 363 square feet and includes a full sleeping loft.

Best of all, there are two decks that are important for tiny houses since the outside is an extension of the home.

North Dakota

People in North Dakota take pride in their country.  This same passion can be spread to the way they live.

But, how do tiny homes fit into the equation?

Here is what we found out for you!

Dakota Tiny House

The Dakota Tiny House is a beautiful tiny home for sale that sits upon a trailer.  It features a small front porch and a sleeping loft.

This is on the small scale of tiny houses at just 150 square feet and can comfortably sleep two!


Ohio is a huge farming and cultivating state.  With lots of open fields, it is no surprise that there is a robust tiny home community in this red state.

Here are some tiny houses that you can buy in Ohio right now!

Modern Tiny Living

Modern Tiny Living is located right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio!  There have some really amazing tiny houses for sale.

We are obsessed with their use of clean white lines mixed with some touches of nature.

Rockbridge Tiny House

One listing for a tiny house in Ohio that we love is this custom-built tiny home!

This house is only 288 square feet and is a studio-style home, which means it comfortably sleeps only one.


Oklahoma is known for its extreme weather patterns and family-style living.  But, is it as friendly to tiny houses as it is to outsiders?

Here is a great tiny house for sale right in Oklahoma!

Lifestyle Tiny Home

We found this beautiful listing for the Lifestyle Tiny Home, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

We are in love with the use of grey and marble to make the home seem much bigger than it is. 

This home is 221 square feet, and the seller offers some amazing financing options!


When I think about off-the-grid living, I tend to think about Oregon!  They prefer to have less government and more control over themselves.

This helps to make it a perfect state for tiny house living.  Here are some that you can buy now!

The Rainier Tiny House

It’s no surprise that Portland houses some of the most amazing tiny houses.  The Rainier Tiny House is for sale right now, and it incredible!

This 22-foot trailer tiny house has a full kitchen and bath and even a convertible living room.

Urban Cottage

The Urban Cottage tiny house is located right in Portland and is listed for only $59,000!

It is built by using locally sourced pine wood and features a full-sized sleeping loft.


Pennsylvania is the perfect mixture of traditions and big city living.  If you’re planning on buying a tiny house in Pennsylvania – you’re in luck!

Here are some great tiny house listings right in the heart of Amish Country!

Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes has some amazing tiny houses for sale.  Better yet – they are even running a last-minute winter sale!

We are fond of their “Farmhouse” tiny house!

With Barnwood siding and a tin roof, you will feel right at home in this country-sleek home.

Rhode Island

Another small but powerful state is Rhode Island.  Smaller living is no stranger to this state, which is why you are sure to find some great tiny houses for sale.

Here are some great ones we found:

Hideaway Village

The Hideaway Village tiny house looks more like a tiny mansion than a tiny house.

That’s because the size is a whopping 382 square feet, which are on the higher end for tiny homes. 

It also features a bedroom and a bath.

South Carolina

South Carolina is often a vacation destination for those looking for some nice beach and fishing spots.

But, how do they stack up when it comes to tiny houses for sale?

Here are some great ones that we know you will love!

Lake Walk Community

Not only does the Lake Walk Tiny House Community have some great tiny homes for sale, they always offer a community for you to live in.

We really like The Alexander model for sale.

This log-style tiny house is fitted on a trailer and features a full-sized sleeping loft.

South Dakota

Another popular wilderness state is South Dakota.

While there is a shortage of tiny home builders in this state, there are some great tiny homes still for sale.

Here are some of the best tiny homes being sold directly from the owners!


This beautiful tiny house is 300 square feet and is listed for $42,500!

You will also love that there are two separate beds for comfortable sleeping and a full bath to enjoy!


This proud southern state is one of the most welcoming to the tiny house community.

So, where can you find the best tiny house for sale for you and your family?

Here are some great options!

Incredible Tiny Homes

Randy Jones Original is a unique tiny house available for sale in Tennessee.  At first glance, this tiny house looks like a small rustic cabin that is full of charm.

You will also love that the price is set fairly low at just $20k!   

Incredible Tiny Homes also has other styles available for purchase like The Freedom Line that sells for just $25k.


We’ve written about this southern state often because they have so many options for tiny house living down there!

But where can you find the best tiny house?  Here are some great listings to check out:

Wolfvalley Buildings

Wolfvalley Buildings is one of the premier tiny house realtors in the state of Texas.

They have hundreds of tiny house listenings, including this one that we love!

Their one-bedroom floorplan offers plenty of space for this tiny house.  This includes a full kitchen and bath and is perfect for small families.

The Alexander

We love this Texas listing because it looks like something out of the wild west.

Completely fitted with a front porch and a sleeping loft, you will find yourself right at home with this tiny listing.

Best of all, it is available for purchase right now for just $71k!


How does this historical northern state stack up against the rest of the tiny house community?  Fairly well!

But don’t take our word for it.  Here is a great tiny house listing located right in the hills of Vermont:

Minim Tiny House

If you are looking for more than just a tiny house and are looking for a project – this listing is perfect for you.

This home is the bare bones of a house and is perfect for someone looking to put their own stamp on it.  For just $60k, that gives you a good amount of wiggle room to make it your own!


This capital state has been a little slow to jump on the tiny house trend.  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any amazing tiny house for sale.

Especially by using user-based platforms.

Here is a listing we know you will love:

Tiny House Building Company

Here you can view dozens of custom tiny house models for sale.  Each has been perfectly constructed and ranges widely in sizes.  Our favorite is the Bayview model.

This 28 foot long home features a large sliding glass door on the side.  This helps to make the home feel larger than it is and offers a great view!


Washington, by far, is perhaps the best place to buy a tiny house.  In fact, this state leads the charge when it comes to tiny house communities and builders.  But, can you still buy a tiny home at a reasonable price?

Here is what we found!

LGH Tiny Home

This loft-style tiny house features one bed and one bath and is a great deal for any single person.

Overall, the size of this home tops out at 160 square feet.  Our favorite detail about this home is the cobalt blue siding paired perfectly with clean white trim. 

Best of all, this home can be yours for just $37,500!

Elegant Tiny House

We love this tiny house listing because it has plenty of space for larger families.  This home features two full sleeping lofts as well as a separate bedroom.

One of the unique features of this home is that there is plenty of storage space which is often unheard of tiny living!

West Virginia

West Virginia features some of the most popular beach destinations for people on the east coast.  What better way to live in a tiny home than by the beach?

Here are some great listings that will take you one step closer to your dream:

CnH Tiny House Village

This is a tiny house village that has everything from house sales, rentals, and even lots to park your tiny house.  The best part is that you literally have a community built-in to your home sale.

Plus, the tiny homes they sell are beautiful and comfortable and come in a large range of sizes and styles.


Wisconsin is a great state to get lost in.  This large state is home to all different types of people and is fairly friendly to those looking to downsize. 

This is great since the average cost of a home is much lower in this state.

Here is a great Wisconsin tiny house listing that is right in budget and in style!

Utopian Villa Denali

When I first saw this tiny house listing, I just had to take a second look.  It is one of the largest and most unique tiny houses we have seen.

From the outside, it looks like an architecture dream with its large windows and unique shape.

While the price is a little higher than the average at $110,000, it is totally worth it!


Rounding out our list of tiny houses for sale per state is the sprawling state of Wyoming.  There believe in holding onto tradition while still maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle.

Here are a couple of tiny homes for sale that we found that we think will interest you!


Wheelhaus is a great custom building company that specialized in living large in smaller space.  They have some of the most beautiful tiny homes for sale, and they do not skimp on quality.

I personally love their Flex-Haus design.  This modern-looking house is 255 square feet and features metal siding for a more industrial look. 

You can get your very own for only $94k.

Final Thoughts

From coast to coast, there are plenty of great builders and sellers out there that specialize in tiny homes.

So, whether you are looking to make the jump or are still doing your research, there is plenty of homes out there.  One important thing to remember is that every state has different rules and laws when it comes to the legality of owning a tiny home.

For a complete breakdown of the laws by state – check out Where Can I Build a Tiny House? (Laws by State)

Good luck with your house hunting journey!

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