How To Start a Tiny House Community (Great Tips!)

It seems that these days tiny house communities are popping up all over the world.

This is especially true in heavily populated areas like larger cities.  But, even smaller communities enjoy the benefits of tiny house living as well.

This means that if you live in more populated cities, you are more likely to find a great community to belong to.

What if you live in a smaller area where tiny houses are few and far between?¬† The best thing you can do if you can’t find a tiny house community to call your own is to create one!

This, of course, is easier said than done.

Here are some great ways to start a tiny house community in whatever area you live in:

What Is A Tiny House Community?

When talking about tiny house communities, it is important to note that there are two different types to speak of.

First, you have a physical community where people can park their tiny houses and enjoy the community resources together.

Secondly, a tiny house community is more of a state of mind. Tiny house communities are a collection of like-minded people where ideas and solutions are shared.

This way, residents can work together to problem-solve and assist newcomers to the scene without having to be within direct proximity to each other.

I find that this is where real change is made!

Here is a great breakdown about how to build one of these communities – whether you’re thinking about neighborhoods or a common well of knowledge:

1. Become a Resource

When starting a tiny house community, it is important to know why people seek them out.

Make it personal to your experience:

  • What made you want to find a community?¬†
  • What was important to you?

Many people look for a tiny house community for information and resources.

The best way to start a community is to BE the resource!  This gives people a one-stop-shop when looking for information on tiny house living.

The number one thing people want to know is how to start a tiny house.

This leads them down a rabbit hole when it comes to zoning information, permits as well as design and construction.

As someone who has already been through it, you are considered an expert in this field.

For more information, check out our article on 4 Ways To Join The Tiny House Movement (and Communities)!

Share What You Know

Gather information that you found personally important when starting your journey.

Make sure to tailor the information to your current area.

This way, people can know exactly what they need to do to prepare for being a tiny house owner.

In the end, you will find that you have a perfect custom tiny house handbook for your town.

It is also important to remember that the more you learn from others, the more your resources can change.

This is why it is important to be able to adapt and learn even though you have already been through it.

2. Study and Learn

The moment we think we know it all, we already lost.

So, if tiny house issues are important enough for you to want to start a community, continue to educate yourself.

A great way to do this is to study up on all the different aspects of the community!

Study everything from concept and design to laws and guidelines.  When you are educated on the ways the tiny house community works, the better you are able to be a part of the change.

This is so important when you consider how the community has changed over the years.

We see more and more laws adapt, and change, and more people are beginning to learn about tiny house living.

Part of having a community is having support when it is time to take things to the task.  Having a strong community in your corner can make all the difference when it comes to making change and improving tiny house living.

However, in order to really make a change, you have to have all of your facts and information correct.

Here are some great books and resources for you to use when starting to build your tiny house community:

3. Networking is Key

Starting a community from scratch is no easy task!

It takes a ton of time and resources and, at times, can hardly seem worth it.

Simply having the motivation to start a tiny house community is the first big step to success.

While people who share your same passion will join you along the way, having great connections from the start can make all the difference in the world.

One great thing about networking in the 21st century is that most of it can be done remotely online.

Where to Start?

Find communities that have already been established online and get yourself out there.

Promote yourself correctly as a self-starter. You may be surprised to find how many people will be willing to help you on your journey. 

After all, they have already been through it!  Each new community that is built only helps the overall mission of the movement.

There are plenty of established communities for you to jump into.

Here are some of our favorite online tiny house communities that can be a great resource for you to network in:

4. Make Waves

You have to decide what your mission is.

Are you looking to gather like-minded people in order to share experiences, or do you want to make a change in your small community?

If you are looking to make changes, you will have to make some waves.

The best way to do this is to get involved with local government and committees.  This allows you to enact the changes you want to make at a higher level.

Being the link to the local government allows you to be the “speaker” for your movement!

Best of all, if you are interested in getting involved locally, the tiny house network that you have found will surely help you along the way!

Local Community Gatherings

You don’t have to be in politics to make waves in your committee either!

Once you have established your tiny house community in your town, start having regular gatherings.

This is essential because this way, you can learn what about the movement is important to other tiny house owners.

This way, you’re main focus won’t only be on the things that you alone find personally interesting.

Part of running a community is knowing why others are so passionate about it as well!

Final Thoughts

Starting a tiny house community of your own can be a lot of work but also has some major benefits.

Make sure to follow these simple and productive ways to get your community off the ground!

Along with the important information you will be getting, you will be making friends.  After all, what is a community?

A community is a group of like-minded people who have one common goal in mind.

You may even find that in the end, you have learned more than you expected.

Good luck!


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