3 Best Class A Motorhomes For Families (With Prices & Pictures)

If you and your family are considering investing in a motorhome for full-time living or regular camping excursions, you might not yet be sure which RV category would suit you.

Many different motorhome types fall into either drivable RVs or towable RVs. If you are searching for a motorized RV and have a family of four or more people, you might want to consider a Class A motorhome.

To help you decide if a Class A motorhome is right for you, we have put together a list of the best Class A family models with varying sleeping arrangements so that you can evaluate each and make a sound decision:

Benefits of Owning a Class A Motorhome for Families:

There are many different motorhome types from travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class C and Class B models in the RV market.

However, Class A motorhomes are often the best suited to families who have four people or more. Many Class A RVs can sleep a minimum of four people, with some even having the capabilities to accommodate nine people.

If your uncertain about whether a Class A is worth the investment, have a look at the few benefits we have found associated with owning a Class A  motorhome for your family:

Larger Water Tanks:

When you are traveling or living with a large family, it can be a huge inconvenience when you have water, gas, black and grey water tanks that frequently hit capacity.

Class A RVs often have larger tanks, so you don’t need to make frequent stops along the way to your destination.

Larger tanks in Class A motorhomes are among the reasons they are more popular for families and those participating in full-time RV living.

Plenty of Space:

Class A motorhomes are usually the largest type of RV that a family can purchase.

The majority of Class A motorhomes range between 35 feet and 40 feet long. With these lengths, families have much more space than living or traveling in a Class C or smaller towable motorhome.

In addition to more floor space, families will also have much more storage space available to them inside the RV and underbelly storage area.

Amenities & Features:

It’s no secret that families require more amenities.

One of the best benefits of owning a Class A motorhome when having a family is that you can pick one that comes with a washer and a dryer.

This is incredibly convenient as you won’t need to worry about how you will wash your clothes, bedding, and towels when you are away from your permanent residence.

If you live with your family in a Class A full-time, you also won’t need to worry about constantly finding a laundromat.

Best Class A Motorhomes That Can Sleep a Family of Four:

Class A motorhomes that can sleep four give both the children and the parents their own privacy.

This helps tremendously with avoiding family conflicts while out on the road.

Additionally, Class A motorhomes have a residential feel to them and are often decked out in comfortable furnishings. Your family of four will love the feeling of traveling in a home away from home.

We have listed two of the best Class A motorhomes suitable for a family of four.

We have also included the size, features, and estimated retail pricing to give you a great starting point for your search:

1. 2021 Newmar Ventana 3407 (~$363,000)

If you want a small luxury Class A motorhome, you might want to look at the 2021 Newmar Ventana 3407.

This powerful motorhome is built on a Freightliner XCR chassis powered by a Cummins 6.7 liter 360 HP diesel engine. With a length of 35 feet, there is enough space for a family of four to be comfortable.

As this model comes with many exemplary features and amenities, you can expect to pay an estimated retail price of $363,000.

The Interior:

This model is extraordinarily luxurious with nude tone furniture, glossy warm tone wood cabinetry, and slate grey tiles throughout the living and private areas.

The lounge area has an extra-large sofa couch that transforms into one of the two people’s sleeping accommodations.

Above the sofa is an intricately designed wooden cut-out that adds a touch of elegance to the sophisticated living room.

Across from the living area is the gorgeously modern kitchen. The kitchen features sparkling white granite-like countertops with plenty of space for more than one person to cook and prepare food at once.

Inside the kitchen, a dual stainless steel kitchen sink with a faucet, a large Whirlpool microwave, a two-plate glass top stove, and a residential-sized fridge with a water dispenser.

Next to the kitchen is a spacious dining area with a slide-out dining room table. The seating in this area is comfortable, with gorgeous detailing on each of the four chairs.

This area is also across from the long, and the cabinetry in front of the dining area houses a huge LED television for entertainment purposes.

Bed & Bath:

In this motorhome, the bathroom is located centrally, which is ideal as it is easily accessed by both the children or guests and the parents.

The bathroom is truly exceptional, with gorgeous marble-like grey and white effects on the shower walls. The shower cubicle is spacious and has a glass door, wooden seat, and skylight.

The warm wood-toned cabinetry continues into this space, where there is a medicine cabinet with a mirror, a cabinet with a built-in wash hand basin, and a toilet.

The bedroom in the 2021 Newmar Ventana 3407 is definitely the highlight. You can either have a wardrobe or opt for a convenient washer and dryer hidden behind wooden doors.

The bed is king-sized, and there are windows on either side of it. Across from the large bed is a LED television and cupboards with granite-like countertops.

2. 2022 Thor Windsport 29M (~$117,000)

If you’re on a budget, the Thor Windsport 29M is ideal for your family of four.

This motorhomes retail price is estimated to be $117,000, a bargain for the modern interior and features you receive.

The Thor Windsport 29M is 31 feet long, so it is not as spacious as other options on the market, but the layout is designed in such a way as to capitalize on the space there is.

This model has a walkable roof, a slide-out living space, a large awning, and an outdoor LED television. Additionally, his model comes with an exterior outdoor kitchen.

The Interior:

Inside the motorhome, you will find a gorgeous color scheme of beige tone furniture and light wood cabinetry.

The lounge features two recliner chairs with cupholders, or you can opt for a large sofa couch that transforms into a sofa bed. There is also a drop-down bunk bed that measures 54 inches by 74 inches.

Across from the living room is a dinette area that seats four people. The booth seating is cozy and comfortable, and the dining table is large enough for the entire family to enjoy a meal together.

The dining room table also comes with two cupholders, wall-mounted 40-inch television, and there is a large window where you and the family can enjoy the view.

You will find glossy countertops in the kitchen, a large fridge, a microwave, and a three-plated stove across the bathroom. There is also a handy kitchen sink that comes with a faucet.

Additionally, the kitchen has many cupboards where you can store all the kitchen items you want with you when camping.

Bed & Bath:

Next to the dining area is the private bathroom that houses a 24 inch by 36-inch shower with frosted glass doors, a wash hand basin, and a toilet.

At the rear of this Class A is the moderately sized private bedroom. Inside this room, you will find a king-sized bed, an LED television, a wardrobe, and a countertop where you can charge appliances.

You will also find that each side of the bed comes with its own bedside table.

Best Class A Motorhome That Can Sleep, A Family Of Six

Larger families of six definitely need spacious surroundings if you decide to take up full-time RV living or plan to travel with your immediate family frequently.

Class A motorhomes with the capabilities to accommodate six people are also great for bringing your extended family or the grandparents with you on your next adventure.

You will also likely find that Class A motorhomes with accommodations for up to six people come with more feature options for you to choose from, but this might shoot up the pricing.

If you’re interested in a  motorhome that can sleep six, you have come to the right article as we have below explained our top pick.

We have also included the sizing of the motorhome, the features it comes with, and the estimated price:

3. 2021 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36UA (~$200,000)

If you want a motorhome with many options for you to choose from to make it unique for you, the 2021 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36UA could be worth checking out.

This motorhome comes in six different exterior colors, and there are numerous interior design options you can choose from. For an estimated retail price of $200,000, this model could be worth the investment.

The Allegro Open Road 36UA is built with a convenient automatic leveling system and features electronic stability control. Additionally, this model uses a Ford V8 7.3 liter 350 HP engine, so you can be assured it’s powerful.

This motorhome can comfortably sleep six as it has three separate sleeping areas. The interior is truly exceptionally designed, and the floorplan offers families plenty of space where family members can enjoy some privacy.

The driver’s cabin area offers a state-of-the-art interface that includes a spyder controls multiplex system.

The Interior:

With this model, the kitchen, lounge, and dining room are located at the front, with the bunk beds and half bathroom located centrally and the private bedroom, full bathroom, and optional dryer and washer located at the rear.

Additionally, you can choose to install an additional drop-down bunk near the driver cabin area if you require additional space for guests with this model.

If you choose the City Shadow II interior, you will have a motorhome designed in shades of grey, silver, nude browns, white and black. This theme is uber-modern and is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Although the kitchen isn’t huge, it is compact and features everything you could need.

There is handcrafted cabinetry, marble-like glossy countertops, a decorative backsplash, and a kitchen faucet with a sink. You will find a residential-sized fridge freezer, a stove, and a microwave in terms of appliances.

Across from the lovely kitchen is a booth dinette area, and next to this area is a sofa bed couch. Pointing directly towards the dining area and lounge is a large LED flat panel television and below the television is a cozy fireplace.

This model also comes with an air conditioner making it suitable for seasonal travel.  Centrally located are the bunk beds and a modern half bathroom with a toilet and hand basin across the hallway.

Bed & Bath:

At the rear is the bedroom, as we mentioned before.

This bedroom features a king-size bed, a wardrobe with banks of drawers, a swivel LED television, and two nightstands.

You can, however, opt for a queen-sized bed if you want more space in the bedroom.

This model bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom where you will find a washer and dryer, a large shower, a toilet, a bathroom sink, overhead cabinetry, and a linen closet.


Tiffin Class A Motorhome Allegro Open Road 

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