3 Must-See RVs With Modern White Interior (With Pictures)

When looking to replace your current RV or purchase your first one, it can be intimidating deciding on an interior theme.

RV manufacturers are coming out with new themes each year, but if you want a timeless chic option, then a modern white interior decor theme will truly stand the test of time.

With some digging, we found some lovely RVs that are produced with a white interior throughout, and we would really love to share them with you to help you select your new motorhome:

Class C RVs With Modern White Interior:

When considering Class C motorhomes, it’s important to remember that they are often built on a truck chassis and have an attached cab section or built on a van frame.

Many people opt for Class C motorhomes not only because they are compact but also because they tend to be easier to drive.

Even though many Class C motorhomes are compact, this doesn’t mean that they cant be as luxurious as other motorhome categories. However, there is always an exception to the rule, and many Class Cs are now being manufactured to be just as large if not larger than other RV categories.

In terms of theme, Class Cs have just as much variety as other makes and models such as Class As and Bs. Many have a modern white interior for those looking for a timelessly chic look without compromising on modernity.

Below we will look at two such Class C motorhomes with gorgeous white modern interiors:

1. Jayco Greyhawk 27U RV

For such a compact Class C, the Jayco Greyhawk 27U is certainly impressive as it has an incredible sleeping capacity for up to eight people.

This RV might only be 29 feet in length, but it makes up for it with the well-designed floor layout.

For that extra space, this 2021 Class C includes two slide outs in its design, and it happens to have a competitive starting price. With the Jayco Greyhawk 2021, you can roughly expect a cost of $130,000.

If you have found yourself on the lookout for a Class C motorhome with a modern white interior, then the Jayco Greyhawk is definitely worth considering. This RV has a sophisticated modern white interior color scheme throughout the motorhome with white walls and black accent finishes.

Kitchen & Dining:

The kitchen has gorgeous white wood cabinetry and a beautiful grey decal backsplash.

Now the kitchen might be small and compact, but it has all the modern necessities.  A sink built into the countertop with a black faucet creates a beautiful contrast to the solid white countertops.

The appliances such as the stove and microwave are also black and further complement the white interior in this motorhome.

Alongside the gorgeous kitchen is a small dinette area with a large window for you to enjoy the view while sipping on our morning beverage. Above the window is beautiful black, white, and grey decal that adds some flair to the area.

The dinette table includes cupholders, and the glossy white table has two comfortable foam seats on either side.

Living & Sleeping:

Opposite the dinette is a grey trifold sofa couch that can seat two people.

This section is also the small living room, and a window above the sofa allows the area to be lit with natural light. Above the sofa is some white wooden cabinetry where you can store your items while traveling.

In front of the lounge area is where the driver’s cabin area is situated, but you can draw the curtain to separate the cabin area from the living area.

At the rear of this Class C is where the bathroom and bedroom are located. There is a shower, foot flush toilet, and a stainless steel bathroom sink.

The bedroom features a queen-sized bed, the same trendy window decal decor, and a white interior as the rest of the motorhome. The room is offset by gorgeous dark wood cupboards that create a beautiful contrast effect.

2. Thor Motorcoach Quantum LC22 RV

The Thor Motorcoach Quantum LC22 RV has an immaculate modern white interior.

This RV encompasses all aspects of what a modern interior should be.

The motorhome is 28 feet long and has the capacity to sleep six people comfortably. You can expect to roughly pay $950,00, which is not only affordable but also a steal for all the features and amenities you receive with this RV.

When stepping inside the Thor Motorcoach Quantum, the first thing you will likely notice is the absolutely stunning modern white interior with grey wooden cabinetry and accents.

Kitchen & Dining:

The kitchen features a flip-up counter extension, a stainless steel sink with a faucet, and despite how compact the kitchen is, you will have enough counter space to prepare meals.

There are also many high-end appliances, and you will find a three-burner stovetop, a convection oven, and a large refrigerator.

Looking directly opposite the kitchen is a spacious dining room area. The seating in this area has compartments beneath for extra storage space.

Throughout the whole lounge kitchen area, you will find plenty of wooden cabinetry.

On the right-hand side of the dining room is the living room.

Living & Sleeping:

The living room has a large comfortable grey sofa couch and is large enough to entertain friends and family while on vacation.

Throughout the entire motorhome, you will have exquisite marble look vinyl flooring.

The modern white interior continues in the bathroom and bedroom. Inside the bathroom, the floor plan has been designed with space consciousness in mind.

There is a porcelain foot flush toilet, a large shower, and a cabinet with a built-in stainless steel sink. Additionally, the bathroom also features a lot of cupboard space, which includes a medicine cabinet.

Moving into the bedroom area, which doubles as the living room area, you will find your queen-sized bed tucked compactly into the sofa. This allows for maximum convenience as you can fold it up when not in use.

There is also a privacy curtain that grants you the privacy you need.

If you’re looking for a compact, affordable, and extremely modern motor home with a white interior, then have a look at the 2021 Thor Quantum LC 22 motor home.

Fifth Wheel RV With Modern White Interior:

Should you find yourself searching for a new motor home and you want an RV that you can hitch to your vehicle, then a fifth wheel could be perfect for you.

Many brands manufacture fifth-wheel RVs, and most nowadays come with many different interior themes.

There are models in the RV market to suit every budget and size need, from simple to luxurious furnishings. You are likely to find your next purchase fairly easily.

As more and more people decide to embrace minimalistic living and full-time RV living, many want an RV with a modern white interior as it gives the illusion of more space.

In our search, we came across a fifth wheel that has been designed with a modern white interior, and we are going to introduce you to it below:

3. Keystone Montana 3763BP RV

With a roughly $730,00 price tag, this fifth wheel is affordable and has many striking features and amenities.

The 2021 Keystone Montana is ideal if you are in the market for a fifth wheel with a modern white interior and a sleeping capacity for six people.

Additionally, space will not be a concern as this RV has five slide outs and a length of 41 Feet.

The kitchen is located centrally on this motor home floor plan. Inside the kitchen, there is a large center island that has a dual sink built-in. The countertops have a glossy white finish, and the stainless steel appliances compliment the white interior.

In one of the slides, across from the kitchen, there is a dinette area that can seat two.

There is a huge double door residential-sized fridge, three burner gas stove, and a microwave.  There is a beautiful black, white, and grey art-deco backsplash in the kitchen, and the grey vinyl wood flooring ties the whole look together.

This flooring is present throughout the RV, and with the LED lighting, it creates an ambient feel.

When you head up the stairs into the lounge area, you will find two three-seater sofas and two single-seater recliners with cup holders. The two sofas are situated on opposing sides, which allows for a large lounge area where you can enjoy yourself in front of the electric fireplace.

The many windows in this section provide lots of natural lighting, so you won’t often need to use the LED lighting, and there is a 50 inch LED TV for your viewing pleasure.

Towards the rear of the Keystone Montana fifth wheel, there is a large bedroom that has an ensuite bathroom. The private bedroom features a large queen-sized bed and more than enough cupboard space for your clothing.

If you slide the bathroom door on, you will find a large area that continues the modern white interior look and features a shower, toilet, and wash hand basin.


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