3 Class A & Fifth Wheels with BIG Windows (With Images)

RVs with lots of big windows create a lively atmosphere inside our motorhome while exploring the world.

In the RV market today, luckily, many motorhomes come with lots of big windows that shed some illumination on our lives.

With some research, we have managed to put together a list of a few RVs with lots of big windows:

Class A RVs With Lots Of Big Windows:

From the exterior appearance of many Class A RVs, it isn’t always apparent if they feature many big windows.

However, many RV manufacturers are making Class A motorhomes with plenty of large windows. This is partly due to the surge in interest for Class A motorhomes with lots of natural light.

Previously people didn’t have as much choice as they currently do in RVs with many natural light sources. When people choose to travel in an RV or make on their permanent residence, it’s important to have many big windows.

This isn’t only because of the natural illumination they provide but also that windows allow for fresh air and create a cleaner environment.

Let us now look at two Class A RVs that are manufactured with lots of large windows:

1. Thor Motor Coach Windsport 34J RV

When looking at the exterior of the Thor Motor Coach Windsport, it doesn’t look like the RV features very many big windows.

However, upon walking into this motorhome, you will immediately notice the abundance of natural lighting from the many windows. This motorhome has one slide out, and you can expect an estimated starting price of around $115000.

With a length of 35 feet, it is slightly more compact than other available models.

In the Thor Motor Coach Windsport, the lounge area is near the RV front and the drivers and passenger front cabin.

The front cabin has large windows on either side of the swivel chairs, allowing natural light to filter into the lounge area.

Interior, Lounge & Dining:

Inside the actual lounge area are more windows behind the two-person sofa couch.

Directly across from the sofa is the dining room area with room for four, and it features two windows.

Besides the many large windows in this area, the RV color theme is beautiful and done in beige-brown and white shades.

The lightwood vinyl flooring complements the beige furniture perfectly and brightens the area when the window shades are drawn back. The dinette seating has storage compartments and on the wall opposite the couch is an LED television.

Moving down the motorhome, you will encounter the gorgeous kitchen area.


Inside the kitchen, there is a big window in front of the counter.

The kitchen has brown wood cabinetry with frosted glass panes that add a touch of elegance to the kitchen ensemble. There is a gorgeous beige and white backsplash that sets off the glossy white granite look countertops by the stove.

Above the stove is a microwave for those nights you want to heat some leftovers for dinner. Across the passageway, there is also a large fridge.

To the left of the kitchen is a bunkhouse. In this bunkhouse, there are two bunk beds with their own windows. There is also a handy aluminum ladder to assist in climbing to the top bunk. Additionally, this space has its own doors that close to create privacy for the occupants.

By the top bunk, there is also an LED television for whoever is utilizing the bed. Rainy days indoors won’t be boring as you can laze in bed and watch your favorite movies.

Bedroom & Bathroom:

Towards the rear of this motorhome is the private bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, you will find a huge king size bed that is 72 inches by 76 inches.

In front of the bed is a wardrobe and a 32 inch LED TV. In this room, there is a large window to the side of the bed and another across from one of the cupboards.

Let’s not forget about the bathroom situated directly across from the bunk beds and next to the private bedroom. The bathroom has the same beautiful color scheme as the rest of the RV and includes all the basic amenities you need while traveling or participating in RV living.

There is a modest size shower at 30 inches by 36 inches, a toilet, and a stainless steel bathroom sink. Additionally, you will find plenty of cupboard space for linen or toiletries.

Outside the Thor Motor Coach Windsport, an LED TV is located on the side, and there is even an outdoor kitchen with a sink and bar fridge.

Entertaining at a social gathering will be easier than ever with these cool amenities.

2. Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 32T RV

Don’t let the exterior of this Class A motorhome fool you; there happen to be many large windows throughout the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane.

The RV brand Thor is known for producing many quality RVs, and the 2021 Hurricane is no exception.

With two slide-outs and a length of 35 feet, there is enough space for all your belongings. The Hurricane is slightly more affordable than some of the other Thor Moor coaches, and you can look at a price of roughly $113000.

This price might be a bit pricey for some, but the features, amenities, and large windows definitely meet expectations.

In front of the RV is the driver’s cabin area. There are two comfortable swivel chairs and two large windows on each side of the driver’s and passengers’ seats in this area.

Fans are located in front of each seat in the driver’s cabin to keep the section cool, and there are also airconditioners strategically placed in the RV to provide a cool climate year-round.

Kitchen & Dining:

The kitchen is in the front, and directly across is the dining room for four.

Of course, there are many big windows here that provide ample light when cooking and dining with friends and family.

The neutral theme in this Thor Motorcoach is beautiful. With exquisite attention to detail from the flooring to the kitchen countertops and the beige leatherette furniture, you can relax in comfort and style.

Inside the kitchen is light wood cabinetry with frosted glass panels where you can store your kitchen items, and the cutout above the dual sink is where the microwave is situated. This kitchen comes with its own sink with a faucet so that dinner times are a breeze, and the stove alongside the sink makes meal prep easy.

For all those baking enthusiasts, there is an oven for those Sunday roasts. Should you drift from site to site, you can enjoy a new view from your kitchen window while making your favorite meals.

Additionally, the refrigerator is large enough to store everything you need while traveling or undertaking a permanent RV living experience.

Living, Bedroom & Bathrooms:

Throughout the rest of this RV, there are windows located periodically in the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom that all let in copious amounts of natural lighting.

There is a bunk bed with its own private window, and the private bedroom also features two.

Inside the bedroom is a large king-sized bed with plenty of walking space. Besides the walking space, there is also plenty of storage, and the room has an LED television and many LED lights.

The modern bathroom is a delight to be in with the large shower that has a skylight so you can look upwards at the many stars while showering.

Furthermore, the porcelain toilet and wash hand basin provide the convenience needed when away from home or living a full-time RV life.

Fifth Wheel RV With Lots Of Big Windows:

Class A RVs are not the only RV category that features many big windows. Many fifth wheels are now made with many big windows to allow natural light to filter in.

With this RV category, there are numerous manufacturers with many different floor plans to choose from.

Luckily, there is often a fifth wheel to suit everyone’s budget because there is so much variety. From compact and simple to luxurious and extravagant, there’s a fifth wheel to suit everyone.

Were going to look at one of the best examples for a fifth wheel that features lots of big windows:

3. Grand Design Solitude S Class 3950BH

If you’re on a budget, then a fifth wheel might be worth considering.

The Grand Design Solitude is not only affordable at roughly $90000, but it also has plenty of big windows. This RV can comfortably and impressively sleep up to ten people and has four slide outs.

With so many slides outs, it makes sense that there would be some great views from various spots in this motorhome.

Lounge & Kitchen:

The lounge and kitchen section of this fifth wheel is where you will find the largest windows.

These windows provide tons of natural light to the area and create a lively ambiance. This area is a contemporary masterpiece with dark leatherette furniture, brown wood paneling, and white countertops.

The kitchen has a kitchen island with a black faucet and a sink built-in that can be covered to create more space.

Along the one wall, you will find the TV and lots of storage compartments. The kitchen is beside the TV unit and features all the kitchen appliances you could need for a positive cooking experience.

The natural light that filters in will help you prepare meals and save you battery life as you won’t need to use the LED lighting as frequently. There is a large three-burner stove, a residential-sized fridge, and a convection microwave.

Dining, Sleeping & Bathrooms:

The dining room area next to the living room and features large windows where you can enjoy your breakfasts while taking in the views of nature.

With space for four people, you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company, or you can catch up on some work as you won’t mind sitting for hours in the comfortable seating.

In the one-bedroom, you will find two large windows and bunk beds to sleep three. Additionally, there is also a black leatherette sofa and gorgeous brown lush carpeting on the vinyl wood flooring.

There is also storage space with the under bed cupboard, and this room is private with its own lockable door.

The other sleeping area is alongside the passage and also has its own windows to create more light in what would otherwise be a dull space.

Inside the first compact bathroom is a spacious shower with a counter that houses a wash hand basin. There is also a toilet and natural lighting filters in from the window near the basin.

The bathroom also has its own door, where you can conveniently enter it straight from the outside. If you’re dirty from outdoor activities, you now don’t have to track dirt throughout the motorhome to get t the bathroom.

The second bathroom has the same features barring the door that leads outside. The shower does, however, have a beautiful skylight and cupboards for towels and other accessories. Walking into the master bedroom, there is a king-sized bed and plenty of space to move about the room.

There is also a beautiful large window where you can lay in bed and enjoy the views in comfort.

Moreover, this fifth wheel has an external ladder that will allow you to walk on the roof and potentially bask in the summer evening air while chatting with your friends.

With many more fantastic features, this RV could be perfect for you.




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