8 Must-See RVs With Horse Stalls (With Pictures)

It can be difficult for people traveling with horses to find good accommodation for both animals and humans.

One solution is to travel in an RV that has a horse stall included. This means that you’ll always be close to your animals and know that they are safe and comfortable.

We’ve found 8 amazing RVs with horse stalls that all horse owners should know about!

1. Featherlite Country Estate Villa Horse Trailer

The Country Estate Villa is a luxury trailer that horses and humans will enjoy traveling in.

This amazing RV measures 53 feet in length, 33 feet devoted to comfortable living space for horse owners.

There are 4 slide-outs in this trailer, which means there’s loads of living space to stretch out in. This is truly a home-away-from-home when you’re out on the road with your animals.

Luxury features like copper sinks in the kitchen and bathroom make this an RV that’s a pleasure to spend time in.

There are a large electric fireplace and a 32″ LED TV that makes this a cozy RV hang-out on chilly evenings. The addition of XM Satellite Radio rounds out the entertainment options in the Country Estate Villa.

An awesome modern residential-style kitchen is perfect for cooking meals after a long day at the horse show and features a recessed gas stove and a huge fridge.

With hardwood cabinets throughout, tasteful LED lighting, and luxurious sofa seating, the Featherlite Country Estate Villa is one of the most popular luxury RVs with a horse stall.

2. Featherlite Country Estate Ranch Horse Trailer

Another luxury horse trailer from Featherlite, the Country Estate Ranch, provides exceptional comfort for horses.

There’s a long and sturdy ramp that makes loading the animals into their quarters a breeze and more than enough storage for hay, water, saddles, and all the other necessities.

The intelligently designed water troughs have their own drainage system, and powerful electric fans make sure that the environment can be kept comfortably ventilated.

Another bonus of the Country Estate Ranch is the closed-circuit video surveillance system, making it easy to keep track of the horses while in transit.

The horse area features plenty of comfortable stall-padding, plus a spray-on lining that coats the flooring to make it more stable for feet with hooves.

As in the Country Estate Villa, the living space for humans is generous and luxurious. There are all of the conveniences you’d expect, including comfortable sofas, a well-appointed residential-style kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower.

Entertainment options include a huge LED TV with 4.1 surround sound and a DVD player, and XM Satellite Radio.

3. Lakota Luxe Living Quarters Horse Trailer

This is another must-see luxury horse trailer that makes traveling with animals a breeze.

The horse stalls have all of the features you’d expect from a luxury horse trailer, meaning you’ll never have to worry about their comfort.

It’s the living space for humans that really impresses, though, making the Lakota Luxe Living Quarters one of the most popular RVs with a horse stall.

This horse trailer boasts a large LED TV, soft-touch walls, and super comfortable leather sofas.

The Lakota Luxe’s open plan living area is tastefully designed, and a homey feel is achieved by features like wood paneling and a cozy electric fireplace.

The centrally located residential-style kitchen has a large fridge, microwave, and plenty of space to whip up gourmet meals.

4. Lonestar Horse Hauler

The Lonestar Horse Hauler has been designed to provide a home-on-the-range style living experience while you’re on the road with your horses.

The wooden furniture and fixtures give this luxury RV a warm and cozy feel, and the 42,000 BTU furnace provides enough warmth to ensure you’ll never feel the chill on winter nights.

One of this horse trailer’s best features is the huge, fully enclosed aluminum storage area underneath the RV. There’s ample room here to store saddles, feed, and all the other equine necessities.

There’s plenty of room to stretch out in the Horse Hauler, and sleeping options include a hide-a-bed sofa and a comfortable queen size bed.

Two LED TVs are available for entertainment, and there are exterior outlets for those times when an outside party is in the order of the day.

The Lonestar Horse Hauler has definitely been created for long road trips and will be loved by humans and horses alike!

5. Equicruiser Superspec Luxury Horsebox

This luxury horsebox has it all. The Equicruiser Superspec is large enough to carry 6 horses in comfort, and has a gorgeous living area for humans, too!

There’s a deep under-floor storage area in the rear of the trailer that’s easily accessible. This area is ideal for storing everything needed to keep horses in good shape.

The exterior of this luxury trailer has been designed with outdoor entertaining in mind. It features an electric barbecue for cooking up burgers, a huge awning to provide shade, and an outdoor music system for getting the party started.

The interior of the trailer features attractive polished wood paneling and plenty of comfortable seating. The temperature can be maintained with a remote control AC unit.

The larger kitchen inside the trailer has a fridge/freezer combo, a microwave, and a water filtration system.

For entertainment, the Equicruiser Superspec has a Digital media box, a DVD player, and even a ‘mirror media’ TV that functions as a mirror when not in use.

6. Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer

The Equine Motorcoach is a massive, powerful luxury RV that can tow up to 30,000 pounds.

Any horse would be happy to travel in this RV, and the comfortable equine area at the rear features a cool hay pod to make feeding easier.

This is another RV with a horse stall that comes with outside entertainment options. There’s a 32″ smart LED TV, a radio, DVD player, and speakers outside, which means this is a great RV for entertaining a crowd after the horse show.

Inside the Equine Motorcoach, maple cabinets make this RV feel comfortable and homey. The main bathroom has a powerful shower with a skylight, perfect for cleaning up after a long day in the saddle.

The kitchen has loads of counter space,  a microwave, and a stainless steel 2 door fridge.

Sleeping options include a queen-sized master bed, and a neat sleeping loft with its own LED TV, accessed by a ladder.

The Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer is available in 3 variations that can accommodate 4, 5, or 6 horses.

7. Cimarron Norstar 4 Horse Trailer

This luxury horse trailer is only 36.5 feet in length, but it still manages to provide ample living room for humans and a generous and comfortable space for transporting horses.

The interior living area is elegantly designed and has a rustic charm that many horse owners love. The wooden cabinets and trim make this trailer feel relaxing and reassuring, and the leather sofas add a touch of luxury when it comes to stretching out after a hard ride.

The Cimarron Norstar has an inverter and a generator, so keeping everything powered is never an issue.

There’s a huge LED TV, DVD player, and satellite dish, so entertainment is always an option at the end of the day. Plus, the powerful AC unit means everyone will be cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

8. Wade Equine Diamond Series RV

This is an RV with a horse stall that takes safety and durability to the next level.

The Equine Diamond Series is built on a Mercedes Actros chassis, which means it’s powerful, super sturdy, and safe.

This RV can carry up to 5 horses in comfort and sleeps 7 people, meaning it’s an ideal candidate for horse-loving families that want to hit the road with their animals in tow.

The Equine Diamond series has been really well-designed in a way that most horse owners will love. There’s an outside storage area with room for 6 saddles, grooming equipment, and anything else that might be needed.

The laundry area is also outside, making it easy to wash blankets and dirty riding clothes without soiling the inside of the RV.

Another cool, well-thought-out feature of this RV is the retractable hose on the rear bay. Horse owners will definitely appreciate being able to hose down the exterior easily.

The living area of this awesome RV with a horse stall has everything you’d expect, including comfortable seating, a dinette, a modern and well-appointed kitchen with a dishwasher, and plenty of options for sleeping.

The Wade Equine Diamond Series can go off-grid for long stretches, thanks to the solar panels and generator, making this the ideal RV for wilderness horse tours.




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