Camp Grounds & Golf Carts: 4 Questions Answered

Bringing a golf cart camping is a nice luxury if you have space and money to transport it.

Whether you are using it to help you around the grounds or want to take it golfing nearby, a golf cart can be a real asset.

However, not all golf carts are welcome on a campground, so you need to know the rules before you go:

General Golf Cart & Campground Rules:

Carts must follow the curfew and rules of the road when in use at campgrounds. Many sites allow you to bring your own, while others will rent them to you for $10-$60 per day. Only those over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license may operate and rent golf carts on site.

1. Do Most Campgrounds & RV Parks Allow Golf Carts?

Depending on where you live, campgrounds are more or less likely to allow golf carts.

For example, many Florida and Georgia campgrounds allow golf carts because the golfing culture down there is not only incredibly prominent but also year-round.

However, somewhere that is usually colder and rougher, like Alaska, will probably have shorter golf seasons and more difficult terrain.

There are some places. However, that not only allow golf carts but provide them, too!

Hidden Creek Camping Resort:

The Hidden Creek Camping Resort in Marion, North Carolina, allows personal golf carts and rents them out to guests 21-years-old and older with a valid driver’s license.

This is most likely because their site map is huge!

Between the cafe, two pools, a 9-hold mini-golf course, arcade, volleyball court, and a huge lake to explore, there are so many places to see and golf carts are not only helpful but almost necessary!

Guests who have difficulty walking around or who need assistance would benefit greatly from a golf cart rental.

There is a $250 security deposit that must be paid upon renting the golf cart and a rental fee (that is not listed on their site at this time.)

2. Are Golf Carts Allowed at KOA Campgrounds?

KOA does allow golf carts on their campground properties.

However, even if you were to bring your own, you would have to pay a $10 fee per day to have it there.

If you don’t have one but need one, you can rent from the KOA campground you are staying at (provided that they have some to rent).

You will still need a valid driver’s license and must be 21-years-old to rent. Furthermore, not all locations will have golf carts available to rent.

Finally, the cost for renting from a KOA site is generally $55.00/day.

If this is something that you are interested in, contact your KOA campground today!

3. What About Gas Golf Carts?

Gas golf carts are notoriously much louder than electric ones and can be considered a noisy nuisance to other guests at night or after dark.

KOA’s website does not specify if personal gas carts can or cannot be brought to their sites, but they do state that their potential rentals are electric.

It is possible that there are campgrounds that do or do not allow gas over electric carts because of that noise, but the only way to know for sure is to contact the particular campground that you are visiting.

Always contact your campground to be sure that you are following the rules!

4. What Are the Golf Cart Rules on Campgrounds?

Most campgrounds require that anyone who rents their carts must be 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license.

Only those with a valid driver’s license may operate the carts.

Furthermore, golf carts must stick to designated paths and locations in order to preserve the grounds (i.e., not causing dents or tire tracks everywhere) and to keep pedestrians safe.

You will need to make sure to notify the campground if you bring your own, and most likely, you will have to pay an extra daily fee to have and operate your cart around the grounds.

Also, many campgrounds require that you pay a security deposit for your rented cart at their grounds. This is to ensure that you will pay for damages or dents, or any other issues while operating your rented cart.

Security deposits are usually returned upon checkout to the renter’s account.

Furthermore, there are some campgrounds that will impose a curfew on operating golf carts. For example, after dark, it is difficult to see pedestrians when operating a cart, so more often than not, golf carts cannot be operated after sundown.

Not to mention, golf carts MUST be parked outside the sites and cabins of the renter and not randomly on the grounds or abandoned at certain locations. If you are visiting an amenity (such as an arcade, cafe, general store, etc.) on the grounds, then you may park that in a designated space.

All passengers in the golf cart must stay seated at all times. Do not fill up your cart with more people than it can hold, and make sure that no one is standing up or piled into others’ laps.

If you can suppress the noise of your cart, please do! A loud gas cart model may not be allowed at most sites, and no loud music or radio shows may be blasted from the cart speakers or from stereos on the cart.

Finally, golf carts must follow the same rules of the road as regular vehicles, staying on the proper side, issuing turn signals (if your cart has those), and give horses and pedestrians the right of way.

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