Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers With ROOF DECKS: 3 Models (With pictures)

Have you recently been thinking of acquiring a new RV, but you want one that has a roof deck?

On many hot summer days, you can enjoy a breeze from up high or enjoy the views of wherever your journeying has taken you if you choose an RV with a roof deck.

There are predominantly two RV categories that have RVs with walkable roof decks.

We have put this list together to alert you to a few RVs that come with a walkable roof that you can utilize as a deck.

Travel Trailer RVs With Roof Decks

When looking for a walkable roof deck, you might not know that there are many on offer.

There are fortunately many travel trailer RVs that are being manufactured for just this purpose. A travel trailer with a walkable roof deck perhaps gives you more freedom than you might have with a normal RV that doesn’t have walkable roof capabilities.

If you are worried about a walkable roof deck’s safety aspects, you can rest easy knowing RV companies make safety a top priority. RVs with walkable roof decks come in different roofing materials.

When looking for a walkable roof deck on a travel trailer, keep in mind to ask what material the roofing is made of, as this will give you an indication regarding how you can utilize the walkable roof.

1. Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge Lite MR2102RB Travel Trailer

Should you be looking for a very affordable travel trailer under $30000, then the Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge Lite could be worth looking at.

This travel trailer is compact and comes with the standard amenities and features to ensure you comfortable while traveling or camping.

The RV has one slide out and can sleep up to four people with its length of 27 ft.

The exterior of this travel trailer is done exceptionally well.

Not only is there a fully walkable roof where you can set up a picnic blank or some camping chairs, but the structure is also manufactured well.  There is laminated wall insulation with rigid foam, fiberglass insulation in the roof and floor, and a handy roof access ladder.

This travel trailer model by Highland Ridge is lightweight and stylish.  Throughout the trailer is gorgeous vinyl wood look flooring that complements greys, blacks, and whites’ interior theme.


The trailer’s interior is lit with LED lighting, and included in this affordable RV is an airconditioning unit to combat hot and humid weather conditions while out on the road.

The kitchen is small and compact, but the basic features and amenities you need are met. The small kitchenette features a sink with a faucet, an extendable flip-up countertop, and a stove with an oven.

There is also a decently sized refrigerator and some cupboard space.

Across from the kitchen is the small yet comfortable lounge area. In this section, you will find a grey sofa and across from the three-seater sofa.

When we move down the passageway and past a scenic window, you will find the bedroom and bathroom located in the Mesa Ridge Lite travel trailer’s rear.

The bedroom has a large bed big enough for two passengers, and surrounding the bed is black wooden cabinetry.

This is a startlingly aesthetically pleasing look with the grey-toned bedroom features.  The bathroom, although small, has a shower, toilet, and wash hand basin.

Additionally, this travel trailer comes with solid swing down steps and a RidgeLINK Bluetooth system, which help set it apart from its competition in the lightweight walkable roof RV category.

2. Forest River Wildwood X-Lite Midwest 273QBXL Travel Trailer

The Forest River Wildwood X Lite Midwest travel trailer is the cheapest option on our list for those looking for a walkable roof RV.

This travel trailer starts at a rough price point of just under $25000. Incredibly this travel trailer has the sleeping capacity to accommodate up to eleven people. The trailer features one slide and is 33ft long.

With the fully walkable one-piece Superflex roof, you will be able to enjoy many views from the rooftop of your travel trailer if you decide to opt for the Forest River Wildwood X-Lite Midwest.

This travel trailer has R-7 fiberglass insulation throughout and a triple seal slide-out system for added durability.


Inside the kitchen area, there is a microwave, refrigerator, and three burner cooktop.

Throughout the kitchen area, the flooring is done gorgeously with two-toned pattern vinyl wood effect flooring. The kitchen countertop is done in a glossy white color streaked with beige accents.

Across from the kitchen section of this travel trailer is a comfortable leatherette three-seater sofa. Next to the lounge is a roomy dinette area that is designed in the classic booth style.

Additionally, this dinette has soft foam-filled cushions along the perimeter of the seats so you can truly relax while having your meals. The dinette seats also have bench storage for all the items you want to keep safe. There is even a toasty fireplace in this trailer.

In the private bedroom, there is a queen-sized bed that has dark brown wood cabinetry surrounding it. There are side tables on either side of the bed for added convenience, and there are mirrors on each side table.

The second bedroom has an L-shaped bunk bed that can sleep three and a fold-out couch that can sleep two.

This room is private and also has its own door. There is a small wardrobe within this bedroom with a countertop and plug point to charge all your electronics.

What’s uniquely great about this travel trailer is that the bathroom has a tub and a shower combination. Inside the bathroom, there is a medicine cabinet as well and a flushable toilet.

Fifth Wheel RVs With Roof Decks:

Travel trailers are not the only RV category that features walkable roof decks.

Because roof decks are becoming increasingly popular, some fifth wheels are now being manufactured with walkable roofs that people can utilize as decking areas for their RVs.

Like travel trailers, fifth-wheel RVs also take safety seriously, and there are usually four different roofing options.  Fifth wheels are often larger than travel trailers, and as such, the walkable roof section is most times larger and more spacious.

If you have a large family or engage in frequent social gatherings, a fifth wheel may be the best choice. With a large roof deck, you can accommodate many more people.

Still, you must always be aware of the weight capacity limit, so you don’t accidentally damage the RVs roofing integrity. Let’s look at a fifth wheel that has a fully walkable roof.

3. KZ Durango 294MBQ Fifth Wheel RV

This half-ton fifth wheel is stylish, spacious, and supremely comfortable.

If you’re considering purchasing a fifth wheel with a walkable deck, but you want one with enough space for long trips, look at the 2021 KZ Durango. This fifth wheel RV is under $50000, has four slide outs and is 38ft long.

The five-sided Durango from the KZ RV Camper company is built with a 100% aluminum frame, which means it’s highly durable and will last many years without any structural failings.

The roofing is a seamless and one solid piece which is completely walkable. The roof is made with Tufflex roofing material and comes with a twenty-year warranty.

With the many conversion companies out there, you can easily get rails made for your fifth wheel to create a more ambient decking experience.

With a ladder to aid you in climbing to the roof, you can enjoy nights up high gazing at the stars while you plan your next adventure.


When moving inside the fifth wheel KZ Durango we can see that the kitchen is spacious with its own kitchen island that makes meal prep a breeze.

The unique kitchen layout incorporates the lounge area with the kitchen area.

The kitchen has gorgeous countertops with a stylish black faucet hanging over the kitchen island’s built-in sink. For added space, this sink can be covered to create even more countertop space.

The kitchen features a microwave, stove with oven, and a black refrigerator that complements the color palette used in this kitchen. The dinette area is opposite the kitchen and is a booth style with comfortable seating.

The lounge area is partly in the kitchen and features two leatherette sofas facing a television set up alongside the kitchen wall.  The flooring is vinyl but looks like beautiful light wood flooring. This unit also features two air conditioners to ensure climate control year-round.

The second private bedroom has a queen-sized bed with a padded headboard for that little bit of extra comfort while sleeping. Both rooms have cupboard space for storage purposes.

Inside this fifth wheel is a cozy bathroom with all the required features set off by a stylish nude and marble look theme. There is a shower with grooves for toiletries, a toilet, and a wash hand basin with stainless steel sink.

Moreover, this fifth wheel also has a fully furnished heated and sealed basement storage compartment for whatever purpose you may need it for.

There is also a heated water convenience center that allows this RV to have an outside shower facility.




Forest River Wildwood X-Lite Midwest 273QBXL Travel Trailer

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