8 Great Class A & C Motorhomes with OPEN Floor Plans (With Pictures)

If you’re traveling in a motorhome with a large family, you’re going to need plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable in.

Aside from sleeping considerations, you’ll want enough living space so that the RV doesn’t feel cramped. An open floor plan is a great solution and creates a light and spacious feel.

We’ve found 8 RVs with open floor plans that you should know about:

Class A RVs With Open Floor Plans:

Class A RVs are the largest motorhomes available and often provide enough sleeping space for even the largest families while providing all the comforts of home.

These huge RVs are designed with luxury in mind, and there are usually multiple floor plan options to choose from.

1. Newmar Baystar Class A Motorhome

  • 17-floor plans
  • Sleeps 4-8
  • 30-36 feet in length

The Newmar Baystar has become a firm favorite with RVing families, and for a good reason.

With sidewall foam insulation and a cozy fireplace, this popular Class A motorhome has been designed for full-time living in all seasons.

With up to 3 slide-outs available, the Baystar provides ample living space for large families.

The spacious interior features luxurious decor that makes it feel comfortable and homey. There are vinyl ceiling panels, decorative wall art, and easy-to-clean vinyl flooring.

The luxurious feel extends to the six-panel pass-through doors and Ultralux sofa, with LED accent lights throughout. This is definitely a motorhome that is pleasant to spend time in.

For entertainment, there’s a Samsung LED TV and a Sony Blu-Ray player. Newmar also offers multiple wifi solutions for connectivity on the road.

The wide-open floor plans can be customized with fireplaces, recliners, and storage ottomans.

You should also check out these RVs with cozy fireplaces.

2. Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome

  • 7-floor plans
  • Sleeps 4-8
  • 34-36 feet in length

The Fleetwood Bounder is another hugely popular Class A RV that offers several different floor plans, all of which are open and spacious.

Across all floor plans, features like soft-touch vinyl ceilings and floors and fully adjustable shelving make the Bounder feel homey and comfortable.

The Bounder makes camping easy with four-point auto-leveling jacks, and in wintery conditions, the dual-pane frameless windows keep the interior cozy.

The 36F floor plan is one of the largest and features 2 full bathrooms. The master suite is at the rear of the motorhome, while the kitchen is in the middle of the open and spacious living area.

The kitchen features a 3 burner cooktop, convection microwave, and residential refrigerator. There’s a 76-inch booth dinette for family meals, too.

The adjacent lounge area has a large, super comfortable sofa facing the electric fireplace and 40″ LED TV.

For sleeping, the huge master suite has a king-size bed, wardrobe, and bathroom. The Bounder also has bunk beds that convert into a wardrobe and seating for the awesome TV and gaming center.

3. Newmar Mountain Aire Class A Motorhome

  • 7-floor plans
  • sleeps 4-6
  • 40-44 feet in length

The Newmar Mountain Aire is an enormous Class A motorhome with the largest sleeping capacity but maximizes its living space, creating an open floor plan that flows beautifully.

This 40,000-pound monster has 3 slide-outs and a fiberglass roof with walkable decking. Foam insulation in the construction means this RV will stay cozy in the winter, too!

The tasteful interior decor includes maple kitchen cabinets, tile flooring, and hardwood window sills. The flooring even has radiant heat for those chilly nights, proving that this is a truly luxurious motorhome.

The open floor plan works really well in the Mountain Aire. The kitchen is at the center of the living space, and tasteful LED lights accent the flowing lines.

The lounge area features a retractable 50″ 4K LED TV, with a Bose 700 sounder and a 500n series subwoofer.

At the rear of the motorhome, the master suite has a king-size bed and a bathroom with a large walk-in shower.

Class C RVs With Open Floor Plans:

Class C motorhomes are a great option for family camping, as they tend to maximize the available space with loads of sleeping options.

These RVs are usually a lot more affordable than Class A motorhomes, and they also offer better fuel economy.

4. Entegra Coach Odyssey Class C Motorhome

  • 9-floor plans
  • Sleeps 5-9
  • 24-32 feet in length

The Coach Odyssey is a great Class C RV with several different floor plan options, all of which are open and spacious.

The 31F floor plan sleeps up to 9 people comfortably and creates extra space in the open floor plan by employing a huge, wall-length slide-out.

The slide-out in this floor plan houses a comfy dinette, modern kitchen, and bunk beds. It also provides room for the wardrobe and dresser in the master suite.

The opposing wall houses the pantry, refrigerator, and large sofa. This floor plan flows really well, and there’s plenty of open space for the whole family to relax in.

As in many Class C motorhomes, the Coach Odyssey has an extra sleeping area above the cab, which also has a TV.

Outside, there’s an 18-foot awning, which helps to create even more living space. Not only that, but there’s an outside TV, too!

5. Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome

  • 20-floor plans
  • Sleeps 5-8
  • 23-31 feet in length

The Coachmen Freelander is another Class C RV that has been designed with families in mind, and with so many floor plans to choose from, it shouldn’t be difficult to find an open-feeling living space.

The Freelander has an open floor plan with little extra touches that make it feel like home. There’s a furnace with a wall-mounted thermostat to keep this RV cozy on chilly nights, plus hardwood doors and drawers.

The kitchen is central and features a residential-sized microwave, double door gas/electric fridge, and a 3 burner cooktop. There’s also a powered and lighted hood in this spacious kitchen.

The 31MB – one of the larger floor plans – has 2 slide-outs, adding even more living space. There’s a U-shaped dinette that’s big enough for large family dinners and plenty of sleeping space for everyone.

There’s a step-up to the huge walk-through bathroom at the rear of the motorhome, and behind that is the master suite with a queen-size bed.

This RV has an open floor plan that flows really well and should definitely appeal to camping families!

6. Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome

  • 22-floor plans
  • Sleeps 4-7
  • 24-32 feet in length

The Thor Chateau is another really popular Class C RV with a wide variety of different floor plans, 10 of which can comfortably sleep up to 7 people.

People love this RV for its huge exterior storage capacity, easily-washable vinyl flooring, leatherette dining booth, and bedroom USB charging center.

The Chateau comes with Winegard ConnecT 2.0 wifi as standard and has the option for an exterior TV.

The kitchen has pressed countertops, a microwave and fridge, and decorative cabinet doors. There’s even a Thor Youtube channel with ideas for mobile meals!

Fifth Wheel Trailers With Open Floor Plans:

Fifth Wheel trailers are often a natural choice for looking for an RV with an open floor plan with tons of space.

These RVs often feature a bunkhouse, which provides valuable extra sleeping capacity for large families.

A central kitchen island is also common in these trailers, which adds a residential feel to the living area.

7. Keystone Avalanche Fifth Wheel Trailer

  • 20-floor plans
  • Sleeps 4-9
  • 34-42 feet in length

The Keystone Avalanche is a super versatile Fifth Wheel trailer that is well-suited to family adventures.

There is a wide variety of open floor plans, 3 of which feature bunkhouses, and all of which are prepped for solar power addition.

The 395BH floor plan has a master suite with a bathroom at the front of the RV and another bathroom at the rear.

The living area features a central kitchen with solid surface countertops and a huge fridge. There’s a cleverly-designed legless dinette with storage, and high-backed dinette chairs with storage, too.

A really awesome feature of this trailer is the addition of powered theater seats with heat and massage. The Avalanche has dual cable and satellite hookups, too, so relaxing by the 40″ fireplace and watching the LED TV is the height of relaxation.

The luxury continues into the bathroom, a linen cabinet, a skylight, and a massaging shower.

8. Highland Ridge Open Range Fifth Wheel Trailer

  • 11-floor plans
  • Sleeps 4-8
  • 34-42 feet in length

With a minimum weight of 10,000 pounds, the Highland Ridge Open Range is meant for experienced campers who are comfortable towing a heavy camper.

This spacious and open Fifth Wheel trailer comes with a four seasons package as standard, making it an ideal choice for families who like to camp year-round.

The interior features a central kitchen with an island, which acts as the living space hub, making it feel home. With a huge 8 cubic foot fridge and hardwood cabinets, the kitchen is ideal for whipping up family meals!

Two of the floor plans feature bunkhouses, and all have a huge electric fireplace. There are also options, like an outdoor barbecue grill and dual pane windows.

The Open Range feels especially open and spacious thanks to the huge windows that line the driver’s sidewall. This creates light and also provides great viewing potential.


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