4 Must-See RVs With Fireplaces (With Pictures)

Traveling in your RV during the winter can be a cold experience.

Most of us want to make sure that while traveling in the winter months were warm enough to enjoy ourselves.

Fortunately, an RV with a heater is a possibility, and luckily models are available across the different RV categories that come with an electric fireplace pre-installed.

We have recently searched a variety of sources to bring to your attention a few RVs that you can purchase that have a fireplace so that you and those you are traveling with can enjoy your adventure regardless of the climate you are in:

Class A RVs With Fireplaces:

When looking for an RV to travel or potentially live in the long term, a Class A RV could be your best option.

These RVs are similar to houses and often have all the features and amenities you could need regardless of your purpose. Class A RVs are increasingly popular amongst those who wish to make their RV their mobile home.

Luckily there are many models available that come with heating and cooling capabilities. If you are in a cold climate, you won’t need to worry about keeping warm.

This is because many Class A RVs come with built-in electric fireplaces. When the cold weather strikes, you can heat up and make your living space toasty while you enjoy the indoors.

Check out these beautiful RVs with farmhouse-style interior design.

1. Forest River Georgetown 36D7 RV

Renowned RV brand Forest River has introduced the 2021 Class A RV Georgetown.

This RV is both modern and luxurious with state of the art appliances and excellent features and amenities. With a moderate price point, this RV is perfect for those looking for quality that will likely stand the test of time.

The decor in this Class A RV is gorgeous with white finishes and furniture combined with dark wood vinyl flooring and Canadian Maple cabinetry that sets off a beautiful contrast in colors and textures.

Inside the kitchen are high-end appliances that include a large refrigerator, microwave, and stove. The galley style kitchen contains high gloss white countertops and a sink that comes with a stainless steel faucet with a residential tile backsplash.

Across from the immaculate kitchen is a cozy dinette area that features booth style seating and has enough space to seat four people at mealtimes comfortably. The table matches the kitchen countertops and comes with two cupholders when you need to have your meal while on the move.

Alongside the dinette is where the lounge area begins and is where you will find the theatre-style seating sofa arrangement.

In front of the couch, which can seat four, are the television and electric fireplace. The fireplace is centrally located to afford the best heat circulation throughout your motorhome.

To the rear of the Georgetown, you will find both the private bedroom and the bathroom. The bedroom has a large bed that is situated in front of the TV and cupboards. With its own private door, you will have your privacy when traveling with additional guests.

The bathroom is small but spacious and features two bathroom sinks for added convenience. There is also a macerating toilet and a full molded fiberglass shower that has a built-in seat.

2. Fleetwood Southwind 35K RV

If you want an RV that stands out from the rest with one of the most expansive lists of standard features in this RV category, then the Fleetwood Southwind is a Class A RV worthy of consideration.

The luxurious interior is designed with beautiful neutral tone colors that allow the space to appear larger than it is. To keep you cool, this RV comes with amazingly two air conditioners and features two slide outs to create additional space within the interior.

In the kitchen, there is a gorgeous beige design backsplash that complements the sparkling white countertops. The sink is located on a corner piece of the countertop at one end and has a cover for additional counter space. Set in the kitchen counter, the faucet and dual sink are both stainless steel, so you know that it isn’t going to rust after frequently being utilized.

The three-burner stove also features a counter cover to create more countertop space when not in use. There is also an oven and a large residential-sized refrigerator, and plenty of cupboard space. Additionally, the kitchen also has a microwave and more than enough space to move around despite its small size.

Throughout this RV, lightwood vinyl flooring creates a seamlessly elegant feel to the entire unit’s space. Directly across from the kitchen area is a comfortably designed booth dinette seating arrangement. Underneath the dinette seats, there is additional storage for all the things you need for mealtimes.

The lounge area begins next to the dinette and features two white recliners that face the TV and the electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with the real look display set in a traditional fireplace style setting.

Looking at the bedroom, the Fleetwood Southwind has a large king-size bed surrounded by luxurious cabinetry. The modern bathroom has all the amenities, including a sink, shower, and toilet. There are many more features to this RV to numerous to mention here.  Just know if you decide to purchase this Class A, you will have some of the best features in the industry for this category of RV.

Class C RVs with Fireplaces:

Class C RVs are perfect for those who need a motorhome that is on the larger side.

We all know that they can get drafty, and with so much space, it can become cold and hard to warm up. Being cold while out on the road isn’t a pleasant experience.

Most often than not, many of us could even second guess traveling and taking trips in Class C because of how cold some models can get.

This is quickly becoming a concern of the past as many Class C motorhomes are now coming with electric fireplaces.

3. Dynamax Corp DX3 37TS

The 2020 Dynamax Corp Dx3 Class C RV is stylish both inside and outside.

With a well-thought-out floorplan layout, this RV has a sleeping capacity for up to six people. This RV is spacious with a length of 37 inches and comes with three slide-outs. With the diesel engine, you won’t have any problem traveling long distances despite the weight o the RV.

Inside the Dynamax Corp, the interior is decorated in shades of beige, white and black. The black and white contrast gives the space a unique look that is both modern yet classic. This unit’s lounge is located near the front of the RV and in front of the luxurious leatherette sofas with their own cupholders is a counter with cabinetry.

Within that counter space is an electric fireplace that allows those driving and those cooking and relaxing in the lounge to be warm during colder months. The electric fireplace stands out beautifully with the back cabinetry that it’s set within.

Next to the fireplace is the small yet spacious U-shaped kitchen, which has a dinette eating area opposite it.

The booth dining area matches both the kitchen and lounge in terms of theme. It is big enough to accommodate four people and provide a comfortable eating experience consistently with the foam cushioning.

The kitchen counters are a shining white with an artfully designed backsplash in tones of grey. The kitchen has many high-quality features including, a microwave, glass top ceramic stove ad a residential-sized refrigerator. The kitchen counter has a flip-up end piece that allows for more space to be created when you need a little more space while cooking or preparing drinks for friends and family.

This RV has the bedroom and bathroom situated in the rear of the motorhome. The bedroom has a big bed that can sleep two and has its own airconditioning unit installed above the bed.

There is also a large window for your viewing pleasure and many storage compartments to keep your things safely kept away while driving.

This RVs bathroom shower is enclosed with glass doors and has a built-in seat. There is also a porcelain toilet and a sink. The bathroom and the bedroom each have their own wooden doors that perfectly match the RVs theme and provide added privacy.

The Dynamax Corp has many more features, including a 50-inch television and a premium jb sound system, to keep you entertained for years to come.

4. Jayco Seneca 37M

Another Class C RV worth mentioning isn’t too expensive compared to other Class Cs is the 2021 Jayco Seneca 37M.

This RV is perfect for those who want a home away from home while traveling from destination to destination. The Jayco Seneca can sleep up to an incredible eight people and features three slide outs and comes in at 39ft long. More than enough space, no matter your needs.

This super Class C RV has many noteworthy features and amenities with all the latest RV technology and design influences. The lounge has a jackknife sofa and a theatre sofa, which both have overhead cabinetry fr you to store anything and everything from books to DVDs.

The lounge also features a fireplace that comes with a hutch. The kitchen fireplace is large enough to warm up the entire front section of this motorhome, including the kitchen and dinette areas.

There are a massive 12 cubic foot refrigerator and three burner stove in the kitchen that comes with a cast iron grill. With plenty of kitchen counter space, you can set up all your favorite appliances. The stainless steel sink is integrated into the kitchen counter and comes with sink covers and a faucet.

Additionally, the countertops also come with a flip-up extension piece that will give you more working space when preparing all your favorite meals.

Inside this RV, the bathroom and bedroom are located alongside one another. The bathroom has a 30 inch by 36-inch fiberglass surrounded shower, and there is a flushing toilet. There is also a bathroom sink and lots of counter space when you want to get ready for the day.

The bedroom is spacious and offers a spacious area for relaxing and sleeping with a king-size bed with a powerhead lift.

Outside the Jayco Seneca are a 23-inch awning and an outside entertainment center when you want to host social gatherings. This model also comes with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as is the standard safety feature for most RVs.

You will also choose to add on a customer value package if you decide to purchase this RV.


37M | 2021 SENECA


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