Dynamax RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The Dynamax RV company is a brand that has been providing casual yet luxurious motorhomes to customers for years.

Their impressive range of motorhomes has ensured the brand has remained relevant and current against the competition.

However, although the company is well respected and often talked about in RV circles, many still might not know much about Dynamax, which is why we are going to bring to your attention eight facts about them that we think you should know.

Dynamax RVs Offers An Extended Warranty On Their Motorhomes:

Dynamax RVs don’t offer an extended warranty but provide a 1-year limited warranty and a 2-year structural warranty with all their motorhomes. Additionally, the company also provides a 1-year  24/7 roadside assistance program covering jump-starts,  technical support, and towing.

1. Where Are Dynamax RVs Made?

The Dynamax company is headquartered on 27 acres of land north of Elkhart, Indiana, in America.

The facilities consist of a 200,000 square foot factory. At this facility, they manufacture their luxury motorhomes.

Additionally, the company does offer factor tours for those interested in viewing how the Rvs are made and what materials are used for the different motorhome models.

The Dynamax Facebook page has a virtual tour of the factory available for those who would like to see what the company is about from the comfort of their homes.

In the video, you will learn about its unique production process and the various models they currently make.

To schedule a factory tour, you can contact the company either by phone or through their website. If you are unable to visit them in person, you can look at a few of their models through their site as well!

2. Who Owns the Dynamax Company?

As with many popular RV companies today, the Dynamax RV company is not owned by its founder.

Dynamax has managed to continue being a successful company with high profits despite its switching owners. That is because the company has maintained its reputation and has continued to provide consumers with quality casual yet luxurious motorhome products.

Dynamax was founded in 1997 by Dewayne Creighton, and the company quickly gained a reputation for excellence due to its unique approach.

They offered and continue to offer customers a different product from the mass-produced models on the market.

After more than 11 years of success and healthy profits and growth, the company was acquired by the massive motorhome company Forest River Inc in 2011.

However, Forest River Inc is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which means that Dynamax is ultimately a subsidiary of Forest River Inc and thus Berkshire Hathaway.

Since being acquired, Dynamax has continued to provide excellent service and quality products with innovative designs to consumers.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Dynamax Produce?

Finding the right motorhome is incredibly important. Without the right motorhome type or size, you are likely to regret your decision.

There are numerous different motorhome options in the RV market to suit most people’s RV budgets, needs, and wants. However, you will likely need to identify whether you want a towable or motorized motorhome.

Below we have given the difference between these two motorhome types to decide which option is best for you.

After looking at the types, we have listed the different categories and sizes of the motorhomes Dynamax manufacture.

– Towable Motorhomes

you might have already guessed what a towable motorhome is, and if you summarized that it is an RV that needs to be hitched to another vehicle and pulled, you would be correct.

It’s important to note what type of car or truck you have and what weight capacity it can handle. The weight limits of your vehicle will affect what size and type of towable motorhome you can utilize.

If you’re on a budget or someone who prefers to tow a camper rather than drive one, then a towable motorhome would be best. Towable motorhomes don’t have engines, and thus you will not need to worry about engine issues arising.

That means you won’t ever need to be concerned with not using your motorhome for a trip as no engine can be faulty or broken.

Additionally, towable vehicles are convenient and efficient if you frequently go on trips where you would like to drive around and take in the sites.

You can unhitch your towable motorhome and use the towing vehicle for all the activities you would like to do while on holiday.

There are primarily five different towable motorhome types, and we have listed them below:

  • Fifth Wheels
  • Toy Haulers
  • Travel trailers
  • Pop up campers
  • Truck campers

– Motorized Motorhomes

The biggest difference between a towable motorhome and a motorized motorhome is that a motorized RV has an engine.

This means that you can both live and drive the motorhome that you own. For most people, this is convenient as they won’t need to worry about hitching weights, nor will they need to unhitch and set up their camper when they are on vacation.

Many first-time RV buyers will opt for a motorized motorhome as it is convenient, comfortable, and familiar.

Numerous Rv owners are not familiar with driving a car and towing a motorhome, so motorized motorhomes are an easier choice in maneuverability and skill requirements.

There are mainly three different motorized motorhome types in the RV industry, and we have listed them below:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

– Dynamax RV Types And Sizes Specs

  • Isata 3: 24 feet and 7 inches.
  • Isata 5: 31 feet and 2 inches – 36 feet and 5 inches.
  • Force HD: 36 feet and 8 inches – 39 feet and 2 inches
  • Dynaquest XL: 36 feet and 8 inches – 40 feet and 2 inches (picture shown above)
  • DX3: 37 feet and 2 inches – 41 feet and 3 inches

4. Do Dynamax Make a Toy Hauler?

Presently the Dynamax motorhome company does not manufacture a toy hauler.

They also do not produce any other towable motorhomes, such as fifth wheels or travel trailers.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Dynamax?

Now that your aware of the different RV types and what models and sizes Dynamax have on offer currently, you are probably wondering what the smallest RVs are that they offer.

Smaller motorhomes are usually ideal for smaller families who want to undertake frequent camping trips and for adventurers seeking the next best hideaway from their busy lives.

Most categories of motorhomes have size ranges for their models.

Dynamax might only currently manufacture Class C luxury motorhomes, but they still have a few smaller models for those wanting a luxury investment in a compact package.

Should you wish to learn what the smallest RVs on offer are from Dynamax, you can look at the brief list below:

  • Isata 3 24FW – (pictured above) 24 feet and 7 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 11,030 pounds.
  • Isata 5 28SS – 31 feet and 2 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 19,500 pounds.
  • DX334KD – 36 feet and 8 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 pounds.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Dynamax?

If smaller luxury motorhomes aren’t to your liking and you would like more space for you and the family or friends to travel, you will be pleased to discover that Dynamax has a range of bigger RVs available.

Even if you are a smaller family or are a single person starting, owning a bigger RV can have many benefits.

For example, should you wish to expand your family in the future, you will have space in your motorhome without upgrading your investment.

Additionally, if you enjoy entertaining frequently, then having a larger RV would be ideal, especially if you frequently have family or friends over and have decided to undertake a full-time RV living adventure.

  • Force HD 37BD – 39 feet and 2 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 pounds.
  • DX3 37RB – 40 feet and 9 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 pounds.
  • Dynaquest XL 37RB – 41 feet and 3 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 pounds.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Dynamax?

With more than two decades of experience in the RV industry, the Dynamax motorhome company has had many years of success.

The company is known for its slogan “Different by Design” and has managed to live up to that phrase throughout the many years they have been in business.

The Dynamax RV company is truly an exceptional motorhome brand with scores of satisfied customers over the decades. As a luxury RV provider, they have managed to stay competitive in the RV market and have done so by manufacturing several popular motorhome models over the years.

If you would like to learn the most popular models, you can look at the list we have provided.

  • Isata 5 34DS
  • DynaQuest XL 3801TS
  • Force HD 37TS HD (pictured above)

8. Are Dynamax RVs For All Four Seasons?

The Dynamax RV company does have several Class C motorhomes that are capable of all-season travel.

If your motorhome is not truly four seasonal and you are traveling in extremely cold to hot weather conditions, it can be not only detrimental to the structure of your motorhome but also detrimental to your health.

Fortunately, many RV manufacturers produce motorhomes that are capable of all-season travel. Additionally, many motorhomes are also capable of full-time RV living in a multitude of weather environments.

When you look at a motorhome, it’s crucial to find out what materials are used in the manufacturing stages. It’s also essential to find out how the RV is manufactured and how sturdy the structure is.

Additionally, it would be best to look into an RV’s features and whether it has been adequately winterized with proper insulation.

To demonstrate what you should look for and to give you an idea of a four-season model’s capabilities, we have listed one of the Dynamax models below, along with its specs.

Dynaquest XL 3400KD

  • Aluminum structural framing with laminated sidewalls and block foam insulation.
  • Fiberglass walling with Azdel backing and gel coating.
  • Insulation foil-lined ductwork throughout the motorhome.
  • Engine block heater.
  • Singular piece fiberglass durable roof.
  • Thermal privacy shades on windows.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • Water filtration system.
  • Ducted 15000 BTU Airconditioning system.
  • 8kW diesel generator.


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