Monaco Coach RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Monaco Coach RVs are part of the REV Group umbrella that encompasses the ownership of many different RV manufacturers and models.

Now currently only offering two different RV models, the Monaco Coach Signature and Monaco Coach Marquis, this particular RV brand boasts the height of luxury and modern travel and living on the road.

Their floorplans range from 40-43 feet in length and include luxurious living and sleeping spaces for your comfort!

Like a home-away-from-home, the Monaco Coach brand will keep you comfortable and entertained for as long as you have one!

Let’s take a look at some facts that you should know about Monaco Coach RVs:

1. Where Are Monaco Coach RVs Made?

Like many RV manufacturers that are part of REV Group and are manufactured in the RV hub of the United States, Monaco Coach RV facilities are located in Decatur, Indiana.

REV Group owns roughly 18 manufacturing facilities and 29 different vehicle brands, according to the Monaco Coach website, and produces more than 20,000 RVs annually (these numbers also include non-recreational vehicles, such as ambulances, street sweepers, etc.).

Many brands of luxury fifth-wheels and RVs are built in Decatur, Indiana, and it is common to find factories and their tours there for perusal.

Elkhart, Indiana, however, is still considered the RV capital of the World.

2. Who Owns the Monaco Coach Company?

Monaco Coach is owned by REV Group Inc. 

The REV Group Inc. company umbrella is the same that owns the American Coach company, Renegade RV, Lance, Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, and more.

It is becoming rare these days for an RV company to be owned by any one family or persons anymore, as those who aren’t owned by REV Group tend to be owned by Thor Industries.

Because of this, Monaco Coach is both advantaged by being part of a major distributor with a large influence and steady sales while also being at a disadvantage for being unable to make any individual decisions or changes to their RV policies.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Does Monaco Coach Produce?

Monaco Coach only has two available models:

  • Monaco Signature
  • Monaco Marquis

Both models are Class A luxury motorhomes with a few different floorplans to choose from.

Their largest floorplans measure just under 44 feet in length, while the shorter floorplans are closer to 41 feet in length, making them larger than most other RV models.

Monaco Signature:

The Monaco Signature Class A diesel RV by Monaco Coach has four exterior paint options and three different floor plans to choose from.

Among those floor plans, the Monaco Signature offers multiple sleeping options, such as a King bed with two bunk beds and a pull-out sofa-air mattress combo.

It also offers a stackable washer/dryer and full bathroom and half-bath options for your RV needs! Each floorplan version comes with a shower, but you have the ability to choose to have a second lavatory with just a toilet and sink.

The 40L floorplan of the Monaco Signature offers three theater seating sofa-recliners and a u-bench dinette with a kitchen and a built-in fireplace as well!

All floorplans come with LED TV entertainment units both in the living area and the king bedroom.

Monaco Marquis:

The Monaco Marquis Class A Luxury RV by Monaco Coach offers four different floor plans and four different exterior paint options.

The standard features of the Monaco Marquis include a full tiled shower, window awnings, Lopro Ait Conditioning, and a 10k generator, according to Monaco Coach’s site.

The 38K, 40L, and 44M floorplans all offer a full bath plus a half-bath addition to their RVs, while the 40J floorplan only offers one full-sized bath.

The 40J and 40L floor plan options both offer an added air mattress in the pull-out sofa, as well as bunk beds in the 40J floorplan.

Furthermore, the RVs come with LED TVs in both living and sleeping spaces, built-in fireplaces, stackable washer dryers, and kitchenettes.

Everything you could possibly need in your home-away-from-home is in these Monaco Coach RV models.

4. Do Monaco Coach Make a Toy Hauler?

Monaco Coach does not currently make a Toy Hauler.

Because the company only offers two models and a total of seven floorplans between the two of them, there is no room for a toy hauler at this time.

It is unlikely that the company will include toy haulers in their lineup in the future.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Monaco Coach?

The smallest RV in the Monaco Coach lineup is in regards to the 2018 38K floorplan for the Monaco Marquis.

The 2018 Monaco Marquis includes a roughly 38-foot exterior length floorplan with an overall height of 12′ 10″.

It has a fuel capacity of 100 gallons.

However, keep in mind that the 38K floorplan for the Monaco RV is no longer in their lineup on their website and would most likely have to be purchased used.

Their current smallest RV floorplans are roughly 40 feet in exterior length in both the Marquis and Signature model designs.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Monaco Coach?

2021 Monaco Coach RVs can be as long as roughly 43′ in exterior length for both the Marquis and Signature model designs.

44 feet is the high-end of the RV length spectrum and usually includes two lavatories and a king-sized bed.

The 44B and 44M floorplans in both the Monaco Signature and Marquis RV’s are 43′ 9″ in exterior length.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Monaco Coach?

Because Monaco Coach only manufactures two models, both the Signature and Marquis Monaco Coach RVs are the most popular and highly purchased models in the lineup.

Both models boast luxury, plenty of space and storage, as well as high-tech and modern interiors that can create the ultimate home-away-from-home feeling for any camper or traveler.

This makes them both popular and highly sought after but not as popular as other RV manufacturers such as Thor or Fleetwood.

8. Have Monaco Coach Had Any Recalls Over the Years?

According to the website, Monaco Coach RV Signature models were recalled a few times in the mid-2000s, 2010, and 2011 for different reasons.

Some of those reasons include:

  • Windshield shade separation impairing driver’s ability to see roadway (2011, 2010, 2009)
  • Drive pin disengagement from brake pedal arm could cause a reduction in vehicle breaking (2010, 2009, 2008)
  • Lower side rails of air suspension in seats could fail (2008, 2007, 2006)

Other reasons for recall could be the air brake components, engine cooling issues, as well as steering or gearbox problems as well.

There were other recalls of different Monaco Coach models, such as 36 separate recalls for the Monaco Coach Lapalma, 34 recalls for the Monaco Coach Diplomat, and 37 separate recalls for the Monaco Coach Dynasty.

These models are no longer manufactured at the moment, according to Monaco Coach’s website, so there is no danger of a recall from those particular models at this time.

There also doesn’t seem to be any recalls of the Monaco Signature, according to, since 2011.

9. Are Monaco Coach RVs For All Four Seasons?

Monaco Coach RV models, both Signature and Marquis, seem to be outfitted with all the modern trappings of a luxury home on wheels.

From A/C units to built-in fireplaces, you should be able to stay warm and cool during whatever weather you decide to camp or travel in.

However, as we always mention on Godownsize, it is important to remember that RVs don’t handle very well on ice or in snow and should be used with caution during the winter months.

Furthermore, camping in the desert or hot climates during the summer could be dangerous for users who may not be able to keep cool even with the airconditioning units installed.

Using your judgment to decide if and when to go camping in your RV is ultimately up to you. Just remember that there are pros and cons to all sorts of camping, weather-related and otherwise.


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