9 Best High-End Class A Motorhomes (With Pictures)

Class A RVs come in a wide variety of finishes, and some are more capable and luxurious than others.

These more capable and luxurious RVs are considered high-end RVs.

Want to learn more?  Here are 10 high-end class RVs you must see!

1. The Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45W

The Entegra Cornerstone is a 45′ long class A RV with a gross vehicle weight rating of 54,000 pounds.

It is almost 13′ tall on the outside and 84″ tall on the inside.  This gives it a height that’s larger than most basement apartments.

With 1.5 bathrooms, it also has more toilets than many small apartments.  To accommodate this, the Cornerstone has a 100-gallon freshwater tank, a 62-gallon gray water tank, and a 41-gallon black water tank.

A 150-gallon fuel tank is used to power the engine that moves all of this down the road.

Inside, you’ll find a large wardrobe and washer/dryer combination at the rear as well as a large bathroom with a 33″ x 41″ shower and a pair of sinks.

In front of this is the master bedroom, which features a king bed on a slide-out across from a dresser and a 32″ television.  There is also enough room on either side of the bed for a pair of nightstands.

The hallway leading to the bedroom houses the half bath and a nice pantry.  Head past that, and you’ll find a kitchen with a dishwasher and a large residential fridge with a basement-style freezer.

A dinette and a sofa bed are adjacent to the kitchen, and the dinette is on a slide-out to provide additional space.  Both of these areas are within viewing distance of the living area’s 50″ television.

An Entegra Cornerstone can be had for about $500,000.00.

Beware, that not all Class A RVs will fit a 12 feet tall garage, though! Check this article about Class A height recommendations.

2. The FeatherLite Prevost

FeatherLite coaches make the FeatherLite Prevost.

This class A RV is 45 feet long, and a diesel engine made by Volvo powers it.  It has four slide-outs and 4 air conditioners to keep every inch of the RV nice and cold.

This motorhome is built more like a rolling apartment, and a full-timer could definitely move into it without ever wanting for more.

The RV features a king-size adjustable bed in the rear that sits on a slide-out.  This gives the owner room to carry their laundry basket past it to the washer/dryer unit located at the rear.

There is even a ceiling fan just over the bed.

Head past this area, and you’ll find a split bathroom with a large shower.  There is even a 28″ television inside of the shower!

Move past this bathroom, and you’ll find another bathroom.  This second bathroom is a half-bath, and it features a toilet and a modern sink.

Continue, and you’ll find a kitchen on a slide-out and a dinette on a slide-out.  The combination of these two slides makes the kitchen nice and wide.

While the kitchen galley isn’t very large itself, it does have enough room for a dishwasher drawer, a large sink, and an inductive cooktop.

Move out of the kitchen, and you’ll be in the living area, which also has slide-out areas on either side.  On one side, there is a sofa bed, and on the other, there is a desk with an office chair.

To move into this RV, you’ll need about $2.5 million.

3. The Forest River FR3 30D

Forest River seems to make every kind of camper you can think of.

With the FR3 30D, they’ve created a small but luxurious class A motorhome with two slide-outs.

This motorhome has an exterior length of almost 32′ and a GVWR of 18,000 pounds.  It has a 52-gallon freshwater tank, a 42-gallon gray water tank, and a 42-gallon black water tank.

Powering the RV is a gas-powered Ford Triton V-10 engine fueled by an 80-gallon fuel tank.

Inside, you’ll find a rear bedroom with a king-size bed, a large wardrobe, and a cabinet that houses a washer/dryer combination unit.  The bed is built into a slide-out, which gives the owner plenty of room to walk alongside and in front of the bed.

Across from this bed is a large LED television.

Just past the bedroom is a bathroom that is broken into two parts.  On one side of the RV is the toilet and sink, and on the other side of the RV is a 36″ x 30″ shower.

Continue forward, and you’ll find yourself next to a wrap-around dinette that is pushed out on a slide.  This provides ample room between the dinette and the kitchen area across from it.

The kitchen extends past this, and across from that, you’ll find a sofa that converts into a bed.

Look up from here, and you’ll see the loft bed that is located over the vehicle’s driver seat.  Combine this bed with the hidden sofa bed, dinette bed, and king size bed, and you have room for eight people within this RV.

Surprisingly, this is rare for high-end class A RVs.

All of this will cost you around $1.5 million.

4. The ForeTravel Realm Presidential Luxury Villa Bunk W/Spa

ForeTravel’s Luxury Villa Bunk Model is one of the few high-end class A motorhomes I’ve seen with dedicated sleeping space for passengers.

This makes it a great high-end class, A RV for couples with kids.

Starting at the front, you’ll find an L-shaped sofa that faces the front passenger seat when it’s turned around.  Across from this is a dinette that ties in nicely with the other seats within the living area.

Each side is on a slide, so there is plenty of room to move around in between them.

Past this is a small galley kitchen with a large fridge.  While the kitchen doesn’t have any of its own windows, a lot of light comes through the massive windows found in the living room, so it still looks nice and bright in there.

Move through the kitchen, and you’ll find a set of bunks on the left and a full-size bathroom on the right.

This bathroom is just one of two full-size bathrooms to be found within this RV.

Next comes the master bedroom, which has the obligatory king size bed on a slide and a large television across from it.  This bedroom gives way to the master bathroom in the rear, holding the washer and dryer.

If you want to buy this RV for you and your family, you’ll need to come up with around $900,000.00.

5. The Liberty Coach Emerald

Liberty Coach’s Emerald model has a similar layout similar to the other luxury class A models we’ve discussed.

The front features a lounge area and a small office area, the center features a kitchen, a half bath, and a dinette, and the rear features a bedroom and a master bathroom.

The amenities in this coach are what separates it from its competitors.

Inside the kitchen, you’ll find Corian countertops, tile backsplashes, custom faucets, a dishwasher, Amtico flooring, and a Bosch stacking washer and dryer.

You’ll find four different 49″ televisions with soundbars and access to the in-motion satellite system in the salon, bedroom, and entertainment bay. You’ll also find two different Ipad docking stations that you can use to control the sound system.

All RV shades are electric, and the ceilings and walls are made from soft suede material.

From the dash, you’ll also be able to control features such as the automatic leveling systems and the roof-mounted air horns.

Additionally, the RV is covered in large windows that help people enjoy the great views that they’ve driven so far to see.

These large windows also have the added benefit of making the space inside of the RV feel a lot larger than it is.

6. Marathon Coach Blacked-out Luxury RV

Marathon Coach’s Blacked-Out luxury RV is one of the cleanest luxury RVs on the market right now.

I love the fact that its finishes and layout make you feel like you’re in the VIP section of an exclusive club.

Upon entering this RV, you’ll find two recliners seated opposite a modern electric fireplace with a television on top.  This television is on a lift so that you can hide it behind the fireplace and bring it up only when you want to use it.

This is a great feature as it offers the occupants a chance at an unrestricted view out of the large window the tv stand sits under.

Across from these reclines are an end table and a couch.

Move out of this area, and you’ll find yourself at a booth that faces the kitchen countertops.  The kitchen counter has custom covers that go over the sink and stove, so you get a completely clean look.

This kitchen also holds a dishwasher and a large refrigerator.  The refrigerator’s exterior finish matches the finish of the countertops, so it blends in seamlessly.

Keep going, and you’ll walk past the master bathroom and into the master bedroom.  There you’ll find the usual king-size bed on a slide as well as a large television.

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant class A RV, you’ll definitely want to add this RV to your shortlist.

Just be prepared to pay for it as this RV is currently selling for $2.5 million.

7. Newell Coach P50

Newell Coach’s P50 has a layout that is more reminiscent of a yacht than an RV.

When you enter this RV, you’re greeted with a pair of 74″ sofas.

These sofas have storage underneath them, and they can both be converted into beds.  In between, the sofa is a blade ottoman with storage.

To get a view of the TV from the living area, you’ll have to look into the cab area or the kitchen area.  Move into the kitchen area, and you’ll find a kitchen galley with a dishwasher drawer and a large dinette.

On the way to the master bedroom, you’ll find a large refrigerator and a half bath.  In the master bedroom, you’ll notice that the television has been switched out with a large projector screen shade.

This cuts down on the RV weight and gives the occupant a nice big window in their bedroom.

Following this is a master bathroom with dual sinks.  Keep moving past the master bathroom, and you’ll find a nice large laundry area.

This laundry area comes equipped with a closet and a stacked washer and dryer unit.

There is even a fold-out ironing board inside of this laundry space.

Another feature of the laundry area is the open shelving and the open countertop that can be used for folding and organizing.

These options are options that you’ll rarely see in an RV, and they add a lot of value for the organized traveler.

Want a Newell Coach P50?  You can have one for $2.1 million.

8. The Newmar King Aire

Newmar’s King Aire Class A RV has a similar layout to all of the other class A’s, but it adds a few nice features that aren’t available in the others.

One of these features is its large shower.

The master bathroom can be found at the rear, and it has a 50″ x 34″ shower.  It also has a massive sink with two different faucets over the top of it.

This essentially creates a dual sink, just without the need to actually have two sinks.

Within this bathroom, you’ll also find a large ward and a washer and dryer unit.  There is even a small safe hidden within the ward.

Leave the master bathroom, and you’ll enter the master bedroom.  This bedroom has a king bed that faces a television as well as an electric fireplace.

Continue past the bed, and you’ll find a half bath on the right and a pantry and large refrigerator on your left.  This leads out to the kitchen and dining area.

The unique feature of this dinette area is the fact that the dinette can fold in and out.

This means you’ll have a lot more space for walking around when the dinette is folded inward.

The kitchen also has a similar folding option built into it as the cabinet holds a pull-out cabinet.  This pull-out cabinet increases the amount of counter space you have for preparing food and then neatly rolls back into the counter when you’re done with it.

After leaving this area, you’ll be greeted with a large chaise lounge as well as a sofa.  Just behind the sofa is a television on a power lift.

This means you can put the TV down when you no longer need it.

You’ll pay about $1.3 million for this RV.

9. The Renegade XL

The Renegade XL is a high-end motorhome that comes in four different layouts for you to choose from.

These models are all unique, and most people will have trouble deciding between them.

The interior finishes are closer to what you might find in an expensive yet older neighborhood.  These finishes are often better than the more modern finishes as they never go out of style.

However, this doesn’t mean that the RV lacks modern conveniences.

You’ll find a pre-wired solar system, a 50-amp electrical panel, a 3,000-watt magnum hybrid inverter, and USB ports throughout the RV.

A new Renegade XL will cost you around $500,000.00.

10. The Winnebago Horizon 40A

The Winnebago Horizon 40A is almost the opposite of the Renegade XL.

Not to be confused with the RVs from the New Horizon RV Brand.

Its interior is extremely clean, but it does have a decidedly modern feel to it.

This RV is a diesel RV with a length of 41′.  It sleeps two in the bedroom and two on the Rest Easy Sofa that can be found at the RV front.

The dining table can expand and contract, and that the dining chairs are not built into the RV.  This means that you could even take the chairs outside for some outdoor dining.

It also means you have more space in the dining area when the table isn’t in use.

I also like the fact that there is a separate sitting area in the form of a recliner that sits next to a modern electric fireplace.

The kitchen is an L-shaped kitchen that offers up a lot of room for preparing meals.  The kitchen is a microwave/convection oven, a dishwasher, and a large refrigerator with an ice maker.

This kitchen leads to a master bathroom with dual sinks and a master bedroom with a large wardrobe and a motorized television.

Over the bed is a small ceiling fan, and next to the wardrobe is a stacked washer and dryer unit.

This RV will cost you around $400,000.00.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re in the market for a high-end class A RV, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Just be sure to choose wisely as these RVs can sometimes be hard to resell.


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