6 Best Class A RVs Under 12 Feet High (With Pictures)

Smaller Class A RVs, or put Class A RVs under 12 feet high, are quickly becoming a go-to for many travelers worldwide. This change in industry trend can be attributed to their new design.

Given the number of Class A RVs under 12 feet high currently on offer in the market for travelers, finding one that suits your needs can prove challenging. 

With this thought in mind, we’ve compiled this list of best Class A RVs under 12 feet high.

Class A RVs Under 12 Feet High With 2 Slides

Slides are essential when looking to purchase RVs, and the same also applies when looking to purchase RVs under 12 feet high.


Well, it offers the possibility of having extra space on your RV.

Having said that, here are Class A RVs that are not only less than 12 feet high but also come with slides:

1. Forest River FR3 30DS

Produced by one of the largest RV manufacturers in American (Forest River), Forest River FR3 30DS offers the very best comfort and flexibility.

With this particular RV, Forest River perfectly combined design and unique features to offer an RV that’s ideal for just about any road trip. 

There are several reasons why we featured this Class A RV in this post.

For starters, it boasts a spacious floor plan that easily sleeps up to 7 people comfortably. Even better, it comes with many useful and practical features and even includes luxurious features that are usually associated with larger rigs.

Notable Forest River FR3 30DS features include a washer and dryer, a refrigerator (not just any refrigerator but a 12 CUFT 4 door refrigerator), and king-sized beds.

Other features include a hide-a-bed piece and a power fold-away bunk upfront.   

Its open plan floor design makes it feel and look very spacious, especially for a small motorhome.

Worth mentioning Forest River FR3 specs include 2 slides (living room and bedroom slide), an 80 gal fuel tank, 23,000lbs, and 52 gals fresh water.

2. Fleetwood RV Flair 28A

Fleetwood prides itself in offering or manufacturing practical and durable RVs for the road without sacrificing the comforts of home, and this is ever so evident with the Fleetwood RV Flair 28A. 

What is the Fleetwood RV Flair 28A? Well, it’s a Class A RV designed with travelers in mind.

It comes with several features and designs that combine to make it an ideal option for any traveler.

It is these features and designs that made us include it on this list. Furthermore, it is an ideal RV for travelers who love or are looking at maximizing outside entertaining opportunities.

That said, this particular Class A RV has a spacious floor plan that comfortably sleeps 8 people.  It also comes with many exterior comforts, including a kitchen, entertainment center, and a TV.

It’ll be a crime not to mention their WiFiRanger Sky4 DC system when highlighting some of the exterior comforts this RV boasts. 

Simply put, Fleetwood RV Flair 28A is ideal for anyone looking to maximizing outside entertaining opportunities, especially during summer.

Notable Fleetwood RV Flair 28A specs include 2 slides (living room and bedroom slide), 16,000lbs, an 80 gal fuel tank, 37 gals black tank, and a 37 gal grey tank.    

3. 2021 Freedom Traveler A27

Freedom motorhomes manufacture’s RVs are meant for travelers for whom getting out to explore is not a dream, but something that needs to be done.

True to this principle, they’ve created the new 2021 Freedom Traveler A27. This Class A Freedom Traveler A27 offers just about everything you’d want with an RV and then some!

The Freedom Traveler is comfortable and spacious, even with its smaller size!

Even better, it boasts exterior slides in cherry wood that extend once you park your RV, thus giving you extra space and room to accommodate or entertain.

It comes with a short-queen master bed, jack-knife sofa, dinette, an electrically lowering cab-over bunk, microwave oven, and a Norcold RV refrigerator.

Its Winegard’s ConnecT 2.0 4G and Wi-Fi system guarantees that everyone on board will be connected to the internet.

Class A RVs Under 12 Feet High With 1 Slide

While some RVs under 12 feet high come with two slides, some only have one.

Here are the Class A RVs you should be looking at after Class A RVs under 12 feet high and with 1 slide:

4. Winnebago Intent 29

For years now, Winnebago has been at the forefront of all things practical RVs.

In addition to getting an RV that’s perfectly designed, they offer practical RVs with just about all the necessary features. 

One such Winnebago RV in the market today is the Class A Winnebago Intent 29. This is one of those Class A RVs under 12 feet that we just had to feature due to its simplicity, practicality, and design. 

The Winnebago Intent 29 is ideal for travelers looking for RVs with super slides with slide toppers. The super slides on Winnebago Intent 29 run from the front to the back, thus creating a very spacious and open feel.

Another group of travelers who love this particular Class A RV is pet lovers and owners because this Class A RV is designed with pets in mind.

The Winnebago Intent 29 has an option of an outside tailgate that’s complete with a PetPal leash tied down. Also, there is an under-bed hideaway for your pet with a doggie door inside the RV.

Notable Winnebago Intent 29 specs include a 1 super slide, an 80 gal fuel tank, 18,000lbs, and a 37 gal black tank, just to mention a few.

5. Fleetwood Pace Arrow 33D

Fleetwood is no stranger to this best Class A RVs under 12 feet high list.

We’ve already featured the Fleetwood RV Flair 2A, and now we’ll be looking at their Pace Arrow 33D RV. 

In case you are wondering, the quality of work put in these RVs by Fleetwood is the reason why we have another one on this particular list. 

Worth noting with this particular RV is that it is set on a Freightliner’s XCS chassis. While this might not seem that important, it’s good to point out that this particular chassis, thanks to its toughness, allowed Fleetwood to really go all out in terms of features and design.

With this Fleetwood Pace Arrow 33D, you get a dual-slide floor plan, a queen drop-down upfront, a dinette in the living space, a sofa bed, and a queen bed that’s in the master bedroom.

Additional features include a freshwater cap 77 gals, LP-gas cap 28.6 gals, and a black-/gray-water cap 42 gal/58 gal.

6. Thor Vegas 25.6

This particular RV is not necessarily new in the market.

It was manufactured back in 2018. Despite this, however, it has managed to remain relevant till today. This fact can be attributed to its practicality and design, among other things. 

If you are after a Class A RV under 12 feet that offer you slightly more when it comes to space, then Thor Vegas 25.6 is ideal for you. With this particular Class A RV, you get several features that make it practical and very efficient. 

In terms of specs, Thor Vegas 25.6 comes with 1 slide, a 55 gal fuel tank, 14,500lbs, a 39 gal freshwater, 30 gals black tank, and it is 26’6″ long. It also comes with the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi/4G/TV Antenna.

Also worth noting is Thor Vegas’ Rapidcamp+ feature.

This basically makes all systems onboard this RV very easy to use, as it allows one to monitor tank and power levels or even turn on lights in your RV using their app.

Final Thoughts

While there are many benefits associated with owning or purchasing a Class A RV under 12 feet, it is worth noting that just like any other RV, they do have their cons and, even in some instances, the same negatives other non-Class A RVs.

Such cons or problems include plumbing issues, leaks, or even propane issues.

This is mind; you must familiarize yourself with common RV problems you are likely to encounter.

Don’t just stop there; go a step further and learn how you can solve or deal with these problems, given that a number of them are easily fixable.  


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