8 Best Class A RVs With Twin Beds (With Pictures)

One misconception many have when it comes to small Class A RVs is that they are too tiny.

Many users think that they have to make sacrifices in terms of amenities, features, space, and the number of people they can accommodate when they opt for a small Class A RV.

This is far from the truth!

Several Small Class A RVs in the market currently boasts many great features, including luxurious features. They also can accommodate several people on board at any given time!

Some of these Class A RVs with twin beds are designed in such a way that you can combine their twin beds into one king bed in case you decide to travel just as a couple or solo.

Here are some of our top picks for smaller class A RVs:

Class A RVs With Twin Beds You Can Convert To A King Size Bed:

1. Thor Axis 24.1

If you are after something slightly small when on the market for an RV with a twin bed, then there is one company you should be looking at: Thor.

Thor is known for manufacturing small and intimate Class A RVs that are very practical. One such small motorhome is the Thor Axis 24.1!

Its features include an impressive 6.8L Triton engine, fridge, a gas cooktop with 3 burners, and slides with either a couch or booth.

Its notable feature is that it has two twin beds that can convert to a big king-sized bed.  

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Pilote Motorhome prides itself in manufacturing Class A RVs.

These RVs are not only full of luxury features at a small cost, but also very practical, functional, and most importantly, stylish. This is evident with their A-Class DSF COMPACT G690GJ.

This perfectly made small motorhome boasts several great features, including luxurious features like the possibility of having a king-sized bed.

This RV offers a generous, creative floor plan that offers ease of movement between the bedroom and lounge.

With The A-CLASS DSF COMPACT G690GJ, you get a Class A motorhome with twin beds that have space-optimized to combine style and practicality.

Thanks to its well-spaced floor plans, this particular Class A RV has enough space for its twin beds. This allows it to accommodate a slightly larger crowd on board.

Even better, you can combine the twin beds to have one big king bed.

In other words, you and your partner or friend will have plenty of room to stretch!

3. The Forest River FR3 25DS

For a Class A RV or motorhome that offers the very best in affordability and liability, look no further than the Forest River FR3 25DS.

It’s built on a Ford F53 Gas Chassis that allows for an easy to design floor plan. Taking note of this, Forest River Inc. did all they could to make sure that they maximize its floor plan. 

They went about doing this to ensure that all practical features are on board this particular Class A motorhome.

Notable features with the Forest River FR3 25DS include a very nice living space, which feels very spacious despite the RV being relatively small.

Additional features include a fully fitted kitchen complete with microwave and cooker, TV, and a lounge that comfortably seats a group of 5.

4. Thor Vegas 24.1

As already pointed out, Thor is good when it comes to manufacturing just about any RV.

This is especially the case with small RVs. Hence, it is not a surprise to see another small motorhome from Thor featured in this post.

The Thor Vegas 24.1, just like the Thor Axis 24.1, is an ideal motorhome to go for if you are in the market for a Class A RV with twin beds.  Typical with RVs from Thor, this Thor Vegas 24.1 comes with many features that are not only useful but also very practical.

These features include power privacy shades on the windshield, water heater, a power drop-down hide away, double door refrigerator, electric stabilizing system, and more.

5. 2020 Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5

If you are looking at owning something new as your Class A RV with twin beds, then the 2020 Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5 is an ideal choice.

As you can tell, this small Class A motorhome is still new in the market.

While there might be some disadvantages associated with owning a new RV in the market, one can’t argue that this Class A RV boasts very modern and stylish features. Having said that, there are several interesting features with this particular RV.

Some are sure to put a smile on just about any person who loves to travel onboard RVs.

For starters, it boasts swivel chairs that help increase the living space.

It also comes with an unlimited hot water capacity, a couch that one can turn into a small bed, and what we would say is a decent amount of storage.

Not to forget are the two twin beds, which you have the option of converting into a full king size bed, depending on the company you have on board.

Class A RVs With Twin Beds You Can’t Convert To A King Size Bed:

6. A-CLASS Galaxy Range DSF G740GJ

Pilote is well-versed in manufacturing small practical RVs that are very comfortable and can easily accommodate several people.

This is ever so true with their A-CLASS Galaxy Range DSF G740GJ.

There’s plenty to love about this particular small Class A motorhome. From having a spacious layout or floor plan that can easily accommodate a family (or a group of friends) to boasting some top quality features, this RV has it all.  

Worth noting with this particular RV is that it boasts an l-shaped lounge that’s perfect for entertaining at least 5 people comfortably, a stylish kitchen with an l-shaped worktop, a hard-wearing structure with Grade 3 insulation classification

And — most importantly, and the reason why it’s on this post — twin beds that can be adapted to suit your needs!

7. Winnebago Via 25T

This is another one of those RVs worth a buy if you are in the market and looking at buying a small motorhome.

Like the Dynamax Rev 24TB, you’ll be among the very few on the road with this Class A RV. In case you are wondering why this is so, Winnebago, the manufacturer behind this particular RV, halted production.

In terms of features, the Winnebago Via 25T comes with a small Class A diesel and runs on Mercedes Sprinter.

It boasts unique designs as well; Its eye-catching design is the waterfall style countertop that spots a design that flows along with its galley.

Think of Winnebago Via 25T as an RV with a very swanky interior, as well as a couple of twin beds!

8. Winnebago Fuse 23A

With this Winnebago Class A motorhome, you get an RV that’s ideal for colder climates.

This is possible thanks to its Ford Transit chassis that also comes with power mirrors that offer you the option of defrosting during colder seasons or climates.

Its features include a refrigerator that comes with double doors, twin beds, additional flex beds, and most importantly, diesel engines power it. This makes them very cost-effective.

There are some drawbacks, however, with this particular RV. It has a design that makes it hard to use the onboard bathroom when someone lays out the flex bed into a big bed.

Finally, its closet is in the bathroom, which can make it difficult to access.


2020 Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5

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