How Much Do Renegade RVs Cost? (With 6 Examples)

Before purchasing an RV, it is always best to shop around so that you can get the best price possible.

Shopping online is always a great way to compare prices across different models, in different states, and to explore different dealer pricing models.

How Much Do Renegade RVs Cost?

Renegade RVs are extreme luxury models. Each model in the extreme luxury range always carries a big price tag which typically starts at $150,000 for a new, larger 2020 model. You can even pay nearly half a million dollars on these RVs, as they are basically a home on wheels.

Let’s take a look at some of the different models of Renegade RVs and what they cost.

NOTE: You can typically get RVs 20-25% below the MSRP price!

Extreme Luxury Renegade RVs:

Not everyone who drives an RV is the adventurous, rough-house, outdoor type of RV enthusiast.

Some RVers want the ultimate in luxury and want what could be considered a mobile 5-star hotel.

If you want the best in comfort, then the extreme luxury renegade range is for you! 

1. Renegade IKON

The Renegade IKON model is a luxury liner that features truly unique floor-plans, premium interior design, branded electronics, and modern Samsung stainless-steel appliances.

Space is not an issue in the IKON motor home because it has opposing hydraulic slide-outs that extend the luxurious space even further, and if that was not enough, the vinyl-padded 87-inch ceiling height will add a lot more spacious comfort.

You may even forget that you are inside an RV.

What features can you expect?

  • Heated, hand-laid porcelain tile floors
  • Villa Ultra leather furniture
  • 23 cu. ft. French door refrigerator
  • UD Samsung TVs in the bedroom and living room
  • Bose and Rockford sound and entertainment systems
  • Selection of 10 exterior full body paint and color designs
  • 30,000 Lb tow hitch
  • 4,500 Lb tongue weight capacity
  • Key-less entry

On sites like RV Trader, you can expect to pay around $534,000 for a new 2020 Renegade IKON. 

2. Renegade Verona

The Renegade Verona was named after the beautiful city of Verona, and we can understand why they both share a timeless elegance and luxurious class.

Traveling in the Verona is truly comfortable. Driving pleasure and interior luxury adds to the fine detail behind these RV road legends.

This luxury motor home boasts an M2 chassis that allows a trailer towing capability of up to 20,000 lbs. Going away on holiday could not be easier in this high performing Freight-liner.

The Renegade Verona RV offers versatility and functionality to RV enthusiasts with four unique double slide floorplans.

A Cummins L9 Engine powers this luxurious motor home together with electronic six-speed transmission and a 4-wheel ABS system.

Whilst safety is prioritized, luxury certainly hasn’t been compromised with porcelain tile floors and interior ceilings that offer 7′ in height.

On sites like RV Trader, you can expect to pay around $205,500 for a 2020 Renegade Verona.

3. Renegade Valencia

The Renegade Valencia offers a luxurious journey for the driver and the family-friendly motor home offers the best in comfort for the passengers too.

The children will not be asking, “Are we there yet” anytime soon on a long journey in this RV.

The Valencia motor home offers four different floor-plan options, all of which offer unique interiors, a spacious design, and some serious power too!

Family is a big factor behind the design of this motor home. The buyer can choose if they want a luxurious and spacious master bedroom or some bunk beds that will comfortably sleep the whole family.

If the children do not want to be inside, then the armless awning offers them some outside enjoyment too.

Although the luxurious interior has had some serious focus placed on the design, this motor home is not lacking horsepower.

Fitted with a 360 horsepower Cummins engine, the Valenica RV offers 800 lb. ft. of torque.

A bumpy ride is eliminated with the Freighliner S2RV chassis, air ride cab seats, and air ride rear suspension system.

On sites like RV Trader, the cost for this family-friendly RV is around $150,000 and upwards. 

4. Renegade Vienna

The Renegade Vienna is a luxurious Mercedes RV that offers the performance of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

It is one of the smaller motor homes in the extreme luxury range of motor homes, and although it does not look like a truck or bus like the other larger RVs in this range, it still combines luxury and performance.

Four floor-plans add some versatility to this motor home and offer the buyer some distinct choice for their needs.

The 25QRS’s bed slide model is the only model in the industry that features a bed slide that is functional as a sleeping space, even when the area is retracted.

Luxury is offered by the Renegade Vienna with high-quality finishes and Ultra leather seating in both the living area and in the cab.

The interior height offers 80.5″ of space.

The Mercedes Vienna motor home has a Blue Tex 3.0L turbo diesel engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Prices start from $115,000 on sites like RV Trader, and upwards, for a 2020 Renegade Vienna RV. 

Extreme Adventure Renegade RVs:

If you are the RV enthusiast that doesn’t need a luxurious experience, then Renegade has catered for your needs with their range of adventure RVs.

Their 2020 range of adventure RVs are still only a concept at the moment, but their 2019 models are sure to turn some heads!

This range of models offers the buyer customization; they can choose from a variety of floor plans and even have the option of selecting which chassis they want!

5. The Renegade Classic Motor Home

If you are particular about certain features in your RV, then you will definitely appreciate the Renegade Classic that allows you to not only be the driver behind the wheel, but you are the driving force behind the RV’s design too.

This versatile model offers 19 Super C floor plans and each unit has been intimately designed by a highly trained network of dealers that specialize with Renegade Classic motor homes.

These semi-motor homes are built on some serious big brand chassis names.

The Classic Renegade also comes with six unique toy hauler configurations. Each one boasting an impressive 90-inch ceiling.

Taking fun along is easy with the storage options on offer with this model.

The unique customization offers the buyer some comfort in building an RV that is directly suited to their needs.

It does also mean that the price will vary according to your choice of floor plan.

You can expect to pay $330,500 On sites like RV Trader, for a new 2019 Renegade Classic. 

6. Renegade Classic Toy Hauler

The Renegade Classic Toy Hauler is a semi motor home that features a garage that ranges from 9 to 16 feet in length.

This semi motor home allows adventure RV enthusiasts the opportunity to take along their favorite toys.

Ramping up on the fun, this toy hauler has a spacious garage that can store an array of seriously tough toys; even a race car!

The Renegade Classic Toy Hauler is built upon some of the biggest chassis names in the market and its versatility offers buyers the choice of six-floor plans.

Customization is the ultimate feature of this toy hauler. Buyers have the option of customizing the following:

  • Number of D-Rings
  • Floor tread
  • Chrome detailing on the walls
  • Cabinets and storage for their gear
  • Their chassis: Buyers can choose if their unique toy hauler is built on a Freightliner Cascadia, a Freighliner M2, or on a tandem-axle Volvo chassis.
  • If none of the chassis options above are enticing then they can order a customer-supplied chassis.
  • Counter-tops
  • Flooring

Customizing the interior and exterior of the Renegade Toy Hauler will see varying prices from $450,000 or more.

Final Thoughts:

Each model in the extreme luxury range carries its own price tag which typically starts from $200,000 for a new, larger 2020 model.

If this is still a little heavy on the budget, then one should definitely look at the option of buying a demo or used model.

If you are planning on going off-road then the Classic Renegade models in the range of extreme adventure RVs will definitely appeal to your adventurous side.

The prices do vary according to how much you customize your RV and if you choose the option with or without the garage.


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