Entegra Coach RVs: 8 Facts You Should Know (Explained)

Entegra Coach is one of the leading motorhome brands for luxury and reliability.

Despite this, it’s a good idea to consider learning all you can about Entegra before fully committing.

Luckily we have thoroughly researched Entegra to bring to your attention eight facts about this RV company that you should know:

Here’s The Answer To If Entegra Coach Offers A Comprehensive Warranty On Their Units:

Entegra coach has an industry competitive warranty on all their motorhomes. Interestingly they publically challenge consumers to try and find a better warranty that is more comprehensive than theirs. The Entegra Coach warranty covers the first 240,000 miles or the first two years you own the RV.

1. Where Are Entegra Coach RVs Made?

Entegra Coach RVs are manufactured near Amish country.

Their manufacturing plant is located in Elkhart County in the state of Indiana in America.

Throughout the year, Entegra hosts several owners training events for those customers who would like to learn about their RV straight from the manufacturer.

Additionally, the company also does factory tours.

2. Who Owns the Entegra Coach Company?

In 2008, the Entegra Coach motorhome company was sold to fellow motorhome company Jayco.

After eight years in 2016, the Jayco RV company was sold to Thor motorcoach, and Entegra was sold.

The sale to Thor was considerable, with the deal costing Thor Industries an estimated $576 million.

Along with Jayco and Entegra, Thor also acquired Highland Ride.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Entegra Coach Produce?

Entegra Motorcoach manufactures luxury diesel motorhomes and Class A, B, and C RVs.

They don’t manufacture any fifth wheels, destination trailers, or travel trailers as of yet, and it’s not known if they will ever branch out into these categories.

Were going to look at a few of the models they manufacture to give you as accurate an idea as we can of what you should expect from this motorhome brand.

Luxury Diesel RV – 2021 Aspire 38M

The 2021 Aspire 38M is a luxury diesel motorhome that definitely lives up to the luxury labeling.

This RV has an incredibly modern interior with premium Villa furniture throughout. The RV has a gross weight rating of 41,000 pounds and is 40 feet and 11 inches long.

With more than enough for you and the family, you can enjoy a host of luxury features while out on the road.

If you want an RV with versatility in decor options, you can choose between the three beautiful themes, cobblestone, alabaster, and sienna.

Inside the living area, you will find a 50 inch Samsung television, handcrafted wood cabinetry, and hand-laid porcelain floor tile.

The Aspire 38M has a bar area with its own beverage chiller, LED accent lighting, and glassware cabinet.

Gas Class A – 2021 Vision XL 34B

If you’re after a model that is standard but still has innovative features and amenities, then the Vision XL 34B could be ideal.

This model is built on a Ford F53 chassis and comes equipped with the special Drive Elite package to guarantee you have the best handling and driving experience while traveling with friends or family.

This model is fairly light at 22,000 pounds and has a length of 36 feet and 11 inches.

Impressively you will receive a 35,000 BTU furnace with this model and a 150,000 BTU airconditioning unit. In the living area, there is also an electric fireplace.

The RV interior comes with a room with bunk beds with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The bedroom has a large wardrobe, and there is also an LED television with a king-sized bed.

Class B – 2021 Ethos 20T

Class B motorhome models are usually perfect for solo travels are a pair.

The 2021 Ethos 20T might be small, but it has all the essentials you need to have a quaint experience while camping or traveling between destinations.

The entire RV only weighs 9,350 pounds and has a length of 20 feet and 11 inches.

This smaller-scale RV impressively comes with a 135,00 BTU air conditioner and a 2,800-watt generator, and heated holding tanks.

There is residential style vinyl flooring throughout this motorhome, and on all the windows, there are privacy shades.

The Ethos 20T also comes with a 24 inch LED television and BOSS DVD and radio entertainment unit.

Class C  – 2021 Odyssey  24B

Should you want an RV that features a panoramic view, then the Entegra Class C Odyssey 24B might be perfect for you.

This model features a panoramic front window as well as frameless windows and a rear camera.

In addition to this, the model is spacious with a length of 26 feet and 6 inches, making it ideal for smaller families who want luxury and comfort.

The 2021 Odyssey 24B has a gross weight capacity of 14500 pounds and has a 30,000 BTU furnace. There is also a 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioning system, and a 40,000 wat Onan generator comes included.

Interestingly these models use a propane tank, a winterization drainage system, and a water-filtration system.

The interior is immaculate with pleated blackout shades, high-intensity LED lighting, and two decor options to choose from.

Inside the kitchen, there are state of the art features with an 8 cubic foot gas and electric fridge and pop up charging stations for your convenience.

4. Do Entegra Coach Make a Toy Hauler?

No, the Entegra Coach motorhome brand does not make a toy hauler.

Their focus is on luxury motorhomes currently.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Entegra Coach?

Although they are a luxury brand, Entegra does have some smaller models to suit those who don’t have the biggest budgets.

Below we will look at the smallest RVs you can purchase from the brand:

  • Entegra Coach Class A: 2021 Vision 26X – This model is 28 feet and 5 inches long with a gross weight of 16,000 pounds.
  • Entegra Coach Class B: 2021 Ethos 20A – This campervan has a length of 20 feet and 11 inches with a gross weight of approximately 9,350 pounds.
  • Entegra Coach Class C: 2021 Qwest 24K – The smallest Class see on offer from Entegra is the Qwest 24K model with a length of 25 feet and 2 inches and a gross weight of 11,030 pounds.
  • Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel: 2021 Reatta 37K – This model has a length of 37 feet and 10 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 32,600 pounds.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Entegra Coach?

Since we have had a look at their smallest RVS on offer, it’s only fair we let you know some of their largest.

  • Entegra Coach Class A: 2021 Emblem 36H – The largest Class A that the brand has on offer is the 2021 Emblem 36H, with a length of 38 feet and 8 inches and a gross weight of 24,000 pounds.
  • Entegra Coach Class C: 2021 Accolade 37HJ – The Accolade 37HJ is the largest class C on offer by the brand, with a length of 29 feet and 4 inches. This model has a gross weight of 31,000 pounds.
  • Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel: 2021 Cornerstone 45B – With the Cornerstone, you will get an RV with a length of 44 feet and 11 inches and a gross weight of 54,000 pounds.

7. How Are Entegra Coach RVs Made?

With Entegra RVs, different models are constructed differently.

Fortunately, this means that you can choose a model based on your budget and according to your construction and material needs and requirements.

For example, some models use laminated flooring that is vacuum-bonded, while others use plywood or porcelain flooring.

Some models use fiberglass exterior walling, while others use welded tubular walling and Flexifoil insulation.

Furthermore, the tubular walling is often covered with a coat of high-gloss fiberglass.

On some of Entegra Coaches’ models, the roofing features arched aluminum trusses with bat insulation and are topped with plywood decking and a one-piece fiberglass roof.

While others only feature a singular fiberglass roof with rear caps.

8 . Are Entegra Coach RVs For All Four Seasons?

Many Entegra Coach RVs are ideal for those wanting to participate in all four seasons of travel.

Many of their models come with excellent heating and cooling amenities.

Due to their superior construction, the insulation their models offer will allow you to travel even in the coldest and hottest of temperatures throughout the year.

Below we will give an example of one of their models for four seasons and the specs that make it so.

2021 Reatta XL

The Reatta models are just as luxurious as the bigger models but are compact yet comfortable with exceptional features, common with this brand.

Additionally, they are suitable for all four seasons with the features they come with.

  • 15,000BTU air conditioner.
  • Onan 10,000 watt diesel generator.
  • 50 amp electrical hookup chord.
  • Heated flooring.
  • A 250D Aqua-Hot heating system
  • Heated tanks in the basement storage area.
  • 2,000-watt inverter.
  • A winterizing drainage system.


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